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3,003 profiles found in Cheltenham, EN

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  1. morlej (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  2. gibsonlps (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR4)
  3. delboy (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  4. benjovi45 (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR4)
  5. rocky (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR3)
  6. alexalvarez (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  7. Jon Sterckx (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL54)
  8. forthemusic (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  9. bass77 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr11)
  10. jembullo (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  11. Welshy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  12. annamalones (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  13. Crayfish (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  14. mineral (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR10)
  15. PieMan74 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  16. Here And Now (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  17. chili14 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  18. Paulwoods736 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  19. jake (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  20. Momento Mori (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  21. ? (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  22. kimmiekie (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  23. chris jones (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  24. johnybeengood (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  25. drummerbot (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  26. Dazzler (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  27. adpayne (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  28. Zebbie (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  29. trauma1 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  30. The Avant Bard (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  31. d_bass34 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  32. Stickynicky (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR7)
  33. Vince (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL53)
  34. the last call (Band in Manchester, EN, GL12)
  35. Banana (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  36. Charlotte (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  37. Baz (Musician in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  38. Axlegranma (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  39. dickie (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  40. Rabs (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  41. Gibson Man (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  42. The Stereo Kicks (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  43. jazguit (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  44. swindon_samuel (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  45. Wurzel (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  46. The Peppermint Hunting Lodge (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  47. boony (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  48. Micky Thunder (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  49. Deano glos (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN6)
  50. The illuminati (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  51. hendrix_is_god1942 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  52. timm (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  53. chris_a (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  54. hottinkerbelly (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  55. johnstart (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  56. The Cardinals(temp) (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  57. Bassbeat (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  58. sophia (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN5)
  59. styx (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, B50)
  60. fleabass (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  61. bass billy (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR4)
  62. johnhall (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  63. Ben Nash (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  64. Fodor (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  65. daveordavid (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  66. Hot Wires (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  67. talentedvocalist (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  68. Matty (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  69. greendaybrosnan (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  70. GibsonMan (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  71. paulsoulpunk (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  72. Chris_vocals (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  73. kill22 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  74. Untitled (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  75. ricochet-guitarist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  76. Toby Wren (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  77. galosguitar (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  78. crown phoenix big band (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR10)
  79. Bre (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  80. The Stereo Kicks (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  81. chris1 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  82. Sweet Collision (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR11)
  83. Aeon (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  84. Chaos Engine (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  85. the_devils_hoar (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR6)
  86. MattPound (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  87. aceperc (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR2)
  88. tanz (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  89. Elliott Scott (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  90. Deanuth (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  91. ARROWS (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  92. ceegee (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  93. JohnAnderson (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  94. CarlJ (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  95. markyboy (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  96. nated'vyne (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR4)
  97. charlie38 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  98. funkinbrasstart (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  99. stoogee (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  100. MK (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  101. DanC (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  102. not known yet (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  103. The Elements (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR6)
  104. onslow28 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  105. Gamble Gamble (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR5)
  106. Chalkys Shed (Venue in West Midlands, EN, WR11)
  107. tink (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  108. mr_dreadful (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  109. N/A (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  110. Musa (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN5)
  111. beyond recognition (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  112. JAM1E (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR11)
  113. tiberius (Musician in Shrivenham, EN, SN6)
  114. Teenagers From Mars (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  115. Malo (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  116. HayleyD (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  117. Bass Player Needed (Venue in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  118. the driveshat (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  119. paulw1006 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  120. mapping_the_fall (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  121. w00dy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  122. Duncan Michael (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL8)
  123. The RGBA (Band in South Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  124. mikefoxdrums (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN16)
  125. NickyDeemus (Musician in London, EN, WR1)
  126. The Calming River (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  127. hiflyer (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  128. Swindon Group (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  129. Vice Versa (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  130. (Yet to be Named) (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  131. Rubber Monkey (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  132. Ripped (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  133. duracell bunny (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  134. Luke winton (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  135. SPB (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  136. jph98 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  137. jedpass (Musician in West Midlands, EN, CV37)
  138. Favour (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  139. The Knott (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  140. Daren Walker (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  141. Pop-Wreck! (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  142. scoe (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  143. disco (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  144. Moral Panic (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  145. Need a drummer (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  146. J_Trix (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  147. Sleepy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  148. Underreview (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR1)
  149. The SheBeats (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  150. Ealing (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  151. Mark Wilderspin (Band in Bristol, EN, GL8)
  152. ORGASMATRON (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL53)
  153. Petey (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  154. Hook (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  155. Empirical Error (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  156. colfa (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  157. Mark (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  158. frags (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL1)
  159. CheltenhamAmp (Independent label in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  160. thunder (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  161. Andonova (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  162. fowlew (Musician in West Midlands, EN, GL56)
  163. acoutica (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  164. jaybray (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  165. The Last Calm (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  166. Emmaisgroovy (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR11)
  167. Adyguitarman (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  168. Electricallylyrical (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, B49)
  169. kirj (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL55)
  170. Monkey Chariot (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  171. ToneBassist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  172. JaksOwn5 (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  173. worcester (Venue in West Midlands, EN, WR5)
  174. Megs13 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  175. tromboneted (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  176. ROBERT SAINSBURY (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN2)
  177. Aypok (Musician in London, EN, WR12)
  178. StevePW (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  179. Basha (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  180. Poetpilot (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  181. DeeBee (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  182. Come Up And See Me (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  183. sheepdog (Independent label in Warwickshire, EN, WR1)
  184. millionaire2be (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  185. punkphunk (Musician in Portsmouth, EN, GL51)
  186. emn2111 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  187. timber (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  188. Mr Boo (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  189. dog kennel hill (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  190. Jack the Shred (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  191. dadra (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  192. jazzy james (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV36)
  193. Johnny Bassman (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  194. Dolly James Soular UK (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR3)
  195. Grace (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  196. no name as yet (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  197. russhopkins (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  198. Bxy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL55)
  199. miserrimus (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  200. Trigger (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR5)
  201. Sean Randle (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  202. vangeli (Musician in Cambridgeshire, EN, B50)
  203. DrummerJoe (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  204. LeScour (Band in Bristol, EN, SN1)
  205. janosbon (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  206. Killing Industry (Musician in Stonehouse, EN, GL10)
  207. Record Breaker (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  208. EDDROLLS (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  209. Malmesbury (Venue in Wiltshire, EN, SN16)
  210. eldrinod (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  211. The Hour (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  212. westcott place (Venue in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  213. metal rob (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  214. tommytuck (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  215. psychoderalict (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL8)
  216. Mistyna (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  217. Swindon (Venue in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  218. Going Underground (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  219. Altrum (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  220. bruno (Venue in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  221. Alix Icon (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR5)
  222. jacqueline kroft (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL6)
  223. Outlaw of Torn (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  224. Bullie (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  225. FIRST ELEMENT (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  226. HayleyED (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  227. harley (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  228. Capers (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  229. edd swindon (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  230. Kev Bryan (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR11)
  231. Shattered-Faith (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  232. Moontheloon2222 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  233. bully (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR11)
  234. helllcat (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  235. godamncrazy (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR10)
  236. spikerk_17 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  237. EliasTHREADS (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR2)
  238. Jackbass (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR11)
  239. chris mac (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  240. Ruinlane (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  241. Hellena (Band in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  242. Clementine Project (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  243. gregordo (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  244. LEWISTREV (Musician in South Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  245. hotshot (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  246. rock-on (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  247. SHRED (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  248. Crippy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  249. adam@bohemia (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl50)
  250. Phil_on_bass (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, B49)
  251. Kook (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  252. Mystery Riot (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  253. Croke (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  254. Mr.drummer (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  255. profile18414 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl54)
  256. anderspar@fsmail.net (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  257. Alex Main Initiative (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  258. Self Made Maniac (Band in West Midlands, EN, CV35)
  259. profile18695 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  260. The Outcast Band (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  261. Nickholland (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  262. Jim F (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  263. Monkey Drums (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  264. Hip Route (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  265. MissFusion (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  266. Undecided (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  267. julie baldacchino JB (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR2)
  268. cheap hero (Musician in West Midlands, EN, CV36)
  269. DaveF (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR10)
  270. Mansh (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  271. Nathan James Band (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  272. LenM (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  273. Sepultribe013 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL13)
  274. VeneMorte (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  275. MarkF (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL53)
  276. N/A (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  277. Steven Wood (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  278. thedietcokeofevil (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  279. Asha (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  280. RichBristol (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  281. Judy McGrigor (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  282. SCSI (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  283. Bassist available (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  284. Johnny Hobo (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  285. philipguitar (Musician in Dumfries and Galloway, EN, GL17)
  286. unsung heroes (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  287. emzy (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  288. Dead By December (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  289. GRIFFO (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  290. Morticus (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  291. No current band (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  292. mhuk (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  293. turner (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  294. countrygirl ellie (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  295. hrock9 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  296. The Sensations (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  297. Lloyd_bassist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  298. nick32 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  299. Huw Lloyd-Jones (Band in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  300. R (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  301. Leather Pig (Band in Warwickshire, EN, B49)
  302. skippynlc16 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  303. teeter75 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  304. Den78 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  305. FaBluSis (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  306. harmony disorder (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  307. FMB (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  308. Trumpet_Simes (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  309. chainsaw61 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  310. stevehill (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  311. Eskoala (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  312. Lee Wright (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  313. Knockout Ginger (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  314. faz (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  315. Free & Easy (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  316. Drummer Pete (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  317. d a s 53 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  318. Strummer Steve (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  319. Ed Arnold (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  320. Wishful Thinking (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  321. CoverUp (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR5)
  322. crambazzled (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  323. Harley dude (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR10)
  324. freebeerdubai@yahoo.co.uk (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  325. Will Johnson (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  326. The Branwoods (Band in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  327. The Dastards (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR5)
  328. Dunstan_Drummer (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  329. julesbass (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  330. D'ABLO PUNTA (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  331. Any name (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  332. virtualrelics (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  333. Radioactive (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  334. Nedski (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR13)
  335. tramp (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR6)
  336. Medicine Train (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  337. drewbinator (Musician in Bristol, EN, SN16)
  338. Juey (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  339. iamwolskey (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  340. Gaf (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  341. cheesygareth, (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  342. The Smirkins (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  343. charlieD1 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  344. Sean Amor (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  345. longford (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  346. Filmore East (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  347. TBC (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL53)
  348. celluloid (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  349. theoriginaldodge (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  350. Mike-P (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  351. Rogers (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  352. PaulQuinn (Musician in Birmingham, EN, WR1)
