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1,178 profiles found in Weymouth, EN

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  1. Ami Rasco (Musician in Bristol, EN, BA22)
  2. >M< (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  3. Lorry (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  4. monkey (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  5. We're All Armed (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  6. xxdawnxx (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  7. Rich Kelly (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  8. poole music centre (Independent label in Poole, EN, BH16)
  9. lexx (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  10. USandTHEM (Band in Somerset, EN, TA18)
  11. monroe (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA12)
  12. Woody (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  13. drummerman (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  14. snitchell (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  15. none (Band in Somerset, EN, BA20)
  16. steez (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA13)
  17. LittleMissTerious (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  18. donne42 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH20)
  19. ScottyWatson (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  20. bulsaramercury (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH17)
  21. rachel_scott (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  22. mark_metal (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  23. Necromanced (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  24. raincheck (Band in Bath Avon, EN, BA22)
  25. Entertainment Live UK (Venue in Poole, EN, BH16)
  26. gem_gnr (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  27. Pop Hip Hop Rn'B (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  28. michael roberts (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT3)
  29. death_spikes666 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  30. rachelscott (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  31. rhs (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  32. brucegriffin (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  33. nyrual (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  34. Dano p (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA21)
  35. Catalyst (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  36. Kornytess (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  37. sam colton (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  38. darksoulboy (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH18)
  39. khancock (Musician in Bath Avon, EN, BA20)
  40. indiedrummer (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  41. missa (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  42. cocoon (Band in Somerset, EN, BA22)
  43. DomCheetham (Musician in Devon, EN, EX13)
  44. martinp (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  45. UNDINE (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  46. Aaron & David (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  47. Herbie (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  48. HayleyM (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA20)
  49. rockson (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  50. Sambamsam (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA20)
  51. Doofer (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  52. ck (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  53. jimboskim (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  54. garychan1 (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA20)
  55. Chris Davies (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  56. fiddy kiddler (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  57. Woolly (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  58. Badders (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  59. stidders (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA22)
  60. fraser (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT11)
  61. various (Venue in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  62. The Invaders (Band in Poole, EN, BH18)
  63. Pit Stop Nympho (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  64. Alfie Noakes (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA19)
  65. brassman20 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  66. katyb (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  67. jockkw3 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  68. muso (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  69. Rap3drums (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  70. . (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  71. Gumdrop (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA12)
  72. Strazgo (Band in Somerset, EN, TA19)
  73. kingsofhearts (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH17)
  74. bg (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  75. rockcase (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  76. gary langridge (Musician in Lyme Regis, EN, DT7)
  77. Monotype (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  78. Peachy Jane (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  79. lukerake (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  80. PT (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  81. Cainee01 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  82. Chris_Penman (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  83. Paul Graham (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  84. n/a (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  85. muthawhat (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  86. travis (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  87. HenryDale (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT8)
  88. Black Death (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  89. Bag of Rats (Band in Somerset, EN, BA21)
  90. rythmnandblues3 (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  91. jthedrummer (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  92. modual (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  93. mrhubar (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  94. Chris-the-Bass (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, Dt11)
  95. Lorry2385 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  96. Manolo (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  97. unnamed (Band in North Somerset, EN, ba21)
  98. Electra (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  99. slf (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh21)
  100. HARD DRIVE (Band in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  101. G SPOT (Band in Poole, EN, BH21)
  102. Red Light Go (Band in Bath Avon, EN, BA20)
  103. The Reeltones (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  104. pianocrazy2007 (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA21)
  105. by night we fall (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  106. Us And Them (Band in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  107. 1. DWARF NEBULA 2.TRINITY4 (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  108. DruminMike (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  109. flipster (Musician in Devon, EN, EX13)
  110. soko/arthur (Musician in London, EN, TA14)
  111. Blazer666 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  112. reckless (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  113. Chris Jones (Music teacher in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  114. weaver (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  115. Aryllion (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  116. the parkstops (Band in Poole, EN, bh15)
  117. CHILL (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  118. Conflict (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  119. Sweet Kicks (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh21)
  120. Ryan Leese (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba22)
  121. hot water music (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh12)
  122. Looking for a band! (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  123. sitatt (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  124. bassist_and_drummer (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  125. irish1 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  126. None Yet (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  127. bassmankang (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  128. Vosper (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  129. Monotype (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  130. anthony grishmann (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  131. The Hundred Days (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  132. sishell12 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  133. verucca salt (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  134. ARYLLION (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  135. Lazzie (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  136. Neptune's Sofa (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  137. culkz (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  138. Censored (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  139. DanR (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  140. Brooker (Musician in Lyme Regis, EN, DT7)
