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213 Other Percussion players found in Wales

  1. steverich (Musician in Fishguard, WA, SA65)
  2. LxTabla (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF14)
  3. wickeduncleandre1 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  4. Ri (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  5. Ghrenig (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA18)
  6. nobody (Musician in Ceredigion, WA, SA35)
  7. fred jones (Musician in Herefordshire, WA, NP10)
  8. ritz to rubble (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  9. Andy & Karl (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  10. franklyn888 (Musician in Flintshire, WA, CH6)
  11. Gaz08 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP20)
  12. queenoftiaras (Musician in Wrexham, WA, CH5)
  13. paranoidave (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF10)
  14. Audiotonomy (Musician in Newport, WA, NP18)
  15. Sedgie (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF14)
  16. Jay 3 (Musician in Bridgend, WA, CF31)
  17. marclewisneath (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA11)
  18. Fleur (Musician in Newport, WA, NP11)
  19. b.p.m. (Musician in Pembrokeshire, WA, SA61)
  20. OwainH (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  21. ELF B (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  22. Ray G (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF39)
  23. Jolly Hollie (Musician in Cardiff, WA, cf14)
  24. Chwib (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA9)
  25. milkylaser (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  26. jon nick (Musician in Cardiff, WA, cf5)
  27. Callum (Bass) (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  28. Kathy O (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA8)
  29. BassFoundation (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  30. credo (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA8)
  31. MAN AT Q AND M (Musician in Conwy, WA, LL26)
  32. Izzy_evren (Musician in Newport, WA, NP4)
  33. acousticwig (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  34. AishaBali (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA3)
  35. Couchy (Musician in Haverfordwest, WA, SA62)
  36. Gagsie (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA4)
  37. Chaypup (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  38. Boabrodi (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA6)
  39. hip (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF14)
  40. RhiannonJones (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA9)
  41. leemorr (Musician in Swansea, WA, sa14)
  42. Phillip01 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP19)
  43. RichQ (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA5)
  44. Daz J (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  45. Welshkeys57 (Musician in Chester, WA, CH5)
  46. Nigel 1968 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA10)
  47. Squanto (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  48. Aaron86 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, cf64)
  49. mistertelecaster (Musician in Powys, WA, SY18)
  50. Julian Head (Musician in Tenby, WA, SA68)
  51. Chris Billingham (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA44)
  52. Nik SAMUEL (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA10)
  53. The-Beast-of-the-Night666 (Musician in Haverfordwest, WA, SA61)
  54. DancerDavies (Musician in Newport, WA, NP11)
  55. Equeall (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  56. spirit87223 (Musician in Carmarthenshire, WA, sa15)
  57. WooJo (Musician in Crickhowell, WA, NP8)
  58. jon trevett (Musician in Newport, WA, np11)
  59. gary90944 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, sa73)
  60. matthew91292 (Musician in Carmarthenshire, WA, SA18)
  61. lloydhaines (Musician in Cardiff, WA, NP11)
  62. benthebass2013 (Musician in Flintshire, WA, CH8)
  63. ronan95652 (Musician in Llandovery, WA, SA20)
  64. LMHdrums (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  65. alexander98123 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA12)
  66. ashleydrummer (Musician in Pembrokeshire, WA, SA61)
  67. SamHughes0093 (Musician in Rhyl, WA, LL19)
  68. kriss101669 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP16)
  69. MrDublee (Musician in Cardiff, WA, SA44)
  70. Foxx (Musician in Swansea, WA, sa1)
  71. michael102947 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA3)
  72. AHarg (Musician in Llanelli, WA, SA15)
  73. richard104293 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, Cf5)
  74. SteveHarley (Musician in Monmouthshire, WA, NP15)
  75. joey27 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  76. wilDERNESS666 (Musician in Wrexham, WA, ll11)
  77. andyrosserdavies (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  78. damien293973 (Musician in Swansea, WA, sa8)
  79. doc295516 (Musician in Cardigan, WA, sa44)
  80. lionel295525 (Musician in Ammanford, WA, SA18)
  81. jeff297096 (Musician in Monmouth, WA, np25)
  82. danbruka (Musician in Llanbedr, WA, Ll45)
  83. Dave the drummer (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF14)
  84. nocturnalme (Musician in Merthyr Vale, WA, CF48)
  85. steve301895 (Musician in St Davids, WA, SA62)
  86. Chrisshedstudio (Musician in Crickhowell, WA, Np8)
  87. kenneth303213 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, cf23)
  88. robin303965 (Musician in Swansea, WA, sa3)
  89. Russell Patterson (Musician in Carmarthen, WA, SA44)
  90. mike304838 (Musician in Crickhowell, WA, NP8)
  91. Mick Griffin (Musician in Newport, WA, NP44)
  92. Madge (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL13)
  93. BIGFUNKMACHINE (Musician in Newport, WA, NP4)
  94. Nico Martin (Musician in Newport, WA, NP19)
  95. Effortless_presence (Musician in Swansea, WA, Sa16)
  96. Mitch Mitchell (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  97. Dionysusstewart (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA5)
  98. jagadasa313790 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF64)
  99. Bernie391 (Musician in Abergele, WA, LL22)