  353. LewisB (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  354. markwoodruffmusic (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  355. After The Storm (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  356. Undecided (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  357. none (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  358. Clemenceau (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  359. Bare Melodies (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  360. Tjdrummer (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  361. TBA (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR8)
  362. BOOGIE BOP BOYS (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  363. Blackthorn Buskers (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  364. somethinglikeant (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  365. stunman (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  366. Bananafingers (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR2)
  367. none (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR4)
  368. The VIP (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  369. Alex nirvana (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  370. MarkStephens (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  371. Sunlight Factory (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  372. http://bandmix.co.uk/Andy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  373. rattleshake (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  374. Jimbo (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  375. drummer83 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  376. The Layers (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, BS32)
  377. stu of poden (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR11)
  378. Charlie Freespirit (Musician in Coventry, EN, CV35)
  379. Lorna_S (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  380. Elliot_Blake (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  381. bristolbassman (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  382. Jake Aprea Music (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  383. Jack Barron (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  384. Blue Turtles (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV36)
  385. machine gun riff (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  386. Dean Cosgrave (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn3)
  387. Wojtek (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  388. Keith and the Alchemists (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR5)
  389. RossMcGovern (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  390. The P.I's (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  391. GraemeLewis (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  392. bass-player (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR14)
  393. the Jacks (Band in West Midlands, EN, WR8)
  394. Mundo Pequeno (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  395. Janek (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  396. Bad Obsession (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  397. eds4444 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  398. Steve Laming (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  399. jmccabe (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR8)
  400. SB1 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  401. Ezekiel Butler (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  402. Held by the Code (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR8)
  403. Sourmash (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  404. Saxplayer2008 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL5)
  405. Cadance (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR8)
  406. AndyD (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, B49)
  407. Mariana73 (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  408. makeithappen (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  409. Clarke79 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  410. Medusa Falls (Formerly The Kursed) (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  411. KevPalfrey (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  412. Trouble House Halt (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, SN16)
  413. Willy4242 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  414. Joe Price (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs37)
  415. Bill Eteson (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  416. Miss Sara Heaton-Caffin (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  417. Live Rounds (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR11)
  418. IanORegan (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  419. Unknown (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  420. MJB2008 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL4)
  421. Radio DJ Paul James (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  422. Mexico68 (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  423. amy (Venue in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  424. Simon H (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  425. Nicki (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  426. jamieappleman (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  427. iNDIE kIDS (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  428. Allanaird (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  429. bonzo (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  430. AttitudeNo1 (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  431. Lewy Tequila (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR1)
  432. Sammi (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  433. roadhouse blues band (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  434. pio (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  435. MaverickF1Jockey (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  436. dobake (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  437. WayneHarris (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  438. Dan the Dude (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  439. harleydude (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR10)
  440. * Currently Changing It * (Band in Bristol, EN, GL8)
  441. Marciano (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  442. The Lusk (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  443. dhasell (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  444. Doogles07 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  445. jimmylove (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  446. PAUL1066 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  447. 1maria1 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, ox7)
  448. Kiwirocker (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  449. primera (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  450. Seffyscull (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  451. vk (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, Wr2)
  452. Aiden18 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl51)
  453. Fast Foozy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  454. Ke1th (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  455. bloggs (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  456. Funkster (Band in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  457. qdaveq (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR9)
  458. Flamadiddle (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  459. none Yet (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  460. Ask (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  461. PeArLdRuMmEr (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  462. Dreamtime (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL5)
  463. feedback99 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs32)
  464. PritchHarp (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  465. matt t (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  466. Will Smith (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  467. drew56 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  468. withheld! (Band in Birmingham, EN, WR4)
  469. Dan Lewis (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  470. Hoff (Band in Cheltenham, EN, wr8)
  471. Ade Miller (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  472. TBC (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  473. bx16 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  474. Megatortoise1 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  475. Nexus (Band in Birmingham, EN, B96)
  476. Leggs (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  477. nathanxjr (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  478. THE ROCKITS (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  479. Mafiosi (Band in South Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  480. GrooveGarden (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  481. To Be Decided (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  482. Andrew_J_B (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  483. Dirk Diggler (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  484. logic (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  485. noname (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  486. byron_182 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  487. shifty! (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  488. JohnMac (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  489. wayneo (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  490. Sleeping With Giants (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  491. Spectrum 4 (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  492. Annette Gregory (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  493. End All Life (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  494. Roberto982 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  495. Tamakaze (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  496. Sophiecarr (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  497. none (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  498. Timbobaroo (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  499. Minty Badger (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  500. Ne (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  501. desavery (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  502. ConorLiCh (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  503. Vermilion (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  504. pete19351 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  505. justin jd (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN26)
  506. Band Needs Bass Player (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  507. Moosh (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  508. The Layers (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL7)
  509. Narvel Felts (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL8)
  510. Jordan Neale (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  511. D.A.V.E (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  512. kingtone (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  513. gregory (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl7)
  514. fRed Hot Chili Peppers (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  515. Chris_Skinner (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  516. terrain12 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  517. moon on a stick (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR9)
  518. pianoman999 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  519. Renton Melvit VI (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  520. guitarjunkie (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  521. Ben70 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL55)
  522. Slainte (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  523. guitarfreak3d (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  524. roytheboy2 (Musician in South Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  525. L'il Boy Blue (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  526. Ken Appleby (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  527. Cadence (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  528. Mellow_Maniac_Matt (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  529. TheInvisibleMan (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  530. AdamM (Band in Worcester, EN, WR13)
  531. Dave Summers Music (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  532. kaf black (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  533. Silva (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  534. Rusty_Mattie (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  535. olympus trip (Band in South Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  536. Featherstone (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  537. Craggiet (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  538. fraggles (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  539. rodentrocker (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  540. London Calling (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  541. X.G.F.D> (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  542. Country/Rock/Fusion (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  543. lee208 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL3)
  544. Translators (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  545. Make The Call (Band in Swindon, EN, SN7)
  546. Ballistic Anomaly (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  547. itchfoot (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  548. Shawnious (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  549. Justagirl (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  550. jakehadlee (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  551. rockingrobbo (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, hr7)
  552. Hoops (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  553. thespirit3 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  554. Nukchorris (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  555. Dubbasso (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr5)
  556. Karen470 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  557. Bleeding Hearts (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  558. downin1980 (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  559. AaronFrancis (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  560. Micksta (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  561. bubinga5 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  562. KenEvans (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  563. mewsie (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, OX18)
  564. Lounge Fly (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  565. As The Waves Break (Band in Swindon, EN, sn5)
  566. Average Joes (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  567. RELOAD (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  568. Dave I (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  569. Bex123 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  570. gareth m.g (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  571. Bass player 30's avaliable (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  572. niall badock (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  573. Mirage (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  574. Mice Take The Elevator (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  575. hyperMUSEd (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  576. hermes (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  577. Kristian (Band in Worcester, EN, wr3)
  578. Adrian1981 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  579. The Whipjacks (Band in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  580. n/a (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  581. Dehydrated Zombie King (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  582. Samuel Bee (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  583. cobbo 07912185374 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  584. Old Haggard Nag (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  585. SH (Band in Worcester, EN, wr14)
  586. zoehalls (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  587. The Ruckas (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  588. Adele p (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  589. N/A (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  590. simon700 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  591. the low notes (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  592. Relaxed Soul (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  593. Lust For Demise (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  594. base (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  595. martinlowe (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  596. Paulbassman (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  597. gareth29 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  598. Electricmoose (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  599. Twisted (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  600. NooNoo666 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  601. conn88key (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  602. Chris McQueen (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  603. Deepsquirrel (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  604. Michael Pearce (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  605. Jay blue (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  606. Horrible Mick (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  607. smokey and the choirboys (Band in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  608. blues-rock (Band in Thornbury, EN, BS35)
  609. Wallcreeper (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  610. WillB (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  611. craigjdavies (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  612. pjbfunk (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  613. KtD (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  614. Neilbass (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  615. Re-Fonque (Band in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  616. SyB (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  617. Seyfried (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV36)
  618. The Doghouse Gypsies (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL17)
  619. dewfallsuk (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  620. Renee Gade (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  621. Elz (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  622. Chappie86 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  623. Paul Bryant (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL6)
  624. Del666 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  625. andy_bass (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  626. calvin56 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  627. The Lost Boys (Band in Worcester, EN, wr2)
  628. TimOD (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  629. Freewater (Band in Worcester, EN, wr6)
  630. Greenman Rising (Band in Coventry, EN, CV37)
  631. fretmonkeywizard (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  632. There's nothing for you here (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  633. Adam_85 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  634. Prometheus (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  635. dino1 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  636. Cadence (Band in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  637. Les (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  638. Beauwilde (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  639. Gez12 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  640. robim (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  641. Country Band (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  642. Blizzard (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  643. The Stolen Sons (Band in Oxford, EN, Ox18)
  644. Neurotransmission (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  645. Alan10 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  646. Jon-H (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  647. Black & Blue (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  648. robvmad2 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn5)
  649. Orgasmatron (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  650. The RipCords (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  651. Jean DeLoy (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  652. puch (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  653. Kevin01 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, Hr9)
  654. Black Rose (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  655. Jaythunderbird (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  656. Skippering (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  657. OlliePhillips (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  658. LeePeterson (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  659. Brian99 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  660. levcore (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  661. Alanb (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  662. GaryMundy (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  663. Andres piraneque (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  664. antony1988 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  665. Chris Artisan Titan (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  666. Pattern Baldness (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  667. magic (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  668. Imperator (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  669. Pasby (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  670. Gas Attack (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  671. Joanna007 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  672. ben_m (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  673. talismen (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  674. lilpj (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL13)
  675. kerphew (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  676. Becky S (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL13)
  677. Big Orange Gretsch (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  678. Terra-45 (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  679. PDawn (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  680. The Silver Faery (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  681. SINGE (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  682. Greenguitarman (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  683. Fused (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  684. sweep (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  685. RoyNeve (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  686. Foximus Maximus (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  687. Scarlet Carmina (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  688. Martinlane20 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  689. none (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  690. Drummer (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  691. Elysianstar (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  692. Mitchul (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr5)
  693. Chopstick Boogie (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  694. The Sound Crew (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  695. TBA (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  696. new band- no name yet (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  697. charlie_green (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  698. Brunel Chains (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  699. Tom O'Shea (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  700. Kickback (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  701. craig sharps (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  702. new project (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  703. rootheturtle (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  704. DrumFlyer (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, HR9)