  141. garydhall (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  142. ollyno1uk (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  143. rock roll (Band in Dorset, EN, BH12)
  144. Steve (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  145. Mr Miyagi (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  146. To be decided (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  147. rich1987 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  148. tomachenski (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  149. Reclaim The Skies (Band in Southampton, EN, BH21)
  150. Molested (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  151. LB2008 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA18)
  152. lou381 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh12)
  153. Coz1 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  154. Jon-dw (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  155. bb_stockers (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  156. G P Hall (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  157. *** ***** ******* (Band in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  158. Critter (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA18)
  159. John1206 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh17)
  160. Fine Line (Band in Somerset, EN, BA21)
  161. Un-named (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  162. M-a-r-k (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  163. Stoodley (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  164. luker223 (Musician in Exeter, EN, TA20)
  165. Pete Isbell (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  166. Helena (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  167. Jonny (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  168. Odessa Pilot (Band in Bradford, EN, BH17)
  169. MYdeprivation (Band in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  170. Kietzmann (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  171. CrossedGuns (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  172. To Be Decided (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  173. Marktruss2304 (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  174. Home For The Weekend (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  175. Sam Coath Bassist (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  176. We're all Armed (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  177. Dark Haze (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  178. butterflyz (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  179. Biscuits for Cheese (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  180. OllyHolditch (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA19)
  181. sambachell (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  182. nellie (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  183. Roland11 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  184. Martinezzz (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  185. JL (Musician in Dorset, EN, dt5)
  186. Lewis85 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  187. blondie7383 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  188. Saxology (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  189. Dan86 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  190. keefman69 (Musician in Bradford, EN, BH17)
  191. Cliffy (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  192. HeidiMac (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  193. Hannah33rpm (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  194. non yet (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  195. simonpeelyates (Musician in Yeovil, EN, DT9)
  196. Johnny Forde (Band in Bath and North East Somerset, EN, BA22)
  197. 1431 (Band in Exeter, EN, DT7)
  198. WEAVER (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  199. gihad (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  200. fendersteve (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  201. 36ff (Band in Exeter, EN, TA19)
  202. JKthebassplayer (Musician in Dorset, EN, dt3)
  203. Bandtastik (Band in Poole, EN, Bh12)
  204. Rixsta (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  205. scramoosh (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA17)
  206. Greg001 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  207. theryall (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  208. stuj (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  209. AliD (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  210. JamesCoburn (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  211. Xsmithy01X (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  212. D.A.V.E (Band in Dorset, EN, dt11)
  213. Jody1 (Musician in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  214. Dox (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  215. DCF (Band in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  216. ivory (Band in Poole, EN, DT2)
  217. Ivory Trio (Band in Poole, EN, DT3)
  218. FRANGELICA (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  219. Highway 5 Blues Band (Band in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  220. ROB MALE (Band in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  221. Karooha (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA18)
  222. Stephenasaurus (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  223. JmE (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  224. wally (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  225. Nick_porter333 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  226. Fripp (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  227. ARAK-NID (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  228. shiva72 (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  229. drubass (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA18)
  230. TiaRoos (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT3)
  231. Blue Bullet (Band in Bristol, EN, TA19)
  232. Pete47 (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  233. Washington (Band in Somerset, EN, TA19)
  234. Hybrid Chain (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  235. jpgr1234 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT5)
  236. acoustic n me (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  237. Geza (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  238. Mud5870 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT5)
  239. trmpthead (Musician in Poole, EN, DT5)
  240. Mark-lang (Musician in Dorset, EN, Dt2)
  241. paul70 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  242. jakeball (Musician in Somerset, EN, BA22)
  243. stho70 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  244. GarthVador (Musician in Poole, EN, bh16)
  245. Josiereay2 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  246. rebelstar (Musician in Poole, EN, bh20)
  247. Crossed Guns (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  248. Drummer by Nature (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  249. To be decided (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  250. DaveB42 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  251. Gospel Quartet (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA12)
  252. bluester (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  253. karoohaa (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  254. Meg27 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  255. paulfrancisbass (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  256. Trevann (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  257. kev_heard (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  258. Sratchcanvas (Band in Bournemouth, EN, DT10)
  259. The Hatred (Band in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  260. saxnik (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  261. __phil__ (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA19)
  262. Funk Brothers (Band in Lyme Regis, EN, DT6)
  263. - (Band in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  264. Rosssy (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  265. Unknown (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  266. Backstreetband (Band in Dorset, EN, DT8)
  267. Lorry24 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  268. the nithings (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  269. mastermagpie (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  270. REACTOR (Band in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  271. matt fry (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH17)
  272. Stephen Piper (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  273. Savage Gusset Pump (Band in Dorset, EN, bh16)
  274. Johnny Yates (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  275. The 'Symbolix' (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA16)
