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BandMix.co.uk reviews, testimonials and feedback

BandMix.co.uk Reviews: Musician classifieds feedback

Read what people have been saying about BandMix.co.uk's musician services.

It was a pleasure using your services, thanks for this site. It allowed me to join a jazz band in my area and make some other great musicians - Derbyshire

I found my singer through bandmix!!! Thanks for everything guys, a real class act. - Manchester

Excellent service providing a worthwhile platform for musicians. - Manchester

I love this place, I always check back and find quality new musicians in my area. - Lincolnshire

it worked! New band up and running! - London

Very good as we found a guitarist within 2 weeks - Leeds

very happy,had been looking for ages before bandmix and within a month i've found a band. - Bristol

Excellent. A very useful site. - York

A lot of cool musicians and bands on here. Thanks bandmix. After nearly giving up using music stores and my school, I found the right group of guys on here. Just a great site. - Suffolk

Wow, just it is about time that people made something worthwhile that actually works. Refreshing for a change. - Kent

The only musician classifieds place out there...love it - London

In only 2 weeks we filled the position for keyboard player and for drummer. Amazing. - Southampton

Cheers to you. Good work here. - Cheshire

I got calls the same day after joining bandmix, I never expected that. Thank you very much. - Denbighshire

I have to admit that I doubted bandmix as a reliable place to meet musicians. I was very surprised by the level of professionalism and the level of success I've had using your services. Really quality, thanks BandMix. - Norfolk

Love the site, love the look, love the musicians I've met. Great place for bands and the aspiring musician. I'll be back for sure. - Denbighshire

best local band place i've found. - London

Very good experience, I will use the site again. - Conwy

I got a great response, the site works well! - York

Great site-found my new drummer and bass player-YIPPEE! - Oxford

Added you to my favorites list, you will stay there for sure. thanks - Lincolnshire