  705. AndyHutt (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  706. Grunge Guitar (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  707. Modern Country (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  708. The Red Hills (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  709. GID (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  710. VESPAS (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  711. Hail The Moment (Band in Cheltenham, EN, Gl53)
  712. Luv juice and chicken bones (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  713. TBC (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  714. fat lenny (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, B49)
  715. Marcus Hanman (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  716. AJ (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  717. ricky4003 (Musician in Coventry, EN, CV37)
  719. lizzy rose (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  720. Order In Chaos (Band in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  721. Luke87 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  722. Drodbar (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  723. Ska Man (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  724. Also Eden (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  725. Kidney Theives (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  726. Cheltjam (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  727. funkinbrasstart3 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  728. Bootleg Floyd (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  729. The Undercover Aces (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  730. Aaron Francis (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  731. Ross Graham Vocal Legend (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  732. Floet (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  733. chris40 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  734. moonmouz (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  735. justaguitar player (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  736. motleyc (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  737. Dogs & Demons (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  738. JohnnyOctane (Musician in Birmingham, EN, WR11)
  739. Roxolot (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  740. Gary S (Musician in Bristol, EN, gl12)
  741. Resh (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  742. SJPCOMPOSITION (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  743. talk in code (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  744. Abby (Venue in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  745. TBC (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  746. bassguitar1234 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  747. Deirdre and the Rasheeds (Band in Worcester, EN, wr11)
  748. 5ETand4GET (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  749. notroubleclubber (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  750. stevetdunn (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  751. Pokey (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  752. Mike farrell (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  753. Dave 281 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  754. Mark Cole (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  755. Funky 70s Project (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  756. Prannoy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  757. WilDrumForFood (Band in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  758. Jazz Brother 69 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  759. love my robot (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  760. Captain Swing (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  761. MikeMaddams (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  762. Richard Watson (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  763. PhilR (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  764. Tony Turner (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl20)
  765. Jan Rottiers (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  766. DJ101 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl6)
  767. Wychwood (Band in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, B50)
  768. goodnoise84 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  769. Just Carly (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn1)
  770. bassboyjim (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  771. Sundown (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  772. the modern Lisa (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  773. Hierarchy (Band in Bristol, EN, bs37)
  774. DanPowell (Musician in Birmingham, EN, B49)
  775. JR5623 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  776. Glu (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  777. dancetrack (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  778. Jimmann17 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn6)
  779. Brucegloster (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL3)
  780. ian-s-smith (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  781. Mirror Me (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  782. Patrick843 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  783. chrisondrums (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  784. N/A (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  785. Sermon (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  786. Would-be-drummer (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  787. Nick Ruck (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  788. Jimmie Corrieri (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  789. LindseyJ (Musician in Northleach, EN, GL54)
  790. CIRCU5 (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  791. Timeline Studios (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, b49)
  792. Moon on a stick (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl3)
  793. Empredor (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  794. HYBRID (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  795. Blue Whiskey (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  796. pat274 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN5)
  797. sam_tennant_x7 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl20)
  798. RichardE (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  799. Lars Donohoe (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl52)
  800. Neilasaurus (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  801. the revels (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl19)
  802. Born on 11 (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  803. Lloydthebassist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  804. Hedy (Songwriter in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  805. John wheble (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  806. Tar Tar (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  807. MR BOOGIE WOOGIE (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  808. Good God No (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  809. James Linford (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  810. JonnyWebber (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  811. Benh25 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr2)
  812. Andy6r (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr3)
  813. Tom33 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  814. Linda Lee (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  815. (we are looking for a new name) (Band in Birmingham, EN, CV35)
  816. jonattree (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  817. Not George (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  818. GPS (Drummer) (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  819. Martin_12345 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  820. Rockit Fuel (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  821. Iron Harp (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl52)
  822. Squid (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  823. New Motown band - Unamed as yet!! (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, ox7)
  824. Tyomka (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  825. Sparky72 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  826. Armed Robbery Orgasm (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  827. funtime frank (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  828. Josemanuel (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl50)
  829. The Party Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  830. garfy117 (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs32)
  831. Exile in Delusion (Band in Cheltenham, EN, WR11)
  832. Steve Thomas (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  833. Something 4 The Weekend (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  834. Ben Ferri (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL1)
  835. Neville Williams (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  836. To be agreed! (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  837. JohnFK (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  838. AN (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  839. FingersFitz (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  840. Nick (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  841. JBH (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  842. Livefree (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  843. Blackwaters (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  844. Pitty (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  845. The Lions (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  846. The Tears (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  847. Alexg (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  848. Sherrie (Band in Birmingham, EN, WR14)
  849. eon (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL17)
  850. Dingus (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr3)
  851. Custom24 (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  852. Paul Clark (Musician in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, GL12)
  853. Scrivener (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  854. paulhaidon (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  855. SGD (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  856. sticky moobs (temporary name) (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  857. mad taz (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  858. FelicityDagger (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  859. Contraband (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  860. The Demolitions (Band in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  861. Reinforced (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR14)
  862. CAPTAIN INDY AND PLANET NINE (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  863. Rockology (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL3)
  864. None as yet (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  865. DavidPianist (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  866. Dirty Break (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  867. Freeze (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  868. 4twothefloor (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  869. hullja (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  870. The Bloozers (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  871. Julesmartin (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  872. LastExit (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL1)
  873. prawnpathia (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  874. Bobby B (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  875. Screamin' 88's (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  876. fretnot (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, hr9)
  877. StuG (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  878. n/a (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  879. .. (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  880. Chinese Finger Trap (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  881. Mickey Zanussi (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  882. George Montague (Band in London, EN, GL10)
  883. Danstewart (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, cv35)
  884. Atheist Staff Only (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  885. Rachel D (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  886. Ian Castle (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  887. Mark McCready (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  888. Yoldas (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  889. Front Page News (Band in Coventry, EN, CV36)
  890. The New Brutalists (Mathmetal/Hardcore) (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  891. Pipdai71 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  892. grahamf62 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  893. laurence1313 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  894. BassDriver (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL8)
  895. Jammer89 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, B96)
  896. Jeremy (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr11)
  897. No Name Given (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  898. Gareth182 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  899. none yet (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  900. need to jam (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  901. Truly (Songwriter in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  902. Appleby Kinsey (Band in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  903. global village (Band in Worcester, EN, wr5)
  904. (your name) And The Rushtones (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  905. MarkSB (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  906. Boogie Me (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn7)
  907. The Invisible Men (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl50)
  908. beaver (Musician in Evesham, EN, wr11)
  909. TBC (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  910. Cheltenham Function Band (working title) (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  911. Drummer Available (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  912. Kategoss (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  913. The Lost Dogs (Band in Worcester, EN, wr10)
  914. jonathanattree (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL15)
  915. Derek_R (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  916. Al Sask (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  917. Howard Sinclair (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  918. citywalls (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  919. Forlorn Divide (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  920. The Definite Maybes (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  921. xjmxmale (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  922. Catling121 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  923. Oscillator (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  924. George john (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl4)
  925. James Montague (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  926. pokey111 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL55)
  927. Greyvictor (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  928. Hybrid (Band in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  929. The Outcast Band (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  930. Naomi de castro (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  931. lincolnt (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  932. To be confirmed (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  933. Ali 1 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  934. Blatant Lyme (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  935. Autumn Lily (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  936. Ericalondon (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  937. DFP (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL8)
  938. Widge (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  939. None.... We haven't thought of one... (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  940. Tessa M (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  941. Hitchhiker (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  942. Open Circle (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  943. HELLFIRE (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  944. Ashtray Haze (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR8)
  945. rtg1 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  946. no band as yet! (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  947. Mike52 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, cv35)
  948. Casey wayne griffin (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  949. Partrick (Musician in Coventry, EN, CV37)
  950. WilmorZedric (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  951. Tin Soldiers (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  952. Currently no name (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  953. The flaming saguaros (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  954. nwobhm (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl2)
  955. Fayesy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  956. The Raize (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  957. Green Machine (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  958. Euphony (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl4)
  959. PeterWerner (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, b50)
  960. LewieT (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  961. Party band TBC (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  962. PaulMacnamara (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  963. LeeDouglas91 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  964. Steve Dodd (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  965. Terra-45 (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  966. Lets just do it ! (Band in Forest of Dean, EN, Gl16)
  967. PlumKrazy and the Influence (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  968. Ital Audio (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  969. Steve yeo (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  970. G0rd0n Bennet (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL17)
  971. To be confirmed! (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  972. Jay111 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  973. Gizzi (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  974. Ailish (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  975. DavidBassNVocals (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  976. Ant-O-knee (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  977. Big Voice (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn6)
  978. Life Of Bryan (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  979. N/A (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  980. Yat Rocks (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR9)
  981. Blood Has One Colour (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  982. No name as yet! (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  983. Embryonix (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  984. JackG91 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl51)
  985. 40 licks 2 (Band in Birmingham, EN, wr11)
  986. Unnamed as of yet (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  987. Josephcritchley (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  988. Roxy Magic (Band in Bristol, EN, GL13)
  989. Robinson (Band in Worcester, EN, Wr3)
  990. Neon Kicks (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  991. Moonmouz (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  992. BH (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  993. AdamW1 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  994. Journogal89 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  995. glosvocalist (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL7)
  996. Piggussik (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  997. Wmd (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  998. Neck (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  999. NeilBerry (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1000. Dozy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1001. Work In progress (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1002. Dr SlightlyEvil (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1003. Jiggery Poke (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  1004. Soul Bro (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1005. Jethro_plays_all (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1006. Pete Powell (Musician in Alcester, EN, B50)
  1007. Andy Guy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  1008. St Pauls Kite Club (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1009. OLDMANTOM (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN16)
  1010. Medusa Falls (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1011. DominicBurgess (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL10)
  1012. affinity function band LOOKING FOR BASS PLAYER! (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  1013. The Collective (Band in Birmingham, EN, GL1)
  1014. Bluestack Disbanded (Band in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1015. OllieDrummer (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  1016. Prevalentshelf (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1017. PaulHa (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  1018. Boomeister (Management company in Birmingham, EN, B50)
  1019. Paul M (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1020. TimLawrence (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  1021. Aries25 (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1022. jinxbrothers (Band in Coventry, EN, CV37)
  1023. Nicola Lukins (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL7)
  1024. Kiko singer/songwriter (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1025. Funksoul77 (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1026. carlpaoletti (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1027. Chris Lewis (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1028. aliwates (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1029. DavidplaysBass (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1030. Emmie0 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1031. Nothingville (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  1032. pink rockets (Band in Swindon, EN, sn5)
  1033. taylor made (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, ox18)
  1034. Clarksville (Musician in Shipston-on-Stour, EN, CV36)
  1035. Any Excuse (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  1036. Bruce 2 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, B50)
  1037. Chris Winter (Musician in Worcester, EN, GL56)
  1038. Featherstone (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1039. SUBDUCTION (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1040. TinyTasha (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1041. Jamie Phillips (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1042. Big Brunch Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1043. sunwind (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn6)
  1044. MahooXD (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1045. PKay69 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1046. Masterplan (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1047. Wishlistglos (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl19)
  1048. Internal Fractures (Band in Worcester, EN, wr11)
  1049. Risen in Black (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  1050. Goldfish Don't Bounce (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS35)
  1051. munch1968 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, cv35)