  276. Drummer (Band in Somerset, EN, ta19)
  277. padge (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  278. TEL10 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  279. Moonshine (Band in Poole, EN, BH20)
  280. Snow White Spiders (Band in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  281. Dream Cast (Band in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  282. dave1 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  283. start.something (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  284. - (Band in Dorset, EN, bh21)
  285. No name (Band in Coventry, EN, Ta19)
  286. Blowfish (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  287. Bauser (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  288. riggers32 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  289. Touch of Venom (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  290. jmeleigh (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh14)
  291. Huntisova (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  292. ? (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  293. boff (Musician in Bristol, EN, TA19)
  294. tonyw (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  295. Moth Prophecy (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  296. Moth Prophecy (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  297. PashyRawr (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT5)
  298. chrisking (Musician in Somerset, EN, DT9)
  299. Rollos (Musician in Somerset, EN, DT9)
  300. Frere (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  301. Beechtree (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  302. Moontown (Band in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  303. MG & The Juggernaut (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  304. KLH (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  305. Eddie_james (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  306. UNDECIDED NAME YET (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  307. ATBA (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  308. flatland boogie band (Band in Yeovil, EN, DT9)
  309. Lorry (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  310. topgunpete (Musician in Poole, EN, DT4)
  311. Teeje (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH19)
  312. The Other Guys (Band in Poole, EN, BH18)
  313. GrahamC (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  314. Coosticks (Band in Dorset, EN, BH14)
  315. Bridie (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA20)
  316. Frank Grimes (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  317. In Progress (Band in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  318. Joffy SKA drums (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  319. Deep Fried Bananas (Band in Dorset, EN, DT5)
  320. Hairy Bean (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  321. BulletWithButterflyWings (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  322. Jim (Band in Dorset, EN, DT8)
  323. Rock Keyboard Player Wanted (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  324. We Need Rock Keyboard Player (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  325. Keyboard Player Needed (Rock) (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  326. Emma Taylor (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  327. Coast? (Band in Lyme Regis, EN, DT7)
  328. Matt_tyrrell (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh12)
  329. Joel Whitaker (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  330. the sixth hour (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  331. Goliath (Band in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  332. Tim_Hodges (Musician in Devon, EN, EX13)
  333. Davethedrummer (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  334. Theophilus (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH19)
  335. Ian S Clarke (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  336. Lu12ke (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh19)
  337. SimonJN (Musician in Yeovil, EN, DT2)
  338. CharlotteGill (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  339. Rai-D (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  340. Bodafire (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  341. Paul SanPaul (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  342. Band (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  343. Island Glo (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  344. The Shakespearos (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  345. Kym (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  346. BLOOZER (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  347. Rich123 (Musician in Poole, EN, DT3)
  348. Andy007007 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  349. Alithebass (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  350. Mark loxley (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  351. new (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  352. Maiden Villa/ bodafire (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  353. whitakerjcew (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  354. Skeg69 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA18)
  355. Sophie James (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  356. Memphis 56 (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  357. Serenad1 (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH15)
  358. Nitelarks (Band in Dorset, EN, dt6)
  359. open fire (Band in Somerset, EN, ta14)
  360. Starry Skies Over Tokyo (Band in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  361. BennyWain (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  362. Scorpiodog (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  363. ed (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  364. Sid1 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  365. Miquid Licks (Band in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  366. No name as yet! (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  367. WAdams (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT10)
  368. BmanGuitarist (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  369. idawakem (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, ta18)
  370. Richard Fisher (Musician in Bath Avon, EN, BA21)
  371. Gavin Munn (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  372. Maurice James (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT8)
  373. newly formed metal band looking for (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  374. Frazer Mitchell (Songwriter in Yeovil, EN, DT9)
  375. Brian King (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba22)
  376. gavc (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh21)
  377. DaveE (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ta18)
  378. No name yet (Band in Yeovil, EN, DT9)
  379. mayaejt (Musician in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  380. KathyH1988 (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  381. Mostly Molly (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  382. Memories of the Future (Band in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  383. soloaffair (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  384. glendo (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  385. FenderJedi (Musician in Bristol, EN, DT3)
  386. JessW1 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  387. No Turbo No Love (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  388. Bimster (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  389. Funxter 1 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  390. neildrummer (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  391. Modern Drum Academy (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  392. Un-named Band for "Beginners" (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  393. D.F.B. (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  394. Slippy Malone (Band in Salisbury, EN, DT11)
  395. Outta The Fire (Band in Poole, EN, Bh21)
  396. Ilminster Ed (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA19)
  397. Music Box (Band in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  398. Melvynp (Musician in London, EN, DT6)
  399. Chris_S (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  400. musicbox (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT6)
  401. Zoot Dukes (Band in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  402. Steph2 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  403. DaveGtr (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  404. BASSIST REQUIRED (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  405. No name at present (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  406. B3Pete (Band in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  407. Heavy Nova (Band in Poole, EN, bh21)
  408. Katie915 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  409. mike (Band in Bath Avon, EN, ba22)
  410. Not yet (Band in Poole, EN, Dt11)
  411. saturdaysun (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh19)
