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Keyswizard studios


Great Rehearsal Rooms and Audio Recording Services in Cheney Manor, Swindon. Enjoy your next rehearsal at Keyswizard Studios with free session recording using our Zoom field mic and free tea and coffee too!

See for yourself... https://goo.gl/maps/AEqJ9SWLPFo

Keyswizard Studios uses Ableton Live for recording. This enables us to take your ideas and construct them into finished songs, but also to engineer your band recordings into something special too.

Call or visit our website to book your session or to find out more, email us at studios@keyswizard.co.uk

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Jason Sidebottom
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Keyswizard Studios
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Nov 15 2015
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Main studio with PA with SM58 mics, 4x10 Bass Rig, Pearl Export kit, Marshall and Line6 amps is only £24 for two hours or £34 for three hours.
Sunday Special Six hour session for £45.
Solo/duet practice room available with Yamaha electronic kit and PA from £9 per hour.
Check out the Vocal backing tracks in our music section. Single recording £20, three tracks for £35.