  1052. Stan9839 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1053. howi682 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1054. The Imposters (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1055. Old Tom P (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1056. Death of An Instrument (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  1057. Megan Strange (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1058. 1000watt (Band in Swindon, EN, sn5)
  1059. HelenB (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1060. Matt Belbin (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1061. Chapter 11 (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  1062. Paul McG (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  1063. Tewks tim (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  1064. Acoustic rock covers band (Band in Warwickshire, EN, CV36)
  1065. Telescope Twin (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1066. Sinwagon (Band in Bristol, EN, bs32)
  1067. To Be Confirmed (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1068. Jaydavis (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1069. SophieLou (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, Bs32)
  1070. Green Machine (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  1071. JoshFinch (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1072. DickieNibbles (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1073. Program (Band in Coventry, EN, CV36)
  1074. Matt10101 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1075. Rachel (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1076. JohnAB (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  1077. Flawed Fish Records (Independent label in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1078. ? (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  1079. not got one yet (Band in Worcester, EN, wr11)
  1080. Adytheguitar (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1081. The nomarks (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1082. A Social Misfit (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1083. Anaguma (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1084. Rewolf48 (Musician in Redditch, EN, B96)
  1085. bass_gzr (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1086. Neil 400 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1087. old_gzr_bass (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1088. Entropy (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  1089. christine Hopgood (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1090. Toby A (Band in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  1091. Voodoo State (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  1092. TheQueenisDead (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1093. Paul_8976_10 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1094. CALLING NEMESIS (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1095. MikeBs (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1096. Tim D-H (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  1097. AndySut (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1098. Selmo (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1099. Ants band (Band in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1100. Graham Twist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1101. Simple Parts (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1102. No Name Yet (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1103. Stevetinks (Musician in Warwick, EN, cv35)
  1104. IanE (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  1105. Greyrock (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1106. Nye (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, GL17)
  1107. kinkysax (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL9)
  1108. hugh-t (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1109. Laurence Jones Band (Band in Birmingham, EN, cv36)
  1110. chris330 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1111. Unknown (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  1112. grimoire666 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1113. NOW AVAILABLE (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1114. Byfman (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1115. Bank House (Venue in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1116. STORM (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  1117. scott84140 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  1118. lornaD (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1119. TM666 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  1120. emmaskipp (Musician in Birmingham, EN, b96)
  1121. Bleeding Hearts (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1122. surinder84534 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  1123. Lar Hughes (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1124. na (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl15)
  1125. The last call society (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl20)
  1126. Michael (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1127. m85105 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  1128. Oscillator (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1129. Band seeking drummer (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1130. craig85180 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1131. Simeon Farquhar (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl1)
  1132. the hits (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl52)
  1133. garthmcconnell (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, BS32)
  1134. andy85389 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn1)
  1135. steve85455 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1136. nick85578 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  1137. kevin85596 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr2)
  1138. pete85610 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1139. Nightjar (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  1140. Lead Singer-Guitarist (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1141. ianwebb (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1142. jules8417 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1143. Looking to join Punk covers band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1144. U/K (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1145. naomi86091 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1146. ConnorJSproston (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1147. Soular (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1148. dont have one! (Band in Warwickshire, EN, cv37)
  1149. LAW13 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1150. joe86249 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr5)
  1151. guy86256 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1152. martin86296 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  1153. ChrisFaice (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl1)
  1154. thomas86399 (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  1155. richard13 (Musician in Ebley, EN, gl5)
  1156. andrew86576 (Musician in West Midlands, EN, gl20)
  1157. saffron2012 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1158. rebecca86774 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr2)
  1159. Bacchus (Band in Worcester, EN, WR12)
  1160. david86786 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1161. Cricklade Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1162. gordon86927 (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  1163. Aion (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1164. redmatt78 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1165. gary87178 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, ox18)
  1166. ken87285 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  1167. wayne87378 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr14)
  1168. Spiral Key (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1169. JamieTheBass (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1170. cragdrums (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1171. andrew87726 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl10)
  1172. Martin Wakely (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl3)
  1173. The Shades (Band in Oxford, EN, OX7)
  1174. Alpha Omega (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1175. karl88117 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  1176. The NITRO (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1177. MatthewBass (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1178. lewis88178 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1179. ? (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1180. phillip88196 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  1181. Beyond All Evil (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl2)
  1182. A new project- something a little different (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1183. stephen88287 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, wr14)
  1184. NOTHIN BUT TROUBLE (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1185. Various (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1186. Cosmic Gypsies (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1187. noisymungo (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1188. andy88658 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1189. chris88907 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1190. BPC (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1191. rachel88966 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL7)
  1192. Pass (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs32)
  1193. steve89076 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1194. olivia89262 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1195. jazz (Band in Coventry, EN, cv35)
  1196. iain89435 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  1197. george89458 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1198. sean89557 (Musician in Coventry, EN, cv37)
  1199. christina907 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1200. not decided yet (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl3)
  1201. worcesterroyaloak (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  1202. dave89806 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  1203. Laura Bayston (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  1204. Paul_Jones (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1205. alex90163 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl1)
  1206. carl90188 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1207. Wilco (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1208. Funkhouse (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1209. pete90308 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  1210. shanesax (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1211. To Be Decided (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1212. mfarmer85 (band is un-named at present) (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1213. Cast To Flames (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  1214. beans (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1215. MarkW81 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR13)
  1216. I.D.E.E. (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1217. onionheads (Band in Worcester, EN, wr3)
  1218. Lya Stewart & Not Taken (Band in Stow on the Wold, EN, GL54)
  1219. Green frog (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1220. kevin91082 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1221. Rebels of War (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl1)
  1222. Cally Swindon (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1223. elsupremoproject (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr3)
  1224. ajvocalist (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  1225. Master Leonard (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, gl50)
  1226. stephen91680 (Musician in South Gloucestershire, EN, BS37)
  1227. jim91843 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1228. drummer_david (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1229. derek92067 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1230. Howitee (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  1231. dave92327 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1232. DarrenGuitar (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR10)
  1233. Edenfall (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1234. At home (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1235. Heather In Leather (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  1236. luke92817 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1237. jonny1950 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  1238. james93085 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1239. gemma93134 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1240. sonny-days (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl4)
  1241. AngusCM1994 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1242. ailish93240 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1243. Kinky Farnham (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL55)
  1244. megneal (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  1245. Djentblast19 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1246. keith93632 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, hr8)
  1247. paul93786 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1248. richard93882 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl20)
  1249. rayromijn (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1250. stephen94001 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1251. Strictly Dan (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1252. kayp94409 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  1253. Candia (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1254. Emergency Banter (Band in Oxford, EN, Ox18)
  1255. Black Stag (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  1256. Catherine (Management company in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  1257. neil94768 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1258. Marcguitar123 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl4)
  1259. _izzy (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  1260. earthtolexx (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1261. Genghis Khan (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl7)
  1262. The Ashun (Band in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  1263. estelle95065 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr2)
  1264. The Comatose (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1265. abigail95282 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  1266. jim95366 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1267. nick95367 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1268. duncan95433 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1269. Cush (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1270. The Karen Gilbert Band (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  1271. Barrelhouse (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1272. MariosPAOK (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1273. Mandolinsid (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1274. No longer available, thanks! (Band in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1275. Female_vocalist_Swindon (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1276. Mizizi (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  1277. davidkels (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1278. maxread (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1279. PrestonBishop (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  1280. RichardU (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1281. alex96295 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  1282. Hannah Dallas & The Button Down Souls (Band in Worcester, EN, wr1)
  1283. paulsnow11 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1284. patrick96614 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1285. paul96623 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl1)
  1286. ian96669 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  1287. primal mind (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1288. Darelleamazing (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1289. Jonnydrummerboy (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1290. clyde96821 (Musician in Bristol, EN, hr9)
  1291. david96822 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1292. tmesis (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  1293. Bloom87 (Musician in Chipping Campden, EN, GL55)
  1294. chris24081991 (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs35)
  1295. baz96958 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  1296. dennis97004 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1297. The City UK (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1298. amelia97140 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1299. Rebel Station (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1300. EGVP (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  1301. Lpw Records Limited (Independent label in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1302. steve97419 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1303. stuart97516 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  1304. Colloosion (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1305. Tim Jackson (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1306. domwinter1967 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1307. Mia97771 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1308. chelsea97791 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1309. MattSp92 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1310. rennon97964 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1311. paul97975 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1312. Cherryrose (Musician in London, EN, Gl51)
  1313. markfiddle (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl6)
  1314. Chasin Rain (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1315. ronnie98167 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1316. maxine98197 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  1317. johnnyapplecake (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr1)
  1318. alaniscrow81 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl15)
  1319. campbell98489 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL13)
  1320. olya98569 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1321. damon98717 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1322. DomicidalManiac (Musician in South Gloucestershire, EN, gl12)
  1323. xoPIEMANox (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1324. andy99094 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl2)
  1325. mike99186 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1326. Wango Jango (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL19)
  1327. Selena_ (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  1328. Nikalix (Musician in Worcester, EN, HR7)
  1329. mark99439 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr11)
  1330. simon99457 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1331. Garstang (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1332. martin99494 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl7)
  1333. MIDI Man (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1334. rob99589 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  1335. tim99752 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1336. JoeyShinobi (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  1337. jefazer99826 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl15)
  1338. ian99941 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  1339. The Girl Next Door (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL56)
  1340. ariyaMatic (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1341. Chasin Rain (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1342. GT&T (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1343. adambsmith (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV35)
  1344. Tel (Band in Worcester, EN, wr11)
  1345. Estelle (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1346. LozR (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR13)
  1347. ryanriot (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl6)
  1348. Emmerson (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1349. Mark Rose (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1350. chris100919 (Musician in Charlton, EN, WR10)
  1351. Binomial (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  1352. Peter1987 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  1353. alex101204 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1354. Budgie smugglers (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1355. russell101237 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1356. tom (Band in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1357. fabioJJ (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl50)
  1358. rededdie (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL18)
  1359. lee101469 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1360. Benfleet Pete (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1361. Ian08 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl50)
  1362. AlexAlex (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  1363. Halflight (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1364. shaun101987 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl10)
  1365. nelson102029 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL54)
  1366. caleb102047 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  1367. dan102130 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1368. Rebekah Lourdes (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1369. Nick Reffold (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1370. SunFire (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1371. The Flames (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1372. deanwest (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1373. julie102272 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL4)
  1374. BackBeat (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1375. scribling_vinnie (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1376. unconfirmed at the moment (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1377. Replica Rock Band (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1378. Maxsoul (Band in Worcester, EN, wr8)
  1379. Just The (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1380. samoflange (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1381. Carly Dee (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1382. the rips (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR8)
  1383. darryl102871 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1384. Matt (Sound engineer in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  1385. Tom Caswell Band (Band in London, EN, GL7)
  1386. ben103133 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1387. steve103169 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL5)
  1388. ann103199 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL12)
  1389. The Time Thieves (Band in Warwickshire, EN, cv37)
  1390. kev103228 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1391. david103237 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1392. em_beadle (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  1393. Friday's Child (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1394. martin103464 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1395. Neil Berry (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1396. Daz Fowler (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr4)
  1397. boony boy (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl15)
  1398. chris103736 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1399. JammyJ (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1400. Kasakets (Band in West Midlands, EN, CV37)
  1401. Poppy5 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  1402. rsgabriel94 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1403. The Broken Stones (Band in Bristol, EN, GL13)
  1404. JordWilliams08 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1405. andrew104341 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1406. The Racket (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1407. andy104383 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1408. pou569 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1409. The Wot (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1410. emily104451 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR12)