  412. andy-ash (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT11)
  413. TBC (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  414. Native Music (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  415. Oscarguitar (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  416. Richard Aventinus C (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  417. Occasional Genies (Band in Chard, EN, TA20)
  418. PK123 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  419. Jacob Crankshaw (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba21)
  420. ???? (Band in Yeovil, EN, Ta19)
  421. Byrd (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  422. Odipodus (Musician in Maiden Newton, EN, DT2)
  423. BillyP (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA20)
  424. Chris Reddy (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  425. Anorexifat (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  426. Shaun Gary Palmer (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  427. Vlad1974 (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  428. Silent Prophecy (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  429. Jim1981 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT9)
  430. folkpop (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  431. NathanJamesTV (Musician in Bristol, EN, TA13)
  432. Let's Go Safari (Band in Poole, EN, BH21)
  433. Rockincymbal (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  434. New Band (Band in Poole, EN, BH19)
  435. Neon Moon (Band in Bournemouth, EN, DT11)
  436. Keith57 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  437. Joshcampbellgraham (Musician in Poole, EN, bh15)
  438. Pmasters (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  439. Marketa (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  440. The nigelater (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  441. Jaloma (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA12)
  442. Drunken Fist (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  443. Funk Band Forming (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  444. Aebbe (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  445. iCandi (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  446. timmyv (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  447. Charlie Mason (Musician in Lyme Regis, EN, dt7)
  448. Poole Symphonic Concert Band (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  449. Arcadia ( At the moment ) (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  450. Jack91 (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  451. Lanterne Rouge (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  452. TBC (Band in Wimborne, EN, bh21)
  453. JHPUNK (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  454. SleepyCrab (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  455. DPacker1 (Musician in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  456. Tony Walsh (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  457. robin83798 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  458. 5 piece Blues Rock Band (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  459. timi83989 (Musician in Exeter, EN, Ta18)
  460. glenn84297 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  461. Drum or strum (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh19)
  462. PV (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  463. No name (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  464. micharrison (Musician in Dorset, EN, bh17)
  465. Cheap Violent Cats (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  466. ???? (Band in Yeovil, EN, Ba21)
  467. mike85104 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ta14)
  468. Julio (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  469. roger85589 (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  470. becafludgate2 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  471. DrHodge (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  472. Covers Band (Band in London, EN, BH14)
  473. adam86212 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba22)
  474. Big Hat No Horse (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  475. strumnpicknslide13 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  476. Silencer (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  477. CB Blues Band (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH17)
  478. danny86509 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh20)
  479. The Copy-Katz (Band in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  480. chienmort (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  481. Salamander (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  482. lee87059 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  483. Johnny Gudge (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA20)
  484. Weybysea12 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT1)
  485. spongebob61 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  486. jon88046 (Musician in Somerset, EN, Ta18)
  487. the int (Band in Yeovil, EN, ta15)
  488. The Fuck Poets (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  489. david88481 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh20)
  490. TBC (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  491. mark88728 (Musician in Dorset, EN, dt11)
  492. spartacus88891 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  493. sophie89303 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, Bh21)
  494. The Window Trees (Band in Martock, EN, TA12)
  495. davesax (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  496. Band of Rain (Band in Blandford Forum, EN, Dt11)
  497. Umbran0x (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  498. Rude-olf (Musician in Poole, EN, DT6)
  499. hannah90065 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  500. Jazzp (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  501. DECATONICS (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  502. Decatonics (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh12)
  503. anthony90412 (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  504. Alistair (Band in Dorset, EN, DT8)
  505. michael91223 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  506. In Absentia (Band in Dorset, EN, dt8)
  507. Remastered (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  508. Circa 77 (Band in Poole, EN, Bh12)
  509. harpers ferry and the bluesmen (Band in Bristol, EN, ta19)
  510. Furyborn (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  511. andy92977 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  512. wendy93218 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  513. Boy Le Monti (Band in Sherborne, EN, dt9)
  514. nigel93591 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh14)
  515. jb99 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  516. AnAcousticBand (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  517. andy93719 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT6)
  518. adam1402 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  519. Blue lemon (Band in Poole, EN, dt11)
  520. Dream1 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh12)
  521. S A (Band in Poole, EN, bh12)
  522. jake94632 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH19)
  523. trendz94662 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  524. Two-Bit Thieves (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  525. Powercut (Band in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  526. dan95319 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT4)
  527. Poncho (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  528. DrummerInDorchester (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  529. dee95965 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  530. Accursed Years (Band in Dorset, EN, DT5)
  531. All My Vitrue (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  532. Soaked in Matter (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh12)
  534. george96806 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh14)
  535. eduardo96968 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  536. simon97059 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  537. rick97344 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  538. paul97868 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA18)
  539. TBC (Band in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  540. john98565 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh12)
  541. george98919 (Band in Poole, EN, bh21)
  542. Kung Fu Chicken Fighters (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  543. andy99500 (Musician in Somerset, EN, ta20)
  544. REV3L4TION (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  545. simon99864 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT2)
  546. glenn100175 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT5)
  547. bill100299 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  548. blaine100323 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh17)
  549. john100569 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh21)