  100. john316929 (Musician in Swansea, WA, sa44)
  101. gerry317997 (Musician in Caerphilly, WA, NP11)
  102. Tech Dude (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF23)
  103. pete319057 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA4)
  104. sylvester319610 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF23)
  105. Drblive (Musician in Newport, WA, NP26)
  106. tim320878 (Musician in Brecon, WA, LD3)
  107. mikep6952 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF3)
  108. NeilSA10 (Musician in Seven Sisters, WA, SA10)
  109. hugh322993 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF15)
  110. Xarras (Musician in Abergavenny, WA, NP7)
  111. cliff325832 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  112. dusky326551 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF63)
  113. josetorres (Musician in Pembroke, WA, SA71)
  114. tompricedrummer (Musician in Aberdare, WA, CF44)
  115. martin329775 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF14)
  116. robert330834 (Musician in Colwyn Bay, WA, LL29)
  117. john332281 (Musician in Neath Port Talbot, WA, SA11)
  118. monica334498 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  119. joshthorne (Musician in Llandudno, WA, LL30)
  120. joesteele99 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA2)
  121. BeezilBuB (Musician in Vale of Glamorgan, WA, CF63)
  122. H5 (Musician in Monmouth, WA, NP25)
  123. nick340522 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF5)
  124. drbongo (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA6)
  125. Emmetelle (Musician in Holyhead, WA, LL65)
  126. ciandryms (Musician in Llangefni, WA, LL77)
  127. lloyd345241 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, NP11)
  128. damian346213 (Musician in Caerwent, WA, NP26)
  129. gerry346985 (Musician in Presteigne, WA, LD8)
  130. Lyndon347463 (Musician in Cardigan, WA, SA43)
  131. steve348667 (Musician in Pontypool, WA, NP4)
  132. dazthebassman (Musician in Chester, WA, CH7)
  133. Robert Shrigley Woolf (Musician in Colwyn Bay, WA, LL29)
  134. lilithBC333 (Musician in Bridgend, WA, CF31)
  135. Mystic_Apollo (Musician in Newport, WA, NP11)
  136. duncan354329 (Musician in Bagillt, WA, Ch6)
  137. melv355928 (Musician in Lampeter, WA, Sa48)
  138. john356272 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA11)
  139. louise360064 (Musician in Pontypridd, WA, Cf38)
  140. jon362296 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP10)
  141. Gwynni (Musician in Holyhead, WA, LL65)
  142. BenF1307 (Musician in Narberth, WA, SA67)
  143. roisin365145 (Musician in Rhyl, WA, LL18)
  144. LJCDrums (Musician in Caerphilly, WA, CF83)
  145. Adam_ (Musician in Colwyn Bay, WA, LL22)
  146. issac373147 (Musician in Bangor, WA, LL57)
  147. isobellerobson (Musician in Newport, WA, NP20)
  148. clive373525 (Musician in Holyhead, WA, LL65)
  149. stevendrinkwater (Musician in Swansea, WA, Sa18)
  150. andy377451 (Musician in Bangor, WA, LL57)
  151. rorymalcolm17 (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL11)
  152. procrastinatrix (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA9)
  153. sarah380355 (Musician in Neath, WA, SA11)
  154. AnAkiARweN (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA3)
  155. CRIMSON44 (Musician in Aberdare, WA, CF44)
  156. jarek388409 (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL13)
  157. GroCo (Musician in Caerphilly, WA, CF83)
  158. ZRG (Musician in Pontypool, WA, NP4)
  159. Awwcreative (Musician in Torfaen, WA, NP4)
  160. MIJ (Musician in Swansea, WA, )
  161. Jach (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  162. 4XAPhoenix (Musician in Cardiff, WA, )
  163. Bradfordjonesdrums (Musician in Newport, WA, NP12)
  164. lukasz_prunesti (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL13)
  165. paula403421 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  166. SEMUSIC (Musician in Cwmbran, WA, NP44)
  167. robert403670 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA4)
  168. iest404548 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP19)
  169. katie407076 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA7)
  170. Benjamin616 (Musician in Swansea, WA, Sa17)
  171. chris409341 (Musician in Caerphilly, WA, CF83)
  172. lukasz409429 (Musician in Aberystwyth, WA, SY23)
  173. jonny412006 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP19)
  174. adeola412871 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  175. anthony414059 (Musician in Amlwch, WA, LL68)
  176. max415930 (Musician in Llandudno, WA, LL30)
  177. craigarge (Musician in Abergavenny, WA, NP7)
  178. Broddpitt417091 (Musician in Newcastle Emlyn, WA, Sa44)
  179. ewan418112 (Musician in Deeside, WA, CH5)
  180. luke96 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  181. alan421364 (Musician in Newport, WA, NP11)
  182. MusicMark (Musician in Colwyn Bay, WA, Ll29)
  183. marc421403 (Musician in Rhyl, WA, LL18)
  184. adrian422371 (Musician in Carmarthen, WA, SA31)
  185. Rowan Bartram (Musician in Welshpool, WA, SY21)
  186. thuvarakanofficial (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA1)
  187. LesDudis (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF11)
  188. paul425604 (Musician in Caerphilly, WA, NP11)
  189. jacob426306 (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA4)
  190. sammy92 (Musician in Wrexham, WA, Ll13)
  191. Rubatron (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF23)
  192. winona431946 (Musician in Penarth, WA, CF64)
  193. MortalitasUK (Musician in Rhymney, WA, NP22)
  194. Xelous (Musician in Wrexham, WA, LL13)
  195. _robertrees (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF64)
  196. dan437922 (Musician in Prestatyn, WA, LL19)
  197. Status6 (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF24)
  198. colin441833 (Musician in Hay-on-Wye, WA, HR3)
  199. Rhythmic_Disciple (Musician in Swansea, WA, SA4)
  200. loomer_ (Musician in Cardiff, WA, CF10)
  201. eupcaccia (Musician in Holyhead, WA, LL65)
  202. samuel444187 (Musician in Tenby, WA, SA70)
  203. Riki (Musician in Fishguard, WA, SA64)
  204. floriane444645 (Musician in Bala, WA, LL23)