  1411. Reiss Hemmming (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1412. zigm59 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1413. Chris Habicht (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl3)
  1414. Tries (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1415. kostka289156 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  1416. ritch289384 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl3)
  1417. michael06 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1418. jim289389 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1419. David_19 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL19)
  1420. Misericords (Band in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1421. The Midland Regulators (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1422. mike289662 (Musician in Broadway, EN, WR12)
  1423. phil_bass (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1424. lily289694 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1425. Los Cojones (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1426. Sabbath (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, Ox18)
  1427. ruhaathehippy (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1428. The Black Eyes (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl17)
  1429. alex289975 (Musician in Banbury, EN, CV35)
  1430. brandon290012 (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR7)
  1431. michael290099 (Musician in Coventry, EN, CV35)
  1432. shane290126 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1433. kev555 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl51)
  1434. lewis290237 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  1435. The Great Nothing (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1436. Ravenhawk (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl3)
  1437. boscastlebreakdown (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  1438. jules290402 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1439. Bruno Malo (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1440. matthew290465 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1441. paul290500 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1442. Da Vinci (Band in Worcester, EN, wr4)
  1443. Horseatwork (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn3)
  1444. jake290765 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1445. george290816 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1446. Fac-Studio (Sound engineer in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1447. nath999 (Musician in Redditch, EN, B96)
  1448. richard291100 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1449. BHILL (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1450. steve291284 (Musician in Oxford, EN, ox18)
  1451. AdamDark (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1452. R0SS (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1453. brian291531 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1454. THE EXPRESSIONS (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1455. band name and info provided upon request (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1456. cosmicpenguin (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1457. GuitarGraeme (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1458. MWJE (Band in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1459. sam292248 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1460. joe292312 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1461. cammie292319 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1462. Traksmith (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1463. No name as yet (new band) (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1464. tim586 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1465. The Vigil (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1466. petra292805 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX7)
  1467. john292859 (Musician in Coventry, EN, cv37)
  1468. david292989 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1469. stephen292997 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1470. willman (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1471. We need a singer (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1472. mickyraison (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1473. Dalius (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  1474. Studio Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1475. matthew293625 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1476. Wattsie (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  1477. nick293777 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1478. ivan293951 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1479. beaudine293984 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl20)
  1480. barry294016 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  1481. jawbonelid (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1482. Orange Moon (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1483. ClaireBo12345 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  1484. mike294276 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn3)
  1485. Robert (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1486. Dan D Lion & The Burdocks (Band in Powick, EN, Wr2)
  1487. jim294526 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1488. mike294589 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl4)
  1489. marcus01 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl20)
  1490. david294739 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1491. Aren (Musician in Cirencester, EN, gl7)
  1492. saxydeb1 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1493. BARNCAT (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  1494. julie295030 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1495. tomlunch (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1496. Samba Batida (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1497. lauren295131 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1498. Roi Geyari (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1499. NML73 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1500. Dire Straits Tribute Band (Band in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1501. studas (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1502. kylehewitt0 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl2)
  1503. Jayl (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL17)
  1504. david295399 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1505. charley295451 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1506. Robert Perry (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1507. to be confirmed (Band in Tewkesbury, EN, gl20)
  1508. annie295616 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  1509. Dan Robins (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1510. Awakening Savannah (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1511. simon295790 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  1512. Garden of Live Flowers (Band in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  1513. Sister Ray (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1514. Boss Cloth (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1515. don295976 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1516. eddie296096 (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  1517. rob296112 (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  1518. Nthorn83 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1519. dave77 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1520. Paul (Band in Swindon, EN, sn3)
  1521. JohnCorlett (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1522. john296388 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1523. Angie Lennox (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1524. Watten (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  1525. Dsharp (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL20)
  1526. Peggy-Sue (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1527. steve296648 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  1528. In The Absence Of Light (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn1)
  1529. Roaring Meg (Band in Forest of Dean, EN, GL15)
  1530. birchy (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR7)
  1531. Contemporary Country Band (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn16)
  1532. tbc (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1533. Country Cash Lacey Lynn (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1534. stuart297671 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1535. henry297760 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1536. Dancin' Easy (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1537. Stickx (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL10)
  1538. Brian Black (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl53)
  1539. SweetFD (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1540. undecided (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1541. Simon C C (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs37)
  1542. Ryan-o (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1543. dumblegrumble (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1544. SimonDrums (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1545. Glen (Venue in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1546. Lower Loveday (Band in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1547. The Whipjacks (Band in Worcester, EN, wr2)
  1548. doug298066 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN2)
  1549. Waspi (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs35)
  1550. Krakatoa Heavy (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1551. darren298328 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1552. Ronin (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1553. MEMPHIS HAZE (Band in Bristol, EN, GL5)
  1554. mamorosati (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  1555. tel298736 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, ox7)
  1556. mike000007 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1557. CEDE (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1558. andy298860 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1559. shane298885 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1560. Ruff Diamond (Band in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1561. michael299147 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, OX7)
  1562. anninamelissa (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  1563. rvm299518 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX18)
  1564. Formerly Featherstone but new name to be chosen (Band in Cheltenham, EN, gl53)
  1565. jake299576 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1566. Integra-sparks (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1567. Colourflow (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1568. cameron299687 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1569. TheProject (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl1)
  1570. persecution (Band in Worcestershire, EN, wr4)
  1571. craig300065 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl50)
  1572. Stranger Than Fiction (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1573. maia300135 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1574. bigandbeardy (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1575. laurencecook45 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1576. dikbarton57 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1577. tadeusz300284 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1578. dan300382 (Musician in Hereford, EN, hr9)
  1579. Running Sky (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1580. mike300631 (Musician in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  1581. DesG (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1582. Andyjh (Musician in Lechlade, EN, OX18)
  1583. ChrisRaggatt (Musician in Oxford, EN, SN7)
  1584. squeeler300806 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, sn1)
  1585. Drivin' Sideways (Band in Oxford, EN, OX18)
  1586. ian300908 (Musician in Leamington Spa, EN, CV35)
  1587. Matt Dulson (Musician in West Midlands, EN, WR14)
  1588. Reload This (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1589. Chris Jackson (Band in Stonehouse, EN, GL10)
  1590. phil301271 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1591. russell301323 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1592. francis301438 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1593. jay301524 (Musician in Bromyard, EN, HR7)
  1594. Sharon (Songwriter in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1595. gerry301608 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1596. glynshepherd (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1597. jrizdrums (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1598. Arabella Rainbow Sound (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  1599. alexMSP (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1600. julia301836 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl53)
  1601. steve301887 (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, OX18)
  1602. eric301988 (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  1603. Berna (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1604. HDMikki (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1605. steve302275 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1606. edward302432 (Musician in Oxford, EN, Ox7)
  1607. SlashUK (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  1608. jonathan302697 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  1609. Joe_Widdly (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1610. ashtonprior (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1611. will302765 (Musician in Sharpness, EN, GL13)
  1612. bri302766 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR14)
  1613. joel302798 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, Gl7)
  1614. rossco125 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1615. Oliver Court (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1616. mitch303129 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1617. jeremy0589 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1618. JKBassL (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  1619. Radio Silence (Band in Cirencester, EN, Gl7)
  1620. martyn303528 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1621. OMFGThom (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1622. hector303562 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR6)
  1623. mathieu11 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1624. Brandon Peatman (Musician in Carterton, EN, OX18)
  1625. tbc (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL19)
  1626. g1234 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1627. The-Jellyfish (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL50)
  1628. Ian Edwards (Musician in Ashton Keynes, EN, SN6)
  1629. mike-zed5150 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1630. richard-somers (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1631. The Teddy White Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1632. ian304315 (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, BS37)
  1633. aaron304322 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1634. lewis141189 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1635. Lyric (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL11)
  1636. Raptures (Band in Cheltenham, EN, Gl50)
  1637. Shiftypop (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1638. RocksOff (Band in Birmingham, EN, B49)
  1639. Karhu (Band in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  1640. denver304992 (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  1641. tim305131 (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  1642. philip305151 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  1643. Madraykin (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  1644. ivor34 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1645. david305289 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1646. teresa305316 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR12)
  1647. Phil (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1648. andybates1 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1649. hannahdallas18 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR2)
  1650. frank305534 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1651. neill305538 (Musician in Basingstoke, EN, OX18)
  1652. Tonythompson182 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1653. will have new name (Band in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  1654. mark305607 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1655. To be decided (Band in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  1656. damian305641 (Musician in Witney, EN, OX18)
  1657. mike305643 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1658. kaf black (Band in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  1659. Grasslands (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1660. G-MAN1976 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, wr3)
  1661. brian305801 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr1)
  1662. keith305918 (Musician in Yate, EN, BS37)
  1663. Arandomdrummer (Musician in Leamington Spa, EN, CV37)
  1664. phil306060 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  1665. chris306098 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1666. kevin306128 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL11)
  1667. steve306162 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, GL55)
  1668. The Tribe (Band in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1669. davidpower (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1670. LYNXMATT (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1671. tristanorr (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1672. groove44 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1673. KTP (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn3)
  1674. steven306739 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1675. Misha Dawn (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, gl19)
  1676. drummonkey (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1677. Tubby Bluesters (Band in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1678. neil306935 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1679. andy306938 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1680. aline306951 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1681. Keyswizard studios (Rehearsal space in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1682. jonathan307025 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1683. lee hunter (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1684. Marco Ribeiro (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  1685. chriswozz (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1686. andy307172 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  1687. Mbakercontact (Musician in Shipston-on-Stour, EN, CV36)
  1688. colin307607 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl4)
  1689. Panic Switch (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1690. ashley307645 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL18)
  1691. TBC (Band in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1692. jamie307964 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  1693. grifgraf (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  1694. Rickard308087 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1695. michael308116 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1696. BLUES ARROW (Band in Cippenham, EN, sn1)
  1697. thomas308247 (Musician in Broadway, EN, WR12)
  1698. scrapharry308258 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR2)
  1699. anna308271 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1700. alex308276 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1701. Cyrn (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1702. gareth308440 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1703. lemonmonkey (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1704. lee308573 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  1705. david308608 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1706. luke308619 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1707. Tobi Wozniak (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1708. Unknown (Band in Worcestershire, EN, WR14)
  1709. 7shades (Band in Hereford, EN, HR7)
  1710. james308839 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl2)
  1711. james308847 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1712. andyr80808 (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  1713. nick308902 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, Cv37)
  1714. colossomite (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1715. paul308989 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1716. Contour Control (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1717. paul309191 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1718. andrew309466 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL19)
  1719. Audio Asylum (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1720. Good God No! (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1721. themachineb (Musician in Oxfordshire, EN, SN7)
  1722. Daisy1998 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1723. Jacemusic (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1724. FireBlisters (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1725. celty309966 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1726. Moods2106 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1727. charlie310072 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  1728. harryray (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1729. CARBONATED_CAT_SOUP (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1730. matthew310235 (Musician in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  1731. ben310248 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl52)
  1732. atalanta310249 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl7)
  1733. Profoundly Blue (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1734. mo310377 (Musician in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  1735. paul310474 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1736. andy310529 (Musician in Bidford-on-Avon, EN, B50)
  1737. Soulsfire (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1738. jordan1708 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1739. tom15y2kn2 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1740. Charlie310665 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn7)
  1741. rickyrhythm (Musician in Brockworth, EN, GL3)
  1742. The Groove Radicals (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn26)
  1743. Bryn Thomas (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1744. benny_SUTTON (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1745. dan_drummer (Musician in Oxford, EN, SN7)
  1746. Groove Party (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  1747. david310838 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B50)
  1748. Rough Six (Band in Gloucester, EN, Gl4)
  1749. mikestevenson (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1750. Music Alive (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1751. MikeyBoy86v (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1752. Connor Jay (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1753. samtipper (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1754. The Fixated (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL6)
  1755. olly2503 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, Ox7)
  1756. Hellbound (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1757. HeyGoAudio (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1758. Top functions/covers band (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1759. johnny1571 (Musician in Winchcombe, EN, GL54)
  1760. steven311612 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  1761. robert311631 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, gl7)
  1762. John (Band in Bristol Avon, EN, BS35)
  1763. colin311853 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1764. Tom Simenauer (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL55)