  550. vseager (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  551. doro (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  552. HarvesterOfSorrow (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  553. David (Band in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  554. DEMI 57 (Musician in Southampton, EN, bh21)
  555. Ali Warlow (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  556. fabiolondon (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  557. Thirstyman (Band in Poole, EN, Bh12)
  558. dave102785 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  559. paul102945 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  560. Gold Dust Woman (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  561. joey103156 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  562. ZiggyLos (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  563. rockit66 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  564. phil103739 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  565. SKINT (Band in Dorset, EN, BH19)
  566. High Society (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  567. Proteon (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  568. alex289115 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  569. The Link (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  570. CadanBrindle (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  571. ken289200 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  572. steve289804 (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  573. radioplay (Musician in Portland, EN, dt5)
  574. jack290204 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  575. george290323 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  576. deadmatches (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT10)
  577. Matthew Finnish (Musician in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  578. Mikebreakout (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA20)
  579. titchywitch (Band in Poole, EN, BH21)
  580. keith290673 (Musician in Martock, EN, TA12)
  581. jack290759 (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  582. richiemantle (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  583. Tony (Photographer in Forton, EN, TA20)
  584. Ruby and the Roughcuts (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  585. martin292252 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh14)
  586. Adlarchan96 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  587. The Unknown (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  588. Kelly Osborne (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  589. Steve Old (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  590. Paul Em (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  591. christophersicksquid (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA13)
  592. Nancyboy (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, dt11)
  593. phil293538 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT3)
  594. chris293866 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  595. carl293936 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  596. james294147 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba20)
  597. re-naming?? (Band in Bournemouth, EN, bh14)
  598. jan294870 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  599. RobDaweBass (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  600. anthony295207 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  601. Shaun M (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  602. pete295499 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  603. eva295706 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH12)
  604. Bullitt Band in Bournemouth (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH15)
  605. richard296106 (Musician in Beaminster, EN, DT8)
  606. jim296522 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT3)
  607. neil296568 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  608. Glenn Northcott (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  609. pjharmer (Musician in Axminster, EN, ex13)
  610. Nick Williams (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA15)
  611. Lorrinda (Musician in Dorset, EN, BH21)
  612. jacob298065 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  613. tim298109 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, Dt4)
  614. tim298160 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT3)
  615. KIeran Horne (Musician in Dorchester, EN, BH20)
  616. jimiwilko (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  617. Crossed Guns (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  618. shaun299317 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, dt4)
  619. isabella299395 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  620. Criminals On The Loose (Band in Poole, EN, BH12)
  621. PeteGeek (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  622. Aussie Nick - Wrecking Ball (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  623. andy299681 (Musician in Beaminster, EN, DT8)
  624. Richard Stockley (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  625. the asylum (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  626. maxdrum (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  627. The 8-Teaze (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH17)
  628. Samantha_ED (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  629. Moonlight Swing Band (Band in Dorchester, EN, DT11)
  630. Jack March (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  631. Endea (Band in Bournemouth, EN, Bh14)
  632. lingman (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  633. DrummerJames (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  634. toriReed (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  635. Rawkus (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  636. Suzy Em (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  637. ae2406 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  638. ade302775 (Musician in South Petherton, EN, Ta13)
  639. lightvessel (Band in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  640. david303281 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  641. neill-P (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, Dt4)
  642. oliver304103 (Musician in Portland, EN, DT5)
  643. The Alibi (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  644. Danreynolds (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  645. Thaines11 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  646. Fayrewood (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  647. daryl305632 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  648. Charlie Farran & His Rhythm & Blues Band (Band in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  649. trevor306141 (Musician in Bridport, EN, EX13)
  650. john306177 (Musician in Tintinhull, EN, BA22)
  651. gnarlystevens (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  652. steven306482 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  653. jamie1723 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  654. William Adams (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT4)
  655. dee24 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  656. chris307494 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  657. andy307619 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  658. Buddy Paul (Musician in Wells, EN, BA20)
  659. simon307937 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  660. BleedingGreenUK (Musician in Longburton, EN, DT9)
  661. AntVerita (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  662. david308089 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  663. Anna Parsons (Musician in Poole, EN, bh14)
  664. Simmonds (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  665. MrFace_19 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  666. TIC Art Book Cafe (Venue in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  667. chris308837 (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  668. andrew309406 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, ta18)
  669. SophieJoanne (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  670. madi309735 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  671. Tony280856 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, Bh21)
  672. oli309988 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  673. sinful maggie (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  674. julian310454 (Musician in Portland, EN, dt5)
  675. tina310593 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  676. allen310601 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  677. Jf13 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh14)
  678. Keith (Band in Poole, EN, BH15)
  679. steve310784 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh15)
  680. Haven't Got A Name Yet (Band in Poole, EN, bh15)
  681. Lipstick Saboteur (Band in Poole, EN, DT11)
  682. nick311156 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh21)
  683. billes335 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  684. alex311469 (Musician in Maiden Newton, EN, DT2)