  1765. Piston Broke (Band in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  1766. bob312286 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr4)
  1767. AngelHeart (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1768. paula312367 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1769. Emerald_Blue (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl6)
  1770. emma312462 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1771. Will (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1772. andy312563 (Musician in Bampton, EN, OX18)
  1773. SmileyDrummer (Musician in Shipston-on-Stour, EN, CV36)
  1774. jane312621 (Musician in Highworth, EN, SN6)
  1775. simon312766 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL53)
  1776. Mark Hanks (Musician in Drakes Broughton, EN, wr10)
  1777. stephen312802 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1778. m312814 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1779. Rock Cats (Band in Worcester, EN, Wr2)
  1780. jonny312867 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1781. Edward (Recording studio in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1782. fluffyalexis (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1783. Tim Baldwin (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL17)
  1784. nicholas313013 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl54)
  1785. andrew313041 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, gl14)
  1786. leon2016 (Musician in Moreton-in-marsh, EN, gl56)
  1787. Lee160540 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1788. Wildfinger1 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1789. Mollitov (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1790. Daniel Clear (Musician in Carterton, EN, OX18)
  1791. Vice Versa (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1792. Pia (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1793. amypenny7 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1794. matt313558 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, WR11)
  1795. Rob (Band in Gloucester, EN, gl1)
  1796. BB1971 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1797. martyn313680 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1798. jason313685 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  1799. del313794 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1800. ian_sax (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1801. eddie313852 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1802. Tundra Mouse (Band in Oxfordshire, EN, Ox18)
  1803. Badger1986 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1804. adam314102 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1805. sarah314162 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1806. andy314208 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1807. lola314284 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL13)
  1808. Ibanez68 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1809. Gatehousestudios (Rehearsal space in Swindon, EN, sn2)
  1810. angelo314340 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1811. neil314346 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL56)
  1812. captainpaulm (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1813. ian gould malmesbury (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1814. glynn314734 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1815. rockabillycharly (Musician in Lydney, EN, gl15)
  1816. Seahorse Pilots (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, GL55)
  1817. carrie315108 (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  1818. anthony315154 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  1819. george315279 (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn1)
  1820. paulyboy2344 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1821. rich315568 (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, bs35)
  1822. alison315616 (Musician in Purton, EN, SN5)
  1823. Ells and the Southern Wild (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  1824. Fynlay (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1825. jared315644 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, wr2)
  1826. Ommadawnman (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1827. The Days of Sabbath (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL50)
  1828. BuchananAndy (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1829. jennifer315814 (Musician in Bath, EN, GL20)
  1830. seb315843 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, Hr8)
  1831. Jojoeth (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr3)
  1832. keith315930 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL3)
  1833. freddy315967 (Musician in Down Ampney, EN, GL7)
  1834. gilesdavis (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  1835. john315990 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1836. james316001 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1837. Lock up your Horses (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1838. ADAM JO (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL54)
  1839. ssyne (Band in Tewkesbury, EN, gl20)
  1840. tel316186 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, ox7)
  1841. dylan316280 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1842. Party in a field (Venue in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1843. ashtaroute316501 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  1844. mark4472 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1845. alex316746 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  1846. brian316868 (Musician in Rous Lench, EN, Wr11)
  1847. jeff316999 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1848. will317003 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1849. INSO THE INSOLENT (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1850. Taylor099881 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1851. Pretty Good Plan (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1852. The Vibe (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1853. Janek87 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, OX7)
  1854. iain317375 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1855. Mark (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV35)
  1856. jenny317445 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1857. mike317461 (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL14)
  1858. david317569 (Musician in Thornbury, EN, BS35)
  1859. david317612 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1860. gary317626 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1861. nerysjohn (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  1862. david317750 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1863. sabrina317752 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1864. david317764 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1865. steven317908 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1866. Bison Severn (Band in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  1867. drummersimon (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  1868. Atavist (Musician in Oxford, EN, SN7)
  1869. maxine318158 (Musician in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, Gl12)
  1870. Daniel (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1871. Jack_stroud_bass (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1872. John Presley aka Filthy Hobbit (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1873. CINTA (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs32)
  1874. Drumbo777 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  1875. sarah318670 (Musician in Faringdon, EN, sn7)
  1876. sean318780 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  1877. tony318793 (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  1878. paul318813 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1879. Primates (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1880. basscadet (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1881. Dark_In5anity (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1882. peter318895 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1883. Drumphil101 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1884. Phil381953 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1885. andrew319104 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  1886. Take 2 (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1887. john319333 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1888. bear319356 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  1889. Paradox (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1890. KimberleyRose7 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1891. Lewisabbott95 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1892. AlexMetalsinger (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN26)
  1893. hannah319654 (Musician in Bishops Frome, EN, WR6)
  1894. kosa2016 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1895. jeff319801 (Musician in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  1896. peterant1963 (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR9)
  1897. eddie319864 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr6)
  1898. Deathbycake (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  1899. Christian Dale (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR13)
  1900. wayne320237 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  1901. Delarme (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1902. mark320471 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  1903. The Hyperbolics (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1904. morgan320504 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR14)
  1905. georgia320569 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1906. Do Not Disturb (Band in Bromyard, EN, HR7)
  1907. guydageetar (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1908. beexx (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1909. nigel320813 (Musician in Burford, EN, Ox18)
  1910. Groove Street (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  1911. brian320885 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL8)
  1912. cbrooke (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  1913. jack684 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1914. Betty Jasmine (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL15)
  1915. james321183 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1916. michael321321 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL52)
  1917. AndyR-O (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  1918. Quantum (Band in Worcestershire, EN, WR1)
  1919. Gee182 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2 )
  1920. jordan321441 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1921. Karen Gilbert (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1922. Somersknight (Band in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1923. Some Sunsick Day (Band in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  1924. dave321790 (Musician in Cotswold, EN, Gl54)
  1925. shaun321912 (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  1926. chris322002 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1927. ryan322234 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1928. Revsmileyg (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1929. Davy_B (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1930. dave322534 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1931. ilana (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  1932. mayamonkey3d (Musician in Kineton, EN, Cv35)
  1933. amorino322873 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  1934. peter322890 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1935. ricky1967 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1936. tom1304 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX18)
  1937. jojodanielle (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  1938. eric1306 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1939. simon323112 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  1940. Dan84 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, Gl7)
  1941. zoe323147 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  1942. ben-Dover (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV37)
  1943. leezardkeeng (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1944. TBC (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  1945. harveyyoungrock (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1946. sam323407 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  1947. robin323412 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  1948. kellyharvey123 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  1949. william323498 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1950. RyanCorbett (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1951. Undecided (Band in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  1952. Andrew (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  1953. We Are Them (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1954. phil323588 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  1955. michaelevans28 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1956. michael323684 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr14)
  1957. SpaceScraper84 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  1958. Robert (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1959. Thewelshsongbird (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1960. steve323882 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1961. sammyH (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  1962. lara324143 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  1963. JarryHarvis (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1964. harry324215 (Musician in Berkeley, EN, GL13)
  1965. Hollie (Band in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  1966. mark324383 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1967. Jacob Marsh (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  1968. RADAR LOST (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1969. PixieMoon (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1970. anthony325065 (Musician in Broughton Hackett, EN, WR7)
  1971. paul325118 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  1972. koha325168 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1973. J-C-P (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  1974. tom325238 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  1975. dale325241 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  1976. Bumpy Rhoades (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  1977. hollyjaynesinger (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  1978. DanBonnell (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1979. sam325514 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr2)
  1980. martin325532 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  1981. olivia325579 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL6)
  1982. jacquec45 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  1983. warwick325659 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl54)
  1984. Union III (Musician in Sherborne, EN, GL54)
  1985. Chris Roberts (Photographer in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  1986. Angel Up Front (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  1987. George cc white (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  1988. nothing_but_the_rain (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  1989. paul325762 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  1990. Toadstone (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  1991. surfcody3 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  1992. janine325959 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1993. JAMILLA (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL11)
  1994. alex326414 (Musician in Shipston-on-Stour, EN, CV36)
  1995. Riverbank Dogs (Band in Stroud, EN, Gl50)
  1996. Martin_S (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV35)
  1997. pete326703 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  1998. ashley326720 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  1999. adam326746 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2000. redr0cker (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2001. brian326786 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2002. joe326797 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL10)
  2003. richie326803 (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs35)
  2004. dave326958 (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2005. james327039 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2006. Instigator (Musician in Watchfield, EN, SN6)
  2007. Ninyary (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl50)
  2008. paul327228 (Musician in Evesham, EN, wr11)
  2009. NathanPT1 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2010. paula327301 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2011. Les (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2012. gaz327320 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2013. Mtilsley (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2014. DeliciousDandy (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl51)
  2015. robertwilks (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2016. Charlie Aitken Music (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2017. Ross (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2018. simon327669 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  2019. simon327768 (Musician in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  2020. GeorgeLewisTodd (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2021. Val1607 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2022. paul327903 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL14)
  2023. julian327996 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2024. mickforsdike (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2025. mazimiliano9393 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2026. jay328201 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2027. L J (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl52)
  2028. nyejames (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL17)
  2029. Chris (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2030. IbanezMusician (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  2031. george328517 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2032. meg28 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2033. miklosh (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2034. jed328668 (Musician in Chipping Campden, EN, Gl56)
  2035. Kosa (Musician in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  2036. Pete King (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2037. mike328947 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2038. Lost Himalayas (Band in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2039. Tomas Pribojac (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2040. aDAM O (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2041. jez329256 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2042. Alaniscrow (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL11)
  2043. Matt (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2044. DWCbass (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  2045. timski329400 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2046. Rick55 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  2047. Carl (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2048. aleksander329442 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2049. nick329771 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR11)
  2050. gavin329801 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2051. billy329889 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl19)
  2052. Electro (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  2053. helgarth (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl52)
  2054. Charlotte Randall (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2055. oscar1 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2056. Adam Cornford (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2057. darthrex91 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2058. PiLGRiM SAiNT (Band in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2059. Maiden_ofthemoon (Musician in Churchdown, EN, GL3)
  2060. Manti (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2061. Surge (Band in Alcester, EN, B49)
  2062. marcus331160 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2063. Marcos07725244321 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2064. peter331246 (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  2065. DNambiar (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  2066. Mikes Band (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2067. EmmaRae (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2068. dave331395 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr5)
  2069. ArtfulLyricist (Musician in Watchfield, EN, SN6)
  2070. Renny James Badham (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR12)
  2071. Jayden (Musician in Stow on the Wold, EN, GL54)
  2072. Cameron J York (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2073. ben331971 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR1)
  2074. samhughes (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR7)
  2075. patlife (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2076. david_drummer (Musician in Winchcombe, EN, GL54)
  2077. DrummerD (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2078. steve332075 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2079. Poltroon (Musician in Upton St Leonards, EN, Gl4)
  2080. Hitchhiker (Band in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2081. Nicholas Houldey (Band in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2082. Tom (Venue in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2083. freyaleegwaterbright (Musician in Yate, EN, BS37)
  2084. paul332474 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2085. rory332483 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  2086. ErrolDeSa (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2087. richard332583 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2088. Lost Himalayas (Band in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2089. Hilary (Band in Evesham, EN, wr11)
  2090. leo332996 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2091. CarlosChelt72 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2092. mark333117 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  2093. Kaye29 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2094. GHOST OF MACHINES (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2095. JamesC19 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2096. PC123456789 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2097. Simply Sesh (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2098. ronnee333298 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2099. pj333319 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2100. stuart333369 (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2101. paul333459 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2102. Ben, Ken & Two Other Men (Band in Chipping Norton, EN, OX7)
  2103. mark333893 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2104. Aaron_2310 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2105. Killjoy57 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2106. MonkeyDolls (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2107. Dirty Baby (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX7)
  2108. EX-WIFE (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2109. Autumn (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2110. Homer (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2111. laurence1984 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2112. piers-ward (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  2113. paul334731 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2114. Metal_max95 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2115. Oz Osborne (Musician in Hereford and Worcester, EN, Hr8)
  2116. nick335072 (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2117. Agent_T (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  2118. johnny335145 (Musician in Merton, EN, GL12)