  685. TBD (Band in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  686. jake311543 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  687. brandon311638 (Musician in Taunton, EN, ta12)
  688. kelly311877 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  689. kevin311912 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT11)
  690. daniel_james_campbell (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  691. mattunderdown (Musician in Poole, EN, bh21)
  692. Keiron Bartlett (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  693. jessica312247 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  694. Chrispom (Musician in Bridport, EN, Dt6)
  695. Andreas Munster (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  696. alan312620 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  697. sharon312906 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  698. scott313165 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh15)
  699. nin73 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  700. david313559 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  701. graham313929 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  702. spencer313964 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  703. dan314058 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  704. Blackslocks (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  705. simon314342 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  706. tinyannie23 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  707. garry314591 (Musician in Bridport, EN, Dt6)
  708. neil314710 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  709. lois314745 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  710. sadie315534 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, dt1)
  711. louis315581 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  712. paul315625 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  713. harrisonmarsh (Musician in Taunton, EN, Ta20)
  714. Tempus Fugit (Band in Milborne Port, EN, DT9)
  715. michael316107 (Musician in Dorset, EN, Bh21)
  716. david316113 (Musician in Dorset, EN, Dt2)
  717. mooseworld (Musician in Dorchester, EN, dt2)
  718. james316349 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  719. ian316492 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  720. Emma (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH18)
  721. julio316622 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA14)
  722. steve316722 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  723. Mixed Bag (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  724. andrew317034 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  725. Outriders (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  726. Scorpox77 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  727. ted317920 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  728. peter-ja (Musician in Portland, EN, DT5)
  729. Tony (Music teacher in Poole, EN, BH17)
  730. evan318415 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT8)
  731. charlie318652 (Musician in Poole, EN, bh12)
  732. mattyd1980 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  733. perryjacobs (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh14)
  734. One-Eyed Rabbits (Band in Durham, EN, DT9)
  735. RobH1701 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  736. tony319087 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, Ta16)
  737. charlie319474 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  738. Saxhound (Musician in Bridport, EN, Dt6)
  739. iain319828 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  740. alex319868 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  741. andy319880 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  742. andy319909 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  743. mark320202 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  744. Maggie13 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, Bh21)
  745. mattdoble (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA12)
  746. adam321248 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  747. matt-alt-punk (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  748. Aaron-A-G-String (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  749. skyepetto (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  750. philip322168 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  751. mike322196 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  752. jerome77 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  753. Ponch (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT11)
  754. Ordinary Zombie (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  755. nathan322593 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  756. Nn98 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  757. Brosif (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, Bh14)
  758. robin323231 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  759. rachel323353 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  760. jay323462 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  761. karlmakepeace94 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT1)
  762. Stigohara (Musician in Ilchester, EN, BA22)
  763. Skaema (Band in Poole, EN, BH18)
  764. idefix (Musician in Poole, EN, bh15)
  765. Thomas (Band in Beaminster, EN, DT8)
  766. josh324942 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  767. RobfromBath (Musician in Bath and North East Somerset, EN, BA21)
  768. arron325312 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  769. Crispy Jay (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA13)
  770. Studio 10 (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  771. graham1986 (Musician in Yeovilton, EN, BA22)
  772. Bonehousewasps (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, DT4)
  773. charles325972 (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT2)
  774. cyberpang_1 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  775. verne326343 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  776. mark326491 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH21)
  777. MrChud (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  778. andrew327042 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  779. seth327538 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  780. mikegaines (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  781. danielle327958 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, Dt4)
  782. abbythurston (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  783. jake328155 (Musician in Taunton, EN, Ta19)
  784. Mama Red (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  785. andy328616 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  786. wally328896 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  787. joseph328962 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  788. david329200 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  789. Mark (Band in Bournemouth, EN, DT2)
  790. Margot Escargot (Band in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  791. Welchy22 (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  792. Kieron989 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  793. mark329729 (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  794. patrick329890 (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  795. matt330141 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  796. jorge330351 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  797. Lauren Helyar (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  798. NoSurrenderRap (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  799. samantha67788 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh17)
  800. alan331255 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  801. david331420 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, DT9)
  802. PJC_Session_Guitarist (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  803. esmeee98 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, ba21)
  804. Adam (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  805. tricky110175 (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  806. Cass9991 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  807. harry333220 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  808. tim333278 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  809. stevesteels (Musician in Weymouth, EN, dt3)
  810. wayne333581 (Musician in Chard, EN, Ta20)
  811. steve333592 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  812. luke333629 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  813. Venzibob (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  814. TinaJ (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  815. 603dan (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  816. holly2017 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  817. dave_dalwood (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  818. Paul-77 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  819. paul334771 (Musician in Martock, EN, TA12)
  820. russell334817 (Musician in Bridport, EN, dt6)