  2119. ludo335163 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2120. Acoustirics (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2121. Broken Jaw (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  2122. RubenCaius (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  2123. nick335524 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2124. jonzo33 (Musician in Brockworth, EN, GL3)
  2125. mark335689 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2126. bruce335774 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, B50)
  2127. Zakk263 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2128. donnmccah (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl7)
  2129. chuck336094 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2130. dom336140 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2131. ian336165 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2132. ken336218 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2133. AdamLaw (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2134. GerryBaker (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2135. gary336396 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL19)
  2136. stephen336412 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2137. dean336497 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2138. stephen336551 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2139. jesse336771 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2140. boris336773 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2141. brian336782 (Musician in Bourton-on-the-Water, EN, GL54)
  2142. CPaoletti (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2143. les337010 (Musician in Malvern, EN, Wr14)
  2144. dave337071 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2145. david337215 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2146. kate337218 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2147. rob337255 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2148. julian337262 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2149. jean-marc337331 (Musician in Lower Slaughter, EN, GL54)
  2150. Miguellar4 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2151. j-m (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL11)
  2152. Elkapath (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl2)
  2153. Phoebe (Songwriter in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2154. -ablebassman- (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2155. sandy337725 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL7)
  2156. petra1000 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr6)
  2157. matt337810 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2158. drew337836 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  2159. dave337934 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2160. lottie2468 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2161. Charles (Band in Bradley Green, EN, B96)
  2162. Thelony228 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2163. MarkT777 (Musician in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, GL12)
  2164. Craig (Band in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2165. james338496 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2166. ian338538 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2167. david338585 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  2168. Robb (Band in Kidderminster, EN, cv36)
  2169. Carl (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2170. chris338746 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2171. Tom Purnell (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  2172. kev1963 (Musician in Stonehouse, EN, GL10)
  2173. michael338805 (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  2174. kenneth338807 (Musician in Lechlade, EN, GL7)
  2175. Chris (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2176. Tom_Hall (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  2177. The More You Know (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2178. Turnstone (Band in Malvern Hills, EN, Wr14)
  2179. colin338981 (Musician in Hereford, EN, HR8)
  2180. jordan0908 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2181. Adam (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL13)
  2182. Undecided (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL18)
  2183. andy339077 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl52)
  2184. fin339248 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2185. steve339313 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2186. frazzel339337 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2187. Evie Skinner (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2188. Water Margins (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2189. Tom (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2190. RChamberlain (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2191. bigbenbob (Musician in Stroud, EN, gl6)
  2192. Ade Miller Combo (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2193. glennglenn (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2194. Jack Taylor (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2195. J (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2196. The Foreign Quarter (Band in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2197. Rob-drummer (Musician in Witney, EN, GL54)
  2198. wayne339953 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2199. sarah340186 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL17)
  2200. michael340198 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2201. shadowlight (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2202. Vince (Band in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, GL12)
  2203. hannah340285 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2204. stephen340355 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2205. Taurusaz (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2206. Warren (Songwriter in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2207. marc340841 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr14)
  2208. roscopco (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2209. Kall Galax (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL7)
  2210. lofty1951 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2211. Andyclarke (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2212. rachel341250 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX7)
  2213. Paper (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2214. The Subcultures (Band in Malvern, EN, Wr13)
  2215. mick341428 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2216. TBC! (Band in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2217. grant341495 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL16)
  2218. bill341528 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2219. topcat335 (Musician in Stonehouse, EN, GL10)
  2220. Nickjhe (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2221. TGOCookies (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2222. oscar341653 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2223. Stereotaxis (Band in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2224. jack341794 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl52)
  2225. Paul (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2226. Ohos (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  2227. bryan342025 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  2228. bob342028 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2229. paul342036 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2230. alex342068 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  2231. John Dunne (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2232. Marbles666 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  2233. MattMG (Musician in Ormskirk, EN, GL13)
  2234. david342289 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR13)
  2235. keiran342328 (Musician in Pershore, EN, Wr10)
  2236. angel of darkenss (Band in Stroud, EN, gl54)
  2237. danny342348 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2238. matthew2110 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2239. anthony342419 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B50)
  2240. Amileon (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2241. mark342683 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2242. sam342693 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2243. Shaun (Band in Worcestershire, EN, Wr6)
  2244. JolSwindon (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2245. guy342940 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2246. karen343005 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  2247. stephen343008 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, Sn16)
  2248. Strat (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl2)
  2249. PetesBeats (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2250. alex343325 (Musician in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  2251. chris343341 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2252. wlavis (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2253. Jet Adams (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL1)
  2254. Hartecki (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2255. Tom W Chapman (Musician in Moreton-in-marsh, EN, GL56)
  2256. MW Productions (Band in Stroud, EN, Gl5)
  2257. Unknown (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2258. georgialeanne (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2259. Beneath Us (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2260. ian343879 (Musician in Warwick, EN, Cv35)
  2261. Connor (Band in Tetbury, EN, GL8)
  2262. Retro Recordings (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR2)
  2263. will0694 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2264. matthew344268 (Musician in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  2265. tommyKPOGhxc (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2266. caitlin344356 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2267. will wood (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl14)
  2268. jfunk344430 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2269. hannah0523 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2270. jason344579 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2271. Jess sheppard (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2272. yane344802 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2273. kevin344821 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  2274. andy344862 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr10)
  2275. Dgribbin (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2276. jake345019 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2277. marc345067 (Musician in Gaydon, EN, CV35)
  2278. james345079 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2279. pippa7628 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2280. gin345116 (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  2281. richarddrummer (Musician in Cirencester, EN, Gl7)
  2282. andy345327 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL10)
  2283. Since Day Dot (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2284. Ciara (Band in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  2285. owaing (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2286. The Skandals (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2287. lucasgiorgetta (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2288. csaba555 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2289. chris345761 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2290. thomas345869 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2291. jack345916 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2292. Nick220144 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2293. teleman71 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL56)
  2294. ThomasC95 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2295. oscar346274 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2296. Rsvmark (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  2297. sean862150 (Musician in Burford, EN, OX7)
  2298. andy346759 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2299. jake346784 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2300. rowan346816 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL10)
  2301. freddy346880 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B50)
  2302. Crazyenglish (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2303. LeonardoM (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2304. martin347195 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2305. mark347220 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2306. Gretsch stretch drums (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2307. stephen347494 (Musician in Drybrook, EN, GL17)
  2308. Colin (Band in Stroud, EN, GL10)
  2309. jaybracewell (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2310. adrian347745 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2311. martin347766 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, Sn16)
  2312. Stevie-Jayy (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2313. SURRGE (Band in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2314. mathew2311 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR14)
  2315. nev348025 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2316. Chapel_Nights (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2317. Geoffrey (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2318. Steve34157 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2319. alex348147 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL6)
  2320. Ash (Band in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  2321. sixxstringz (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2322. Timeless (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2323. nathan_ramage (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2324. michael348585 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2325. OliverTony (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN1)
  2326. Charlie_L (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2327. omer348747 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2328. gerry348778 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2329. Bethany (Band in Malvern Hills, EN, WR14)
  2330. daveyates (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR8)
  2331. david348853 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  2332. will348934 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2333. Mick McDuck (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2334. tony349022 (Musician in Bristol Avon, EN, BS35)
  2335. Rachel (Management company in Gloucestershire, EN, GL5)
  2336. colin349164 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2337. oliver349196 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2338. the_face__ (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2339. luci99 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL51)
  2340. Dino (Band in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2341. DAYS INDOORS (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  2342. helen349362 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2343. kitgoll (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2344. chris349599 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2345. dominic349604 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2346. Charlie (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  2347. Jack (Band in Worcestershire, EN, WR10)
  2348. iain349794 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  2349. will349941 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL5)
  2350. jake350028 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2351. stephen (Band in Worcester, EN, wr1)
  2352. Rainy Day Fund (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2353. paul350351 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2354. CallumDrummer18 (Musician in Ettington, EN, CV37)
  2355. matt350517 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2356. HarryHero67 (Musician in Pilning, EN, BS35)
  2357. Ilikeitloud (Musician in Swindon, EN, GL7)
  2358. StudioMatt (Musician in Broadwell, EN, GL16)
  2359. karaford44 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2360. wth_michael (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2361. BassBarbie (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL14)
  2362. dave351050 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2363. NEW BAND (Band in Worcester, EN, WR11)
  2364. steve303 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2365. Lydia (Band in Stoke-on-Trent, EN, WR10)
  2366. steve351543 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2367. kelvin351576 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2368. christian351647 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2369. MiguelRico (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2370. Sallyann (Band in Herefordshire, EN, HR9)
  2371. Grant352223 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2372. Yeva (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2373. hopefellsx (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2374. mrdan-jordan (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2375. EmilyDolloway (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  2376. chris0910 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2377. Ricepudding87 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2378. josh352577 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2379. manuellomanollo (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2380. VoidLance (Musician in North Nibley, EN, GL11)
  2381. ashkan352979 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2382. beth160300 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2383. Idomusic (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2384. Dan (Band in Huntley, EN, GL19)
  2385. anita353306 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2386. paul353338 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2387. UK Pink Floyd Experience (Band in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2388. colin353411 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, GL14)
  2389. rod353446 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2390. Vim Fuego (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2391. Zool (Band in Gloucestershire, EN, GL56)
  2392. Dom (Band in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2393. paul353810 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2394. andre353864 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2395. liam353901 (Musician in Carterton, EN, ox18)
  2396. shaun354011 (Musician in Blakeney, EN, GL15)
  2397. Dominika (Musician in Burford, EN, OX18)
  2398. sheridan354239 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2399. andrew354252 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2400. steven354289 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2401. george354411 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL19)
  2402. PaveBuc (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2403. james354544 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2404. finlay16 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2405. dave354624 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2406. Jake O'Brien (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2407. N . D . Y . Band (Band in Gloucester, EN, gl1)
  2408. roryonkeys (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2409. nat354906 (Musician in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, GL12)
  2410. neil354974 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  2411. damonanom (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2412. matt355167 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL1)
  2413. sean355214 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2414. arman-dleg (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2415. Chris (Band in Gloucester, EN, Gl17)
  2416. Harry_Wheeler (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2417. john355409 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2418. Mushlar (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL20)
  2419. jon355531 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2420. everything is teeth (Band in Cheltenham, EN, Gl50)
  2421. andrew355899 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  2422. joel355954 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2423. steve355971 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2424. teresa356071 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, WR12)
  2425. antoine356130 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV35)
  2426. billy356144 (Musician in Oxford, EN, Ox7)
  2427. john356353 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV35)
  2428. Black Market (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2429. ben356462 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2430. george356591 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2431. luke356713 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  2432. petebass7 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  2433. andrew356821 (Musician in Lechlade, EN, GL7)
  2434. billy356862 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2435. Steve400 (Musician in Fairford, EN, GL7)
  2436. Jovi (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2437. john357102 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2438. REDIVIDER (Band in Littledean, EN, GL14)
  2439. AdamBooker1987 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2440. peter357393 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2441. Alan (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2442. eongraves (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, Gl18)
  2443. ernesto (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, Gl19)
  2444. joshuarhill (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2445. samejthomas (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2446. Justin (Recording studio in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2447. sixelaenovap (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn5)
  2448. james357878 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2449. OjMcLoViN (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2450. jamie6301 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2451. brandon358278 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  2452. lukeballard98 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2453. amritaKSingh (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2454. nathan358605 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2455. Rockpile99B (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL11)
  2456. Blurd (Band in Oxford, EN, Ox18)
  2457. chris78965 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2458. Zoë (Band in Malvern Hills, EN, WR14)
  2459. stephen358942 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2460. JP VLOGS (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2461. nathanhamlett (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2462. andrew359172 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2463. finegirl359181 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2464. sebastian359288 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2465. paul359346 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR5)
  2466. mike359514 (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, Wr14)
  2467. laura359531 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  2468. Cat (Band in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  2469. harry359625 (Musician in Kemerton, EN, GL20)
  2470. angel359673 (Musician in Wellesbourne, EN, CV35)
  2471. tompinker (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL10)
  2472. Dennyjomiller (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL50)
  2473. daniel359803 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr4)
  2474. dales359939 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, Gl20)
  2475. aria1999 (Musician in Stroud, EN, Gl6)
  2476. sue360145 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, OX7)
  2477. Tom (Band in Worcester, EN, WR10)
  2478. Thelonius (Musician in Malvern Hills, EN, WR13)
  2479. andy360370 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2480. Cruelangel92 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2481. The Electric Watermelons (Band in Cheltenham, EN, Cv37)
  2482. samantha360491 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2483. Kristiyana (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, OX7)
  2484. benjamin360612 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2485. ethan360651 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2486. kotckayy (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  2487. mia360920 (Musician in Burford, EN, OX18)
  2488. ben361229 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, GL14)
  2489. Swipe Right (Band in Wiltshire, EN, SN2)
  2490. ian361367 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  2491. Nuttyness (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2492. tyler361385 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn3)
  2493. jacklamb666 (Musician in South Cerney, EN, GL17)
  2494. michael361643 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2495. Jack (Photographer in Alcester, EN, B50)
  2496. ToaCak (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2497. zac361740 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2498. stephen361816 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2499. david361977 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2500. tom362006 (Musician in Leamington Spa, EN, cv37)
  2501. mattb89 (Musician in Lydney, EN, Gl15)
  2502. Linda (Recording studio in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2503. Pk8720 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR7)
  2504. Zack Webb (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2505. Oskar (Band in Stroud, EN, GL51)
  2506. jim362232 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX18)
  2507. matthew362280 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2508. Jonathan (Band in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  2509. adam362412 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2510. james362481 (Musician in Stonehouse, EN, GL10)
  2511. michael362607 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2512. flynn362611 (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  2513. georgiiee (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  2514. Zaaachery (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN7)
  2515. david362650 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2516. jack362845 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, Gl7)
  2517. toille (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2518. jordon363022 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2519. bassgraham363040 (Musician in Carterton, EN, OX18)
  2520. paul363115 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2521. Nickhornmusic20144 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2522. katie363230 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2523. Somers Knight (Band in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2524. Elenya11 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2525. Bethaney1402 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2526. james363735 (Musician in Staverton, EN, GL51)
  2527. Filipsolon (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2528. Unmercyful Jake (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  2529. adrian363811 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2530. guy363946 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2531. Rich (Band in Birmingham, EN, Wr11)
  2532. naomi364011 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2533. CarolineE (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2534. misty364408 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2535. howard364476 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2536. dave6885 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2537. eddie364496 (Musician in Carterton, EN, Ox18)
  2538. janine364554 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL16)
  2539. dave364734 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2540. WojtekPalmer (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, Sn25)
  2541. dan365098 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2542. B0D1E (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2543. feebz (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  2544. Sdigby (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2545. BradD (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr13)
  2546. andrew365394 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, gl3)
  2547. chantal365543 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL19)
  2548. verity365605 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2549. String Bean Drummer (Musician in Birmingham, EN, CV37)
  2550. paul365816 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2551. tinotenda365837 (Musician in Brockworth, EN, GL3)
  2552. chris365839 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, Gl52)
  2553. Sorry Park (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2554. ybg1d (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2555. charlie365985 (Musician in Alcester, EN, B49)
  2556. joe366085 (Musician in Tetbury, EN, Gl8)
  2557. gareth366167 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2558. david366168 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR12)
  2559. J Jynx (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2560. PabloR88 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2561. bryn96 (Musician in Birmingham, EN, B50)
  2562. pd366481 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2563. robert366607 (Musician in Chipping Campden, EN, GL55)
  2564. Deadcell (Band in Bidford-on-Avon, EN, B50)
  2565. ben366648 (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  2566. alexwales359 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2567. kevin366698 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, Sn5)
  2568. donald366739 (Musician in Thornbury, EN, BS35)
  2569. Riggs (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2570. matt366802 (Musician in Warwick, EN, CV35)
  2571. smith366821 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2572. Julie Hennessy (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2573. Gibbster63 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2574. bob366913 (Musician in Malvern, EN, Wr14)
  2575. Ryan Webb (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2576. Joseph (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2577. anna367351 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2578. Hayd0n (Musician in Swindon, EN, sn25)
  2579. jack367449 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2580. d367510 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl54)
  2581. amelia367691 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2582. Matt (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL14)
  2583. bruce368024 (Musician in Chipping Norton, EN, Ox7)
  2584. Roger (Photographer in Worcester, EN, Wr2)
  2585. Fifthjoe (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2586. steve368231 (Musician in Fairford, EN, GL7)
  2587. mitchellsmithuk (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  2588. joanne368297 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL12)
  2589. zoealexandra1 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV35)
  2590. troy368445 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2591. missbenamckee (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL2)
  2592. Sophia (Band in Wotton-under-Edge, EN, GL12)
  2593. johnplaysmusic (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2594. steve368837 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2595. kitty368885 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2596. Simon the keys (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  2597. alan368912 (Musician in Ross-on-Wye, EN, HR9)
  2598. Angela's Sunset (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2599. Drown the kingdom (Band in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2600. layla369126 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL51)
  2601. dan369428 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2602. sasha369451 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl4)
  2603. HarvingtonIII (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2604. Owen2000 (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  2605. sonny369474 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs35)
  2606. lana369739 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL20)
  2607. trudi369805 (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  2608. Idk right now (Band in Southend-on-Sea, EN, GL50)
  2609. lima369810 (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  2610. Suzi481 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2611. bethany040918 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN5)
  2612. The Blast (Band in Hereford and Worcester, EN, HR8)
  2613. Chris (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2614. hannah370116 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2615. roy370149 (Musician in Newent, EN, GL18)
  2616. kavox (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, gl51)
  2617. Georgeandrew1313 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL52)
  2618. ibrahim370278 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2619. ibrahim370291 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2620. optimate370336 (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  2621. steve370438 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl12)
  2622. darren370562 (Musician in Chipping Sodbury, EN, BS37)
  2623. steve370628 (Musician in Windlesham, EN, GL20)
  2624. Al Y (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR13)
  2625. chris370684 (Musician in Tuffley, EN, GL4)
  2626. alison370688 (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  2627. xryanriotx (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2628. chris370793 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2629. emmbullock14 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2630. Jim Musto (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2631. jakey370973 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2632. Cathouse (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2633. jamesM80M (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2634. dantheguitarman (Musician in Winchcombe, EN, GL54)
  2635. MYxCATSxONxFIRE (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2636. Working Band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2637. rishi371240 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2638. courtney371258 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  2639. FreddieLewi5 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2640. billy371326 (Musician in Cinderford, EN, Gl14)
  2641. matthew371345 (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  2642. alex371352 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2643. tara371374 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  2644. WoodyUK (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2645. seb R-T (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs35)
  2646. johnny371554 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX7)
  2647. Odin5491 (Musician in Ebrington, EN, GL55)
  2648. DanMart_00 (Musician in Carterton, EN, OX18)
  2649. Erazerhead (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2650. jackson371930 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2651. Rick Chase (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  2652. bryan371934 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2653. MollieElizabeth (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2654. laurie371991 (Musician in Hatton, EN, CV35)
  2655. Monkey Mafia (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2656. john372080 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL17)
  2657. Saff (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL15)
  2658. charlie372330 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2659. andy372338 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  2660. paul372397 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2661. jupiterboy74 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS37)
  2662. Mizzsking (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2663. daley372433 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2664. simon372435 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2665. jade372469 (Musician in London, EN, SN1)
  2666. kate372609 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  2667. freddie372624 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL17)
  2668. Paul (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2669. lewis372727 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  2670. josh372738 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2671. orionrsl (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2672. JExleyDrums (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR10)
  2673. soph372806 (Musician in Wiltshire, EN, SN2)
  2674. Jae (Musician in Oxford, EN, SN7)
  2675. stephen373006 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2676. Royal Four (Band in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  2677. rowan373121 (Musician in Lydney, EN, Gl15)
  2678. Zookeeper (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2679. aumrscary (Musician in Evesham, EN, Wr11)
  2680. Stephen (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2681. phil373460 (Musician in Malmesbury, EN, SN16)
  2682. Vindu (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2683. Ninosound (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2684. jordan373491 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2685. Progressive metal band seeking vocalist to complete lineup! (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2686. Glevum Big Band (Band in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2687. elissa373623 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2688. peter373705 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2689. RedRanAmber (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2690. noodlefaceisjam (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2691. JakeEllis (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  2692. Wheresmyfuckinpick (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  2693. freddie374085 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2694. Acrillyic (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2695. ben01 (Musician in Worcester, EN, wr5)
  2696. rhys374385 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2697. Flapajack (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, GL55)
  2698. Gris-Gris (Band in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2699. keelan374420 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  2700. simon374502 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2701. stephen374504 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL11)
  2702. andrew374522 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2703. ian374599 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2704. Katie181001 (Musician in Newent, EN, GL18)
  2705. Toothworm (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2706. greg5329 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2707. henry374872 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2708. Used Illusion (Band in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2709. kyle375037 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL10)
  2710. Simmo192 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2711. Misanthropic Opression (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2712. Jumping at Shadows (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2713. Untitled new wave/gothic rock covers band (Band in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2714. ResurrXion (Band in Wiltshire, EN, SN5)
  2715. Dras (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2716. kyle375671 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL10)
  2717. craig375714 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2718. phil375727 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2719. Harry375766 (Musician in Tewkesbury, EN, GL20)
  2720. gregory375776 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2721. carrie375785 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2722. marc375827 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2723. alaird (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2724. harrison375984 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2725. paul376034 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2726. Clay Groovara (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2727. Johnthe Baptist (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl2)
  2728. Nate (Band in Ledbury, EN, Hr8)
  2729. WendellG (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2730. GullyTheIntrepid (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2731. E (Band in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2732. ang376668 (Musician in Coleford, EN, gl16)
  2733. jay376691 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2734. david376757 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL6)
  2735. Dibble&Grub (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  2736. geoff376875 (Musician in Chipping Campden, EN, GL55)
  2737. laurence376949 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL1)
  2738. David (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2739. jp_horton (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2740. densilmusic16 (Musician in Oxford, EN, OX18)
  2741. ChrisSloan (Musician in Hereford, EN, HR9)
  2742. christopher377347 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl16)
  2743. daisy377423 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2744. andy377450 (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  2745. steve377566 (Musician in Redditch, EN, B96)
  2746. carly377570 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2747. Gerry (Band in Swindon, EN, Sn25)
  2748. chris377656 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR4)
  2749. georgieuk (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, CV37)
  2750. Psygon (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2751. steve377855 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2752. Basian (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2753. brendo87 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2754. Shanno0o0n13 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2755. bruce031215 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2756. cameron2020 (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2757. poppy378268 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2758. david378330 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR14)
  2759. grahamlanemusic (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2760. trevor378622 (Musician in Stratford-on-Avon, EN, CV37)
  2761. jaff378699 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2762. pete378700 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2763. Zac (Band in Bristol, EN, BS32)
  2764. Electric Raptor (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2765. julia379027 (Musician in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2766. jocavill (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL50)
  2767. willmidd (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR8)
  2768. kristian379203 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr11)
  2769. DominikDobrowolski (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2770. olly379280 (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  2771. JamieK (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR3)
  2772. david379430 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL10)
  2773. andrew1967 (Musician in Pershore, EN, WR10)
  2774. Draven90 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN3)
  2775. harry379466 (Musician in Ledbury, EN, HR8)
  2776. Lewis (Band in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2777. Aedan2195 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2778. jes_tc (Musician in Worcestershire, EN, WR14)
  2779. mike379705 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2780. Steve (Band in Stroud, EN, GL52)
  2781. Ben (Band in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2782. fred379805 (Musician in Newent, EN, GL18)
  2783. Seeds & Ciggeretes (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2784. jackers (Musician in Faringdon, EN, SN7)
  2785. alec379986 (Musician in Malvern, EN, WR13)
  2786. trev380057 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2787. fred380103 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2788. Jelmcgill (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2789. jonathan380233 (Musician in Gloucestershire, EN, GL54)
  2790. Spoonman (Musician in Bream, EN, GL15)
  2791. james755home (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL20)
  2792. paul380423 (Musician in Bristol, EN, bs37)
  2793. Nath or Nathy or Nathan (Musician in Lydney, EN, GL15)
  2794. ursula380590 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2795. Drew Eyres (Musician in Coventry, EN, Cv36)
  2796. PIERXE (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2797. simon380723 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR5)
  2798. AlexTheFrontMan (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2799. oliver380882 (Musician in Stroud, EN, GL5)
  2800. TommyM (Musician in Bristol, EN, BS35)
  2801. Jan (Photographer in Newent, EN, GL18)
  2802. Tim (Band in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2803. Drag Me Down (Band in Swindon, EN, SN16)
  2804. Cares06 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2805. jamie381365 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2806. mikehendo1985 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL51)
  2807. conor381401 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL4)
  2808. robonbass (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN5)
  2809. michael381706 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2810. iantremolux (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2811. james381933 (Musician in Stratford-upon-avon, EN, B49)
  2812. Spandex Revival (Band in Cirencester, EN, GL7)
  2813. Jack (Band in Swindon, EN, SN1)
  2814. richard382221 (Musician in Coleford, EN, GL16)
  2815. Danielle (Band in Newent, EN, GL1)
  2816. sam382305 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL53)
  2817. Ella (Band in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2818. WayneBonJoviUK (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2819. Stundude (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2820. alexvoyseymusic (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2821. Benemortasia (Musician in Bradley Stoke, EN, BS32)
  2822. Crom (Musician in Dursley, EN, GL11)
  2823. callum382619 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR2)
  2824. taylor382668 (Musician in Manchester Airport, EN, OX7)
  2825. jakke382738 (Musician in Bath, EN, SN16)
  2826. colin61320 (Musician in Warwickshire, EN, CV37)
  2827. David (Band in Cheltenham, EN, GL54)
  2828. mark383201 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn2)
  2829. LeonTimberlake24 (Musician in Hereford, EN, WR13)
  2830. kidoaks (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL3)
  2831. Henry (Band in Worcester, EN, WR14)
  2832. TheFallenOne (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR1)
  2833. sol07313 (Musician in Oxford, EN, Ox18)
  2834. sam383894 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl1)
  2835. dean383895 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, GL2)
  2836. Ash (Band in Swindon, EN, SN25)
  2837. beatrice384246 (Musician in Bristol, EN, Bs37)
  2838. Isthmus Bay (Band in Redditch, EN, B96)
  2839. Rich91 (Musician in Swindon, EN, Sn5)
  2840. finlay384324 (Musician in Worcester, EN, Wr5)
  2841. phil384338 (Musician in Nailsworth, EN, GL6)
  2842. patrick384376 (Musician in Bampton, EN, Ox18)
  2843. joni384414 (Musician in Worcester, EN, WR6)
  2844. tomasz384487 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2845. jay384504 (Musician in Bristol, EN, GL16)
  2846. lee384650 (Musician in Evesham, EN, WR11)
  2847. frank384666 (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN6)
  2848. Sixxstringz666 (Musician in Cheltenham, EN, GL52)
  2849. The Horse (Musician in Swindon, EN, SN2)
  2850. queenie384698 (Musician in Gloucester, EN, Gl2)
  2851. Man Down (Band in County Londonderry, NI, B50)
  2852. Phil1012 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, GL52)
  2853. glasgownewproject (Band in Glasgow, SC, GL4)
  2854. johnny cash tribute (Band in Glasgow, SC, GL51)
  2855. Forest Drive (Band in Glasgow, SC, GL1)
  2856. sandy102356 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, GL10)
  2857. redwoundband (Musician in Glasgow, SC, GL10)