  821. luanSings (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  822. chris334895 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  823. Stu_Rogers_Nelson (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  824. Coggy86 (Musician in Devon, EN, EX13)
  825. Luke2108 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH20)
  826. adrian335534 (Musician in Dorset, EN, dt10)
  827. andrew335723 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  828. andrew335806 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  829. paul336059 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  830. pete w-s (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  831. sam336289 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  832. Rhythmatist (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  833. Michael (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  834. ade336624 (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  835. darkvr (Musician in Wareham, EN, BA20)
  836. WJSales (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  837. StanCesarz (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  838. stuart337008 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  839. bernie337097 (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA14)
  840. Dorset1 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  841. Dave (Band in Sparkford, EN, BA22)
  842. leontaylor1996 (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA12)
  843. may1998 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  844. lee337358 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  845. Charlottehobbs (Musician in Southampton, EN, BH21)
  846. Stranger UK (Band in Poole, EN, BH14)
  847. mike0000 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  848. mike338132 (Musician in Corfe Mullen, EN, BH21)
  849. willie338269 (Musician in Wool, EN, BH20)
  850. Thornsprite (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  851. markabrewer (Musician in Dorset, EN, DT10)
  852. barbara339566 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  853. Diggle (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  854. Threaders (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  855. michael340224 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  856. toby340424 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, Dt4)
  857. Charliemay94 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  858. Mercian Steel (Band in Chard, EN, TA20)
  859. stephen340725 (Musician in Easton, EN, Dt5)
  860. Lucy Beardsley (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  861. phil341159 (Musician in Poole, EN, DT11)
  862. JoshGardnerBass (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  863. colin999 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA19)
  864. robert341319 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  865. pilgrim20040 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  866. adie341663 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  867. robjs89 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  868. Caroline Anderson (Band in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  869. MikeES (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  870. christopher342469 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  871. jason342507 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT3)
  872. bob342953 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  873. senan343114 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  874. FrankBrown (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  875. www.adecadelate.com (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  876. chris343524 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, Dt8)
  877. harry343527 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH17)
  878. mark343589 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  879. jack343713 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  880. chris343853 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh12)
  881. richard343945 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ta13)
  882. Scott (Band in Taunton, EN, TA12)
  883. JordyBoii99 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH20)
  884. T260260 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  885. JoeyB3217 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  886. Deen0404 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  887. Samwichardson (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  888. katie345137 (Musician in Dorset, EN, bh21)
  889. aidan345158 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  890. darren345434 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  891. jarvyorchard (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  892. josh345847 (Musician in Chard Junction, EN, TA20)
  893. omri345860 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  894. jax346157 (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA12)
  895. JamesChanning (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  896. finn346550 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  897. CallumJ (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  898. adjones_94 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  899. charlton347547 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  900. sal347688 (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  901. roy347835 (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  902. Blistering (Band in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  903. chris348229 (Musician in Sherborne, EN, dt9)
  904. ollykelly (Musician in Bristol, EN, TA19)
  905. AaronBass (Musician in Bath and North East Somerset, EN, BA22)
  906. david349738 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT4)
  907. mistertee (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  908. david349989 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  909. Bman 98 (Musician in Hamworthy, EN, BH15)
  910. matthew350296 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  911. andyshaggy (Musician in Poole, EN, bh15)
  912. PeteDrums (Musician in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  913. jemima350727 (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA19)
  914. Matt Cornes (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  915. Jdrums92 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  916. Thunderdrums2 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  917. steven351497 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  918. barbara351606 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  919. Ben (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  920. chris351701 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  921. chris351816 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  922. james352408 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  923. Cearan (Band in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  924. Greg (Band in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  925. robin353104 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  926. grrrant (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  927. ed353215 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  928. mark353263 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  929. andrew353416 (Musician in Maiden Newton, EN, dt2)
  930. Stu (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  931. marcin353560 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  932. mark353598 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  933. alan353714 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  934. al353929 (Musician in Corfe Castle, EN, BH19)
  935. tim96 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  936. elijs354267 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  937. 80sAsylum (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  938. laurence354449 (Musician in Lyme Regis, EN, DT7)
  939. Morbid witch (Band in Dorset, EN, BH20)
  940. lukasz354895 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  941. Chris (Band in Crewkerne, EN, TA18)
  942. shaun355017 (Musician in Bath, EN, BA21)
  943. dana355027 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  944. imfellows (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  945. chris355554 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, Bh21)
  946. Tom Little (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  947. Retro Groove Mob (Band in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  948. stephen355694 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, bh21)
  949. daxxz (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  950. barneystevens (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  951. The Buicks (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  952. Stepping Out (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  953. NathanM28 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  954. lauren355794 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  955. Mortilia (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  956. bert355958 (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  957. sean356355 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, Bh21)
  958. nigel356393 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  959. steve356678 (Musician in Bath, EN, BA21)
  960. SirSteelStrings (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  961. paul356737 (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  962. Bigtimmy20 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA12)
  963. pete357244 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh15)
  964. stephen357258 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh12)
  965. victoria358044 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH16)
  966. paul358318 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  967. nick358319 (Musician in Stalbridge, EN, DT10)
  968. EmmyC (Musician in Sturminster Newton, EN, DT10)
  969. Elephantea1999 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  970. david359388 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  971. jack359640 (Musician in North Perrott, EN, ta18)
  972. julie359792 (Musician in Broadstone, EN, BH18)
  973. Captaintopdeck (Musician in Sturminster Marshall, EN, BH21)
  974. 102 Willow Park (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  975. jordan360709 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh17)
  976. jade360746 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  977. Thomasaph (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  978. richardgregory (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  979. SimonasGylys (Sound engineer in Poole, EN, BH12)
  980. karen361302 (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  981. max361470 (Musician in Marnhull, EN, DT10)
  982. paul361547 (Musician in Wareham, EN, BH20)
  983. The Gray Rose (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  984. Blatallica (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  985. jake361856 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  986. labalela361882 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, Ta18)
  987. Kharma Alarm (Band in Sherborne, EN, DT9)
  988. Duskwood (Band in Yeovil, EN, Ba22)
  989. jack361986 (Musician in Somerset, EN, TA18)
  990. steve362042 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  991. johnh4288 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  992. jamie362453 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, Bh21)
  993. tjcoupe (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  994. lewis362618 (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  995. Chad (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  996. dennis362816 (Musician in Portland, EN, Dt5)
  997. Harvey_FN (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA19)
  998. MattMusician (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  999. luke364101 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH12)
  1000. rob364356 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  1001. MaxethOfPuppets (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  1002. jon364677 (Musician in Exeter, EN, EX13)
  1003. Shadowingsynner (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  1004. deano364967 (Musician in Ashford, EN, Dt11)
  1005. Ian Olliver (Musician in Bridport, EN, dt6)
  1006. sammmy (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  1007. WillRmusician (Musician in Poole, EN, BH18)
  1008. Jakko (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA20)
  1009. david365349 (Musician in Beaminster, EN, DT8)
  1010. jack365399 (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT6)
  1011. maximilian365477 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  1012. Luke Roe (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  1013. Charles (Band in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  1014. tess365618 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  1015. Hannah (Band in Bournemouth, EN, Bh21)
  1016. Mississippi Lightning (Band in Chard, EN, TA20)
  1017. Liam (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  1018. andy365997 (Musician in Crewkerne, EN, ta18)
  1019. GraceHancockMusic (Musician in Devon, EN, EX13)
  1020. Rog\' (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1021. danny1927 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT5)
  1022. oliver366961 (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  1023. pablo366988 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, Dt4)
  1024. darren28 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  1025. summers6497 (Musician in London, EN, TA19)
  1026. adam367203 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba22)
  1027. ereg (Musician in Pool, EN, bh12)
  1028. Matthew (Band in Poole, EN, BH17)
  1029. chris368004 (Musician in Taunton, EN, Ta13)
  1030. Lewiis (Musician in London, EN, DT4)
  1031. samueldooks (Musician in Dorchester, EN, dt1)
  1032. meganstevens (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  1033. Band Needs Singer (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  1034. grant368462 (Musician in Poole, EN, Bh15)
  1035. harrison368651 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  1036. anthony368678 (Musician in Portland, EN, dt5)
  1037. Brandon (Band in Taunton, EN, TA19)
  1038. ella369562 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, bh14)
  1039. cathy369769 (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  1040. Eliasphoenix (Musician in Blandford Forum, EN, DT11)
  1041. bradley370185 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  1042. Jake Stacey (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  1043. grahame370388 (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA15)
  1044. libbie370598 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  1045. Guitarist_97 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  1046. sputtster (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  1047. mathew370992 (Musician in Ilchester, EN, BA22)
  1048. oscar371011 (Musician in Ilminster, EN, TA19)
  1049. jamesap92 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  1050. Becky (Band in Poole, EN, BH16)
  1051. Jai_007 (Musician in Swanage, EN, BH19)
  1052. sam1605 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  1053. james79 (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, Bh14)
  1054. del372365 (Musician in Weymouth and Portland, EN, DT5)
  1055. judepov (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT2)
  1056. Jaymongous (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  1057. jeanc005 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  1058. Rump0Ph0en1x (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA21)
  1059. ashp321 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  1060. naomirose (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  1061. paige373343 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba21)
  1062. bartek373513 (Musician in South Petherton, EN, Ta13)
  1063. No name as of yet (Band in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1064. Jason64 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1065. nick78bass (Musician in Stoke Abbott, EN, DT8)
  1066. james374500 (Musician in Taunton, EN, TA19)
  1067. TBC (Band in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  1068. Jenna (Band in Bournemouth, EN, BH14)
  1069. jakecharley12 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH15)
  1070. holly374749 (Musician in Bath, EN, BA21)
  1071. warren374814 (Musician in Combe St Nicholas, EN, TA20)
  1072. matthew374822 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, Ba20)
  1073. connor374958 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  1074. stephen375010 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  1075. david375015 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  1076. EthanW1598 (Musician in Wimborne, EN, BH21)
  1077. georgiabl (Musician in Bournemouth, EN, BH21)
  1078. eric375427 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  1079. harvey375638 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, DT1)
  1080. Joshua S (Musician in Poole, EN, BH16)
  1081. barry376051 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1082. fred376309 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT3)
  1083. ryan376464 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH17)
  1084. isaaclord (Musician in Bridport, EN, DT8)
  1085. bernard376491 (Musician in Dorchester, EN, Ba22)
  1086. Inndy (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1087. Lacey_lee (Musician in Poole, EN, BH12)
  1088. chris377980 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, TA19)
  1089. paul378058 (Musician in Martock, EN, TA12)
  1090. rog378080 (Musician in Stalbridge, EN, DT10)
  1091. Stephineng (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  1092. sarah378166 (Musician in Yeovil, EN, BA22)
  1093. gary378523 (Musician in Poole, EN, BH14)
  1094. mark378669 (Musician in Weymouth, EN, DT4)
  1095. Graham (Band in Poole, EN, bh14)
  1096. alan378992 (Musician in Axminster, EN, EX13)
  1097. tomcwoods (Musician in Chard, EN, TA20)
  1098. om (Musician in Belfast, NI, TA12)
  1099. ceilidhclown (Musician in Midlothian, SC, BH15)
  1100. boris352795 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, DT11)