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  1. Glasgow (3,886 profiles)
  2. Edinburgh (2,842 profiles)
  3. Fife (3,094 profiles)
  4. Falkirk (4,907 profiles)
  5. Aberdeen (1,489 profiles)
  6. Dundee City (947 profiles)
  7. Aberdeen City (1,472 profiles)
  8. Stirling (0 profiles)
  9. Aberdeenshire (198 profiles)
  10. Dundee (947 profiles)

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  1. The Peacock (Venue in Redcar and Cleveland, EN, AB34)
  2. dance (Venue in Leicester, EN, AB35)
  3. Adrenaline Kings (Band in London, EN, AB34)
  4. metallmadcarl (Musician in West Yorkshire, EN, AB38)
  5. Pig (Musician in Leeds, EN, AB37)
  6. www.spence1017.com (Musician in Hampshire, EN, AB38)
  7. frontpage (Venue in Belfast, NI, AB36)
  8. breeve (Musician in Moray, SC, IV36)
  9. Hetfield (Musician in Highland, SC, IV12)
  10. tweeks (Musician in Moray, SC, IV30)
  11. Doctorcookery (Musician in Moray, SC, AB55)
  12. steve_b (Musician in Moray, SC, IV30)
  13. sooz (Musician in Moray, SC, IV31)
  14. mike ar (Musician in Moray, SC, IV30)
  15. un-named (Band in Moray, SC, IV30)
  16. The-Crow (Musician in Highland, SC, IV13)
  17. Apricot Wheats (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, AB35)
  18. VASSAYE (Musician in Invergordon, SC, IV12)
  19. chrissaxman (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  20. Martin3042 (Musician in Moray, SC, IV30)
  21. zoe170172 (Musician in Moray, SC, AB55)
  22. stacybyrne (Musician in Cullen, SC, AB56)
  23. hotpick23 (Musician in Moray, SC, IV30)
  24. KirstyJ268 (Musician in Moray, SC, AB56)
  25. ZRC (Band in Aberdeen City, SC, AB55)
  26. StixMJS (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  27. Rumbling Bridge (Band in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB35)
  28. ???? (Band in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  29. Robin Thornton ATCL (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB34)
  30. KirstyJ (Musician in Moray, SC, AB56)
  31. fireballbarclay (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  32. Mair Cash / The sound of Johnny Cash (Band in Elgin, SC, iv31)
  33. bydand (Musician in Moray, SC, AB55)
  34. Dave White (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB56)
  35. Martin g (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  36. Daniel84 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  37. Craig2795 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  38. Saxfaith (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  39. Kingsland (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV32)
  40. No name (Band in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  41. ejp (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  42. Nippy (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  43. GarosOnGuitar (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  44. eddie85466 (Musician in Elgin, SC, iv32)
  45. The Free (Band in Elgin, SC, iv30)
  46. stephen-andrew85893 (Musician in Elgin, SC, AB38)
  47. Strongy (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  48. gordon92257 (Musician in Elgin, SC, iv30)
  49. beattie (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  50. josh93990 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV12)
  51. Hotlogic (Band in Elgin, SC, iv36)
  52. bill97210 (Musician in Elgin, SC, AB38)
  53. clive100717 (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB34)
  54. The Mair Cats (Band in Elgin, SC, AB38)
  55. RAF Lossie (Venue in Lossiemouth, SC, IV31)
  56. kris290733 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  57. Blair Cumming (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  58. chris294086 (Musician in Portknockie, SC, AB56)
  59. Steve (Band in Forres, SC, iv36)
  60. robbie296002 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  61. Colin MacPhail (Musician in Nairn, SC, IV12)
  62. JockaneeseDrums (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  63. david297187 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  64. robbie298132 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  65. Scottish Entertainments Co (Management company in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB36)
  66. achilles298345 (Musician in Buckie, SC, ab56)
  67. Parnsip (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  68. oliver299468 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  69. csmcpherson (Musician in Fochabers, SC, iv32)
  70. patrick303037 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  71. Orion3T (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  72. Rhys Williams (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  73. ken306836 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  74. andy2029 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  75. Gallus (Band in Forres, SC, IV36)
  76. scott310225 (Musician in Aberlour, SC, AB38)
  77. SashaB (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  78. Dave (Band in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB34)
  79. Kalii993 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  80. Muso soup (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  81. henry315380 (Musician in Forres, SC, iv36)
  82. kathryn315500 (Musician in Moray, SC, AB55)
  83. Marty85 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  84. Hollie (Band in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  85. jackclough17 (Musician in Keith, SC, AB55)
  86. douglas318948 (Musician in Advie, SC, PH26)
  87. megansahara (Musician in Forres, SC, IV36)
  88. calumjones192000 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  89. anguslawson (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  90. callumjord (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  91. xXDazzieXx (Musician in Keith, SC, AB55)
  92. Andrew73 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  93. james324163 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  94. StevenGCalder (Musician in Forres, SC, iv36)
  95. Bulleit76 (Musician in Elgin, SC, iv30)
  96. graham326320 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV12)
  97. Leo McPherson (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  98. amber328074 (Musician in Fochabers, SC, IV32)
  99. chris329865 (Musician in Lossiemouth, SC, IV31)
  100. kieran331242 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  101. murray jamieson (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  102. Dubaem0n (Musician in Forres, SC, IV36)
  103. Adam Small (Musician in Elgin, SC, AB55)
  104. james333742 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  105. andrew335133 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  106. ewen1984 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV11)
  107. kris336409 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV36)
  108. Smithydrummer (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB34)
  109. jack337845 (Musician in Nairn, SC, Iv12)
  110. Mowzy666 (Musician in Elgin, SC, AB56)
  111. mark337986 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  112. defectivenation (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  113. No name yet (Band in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  114. joemc323 (Musician in Elgin, SC, Iv30)
  115. 31819 (Musician in Inverness, SC, PH26)
  116. sid342826 (Musician in Moray, SC, IV36)
  117. sid342827 (Musician in Forres, SC, IV36)
  118. Mr splash (Musician in Fochabers, SC, IV32)
  119. Craig (Band in Aberdeen, SC, AB56)
  120. callumford (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  121. shaunratcliffemusic (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  122. Ryan_Mowat (Musician in Buckie, SC, Ab56)
  123. Damfankle (Band in Inverness, SC, IV11)
  124. roy349484 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV13)
  125. ewen84 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV11)
  126. saxmansteve1977 (Musician in Forres, SC, IV36)
  127. Anton 1505 (Musician in Fochabers, SC, IV32)
  128. Raffaele (Band in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  129. robbie350218 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  130. Webbo72 (Musician in Forres, SC, IV36)
  131. Kevin (Band in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  132. craig352668 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  133. robert352908 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  134. kev353687 (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV31)
  135. steven355796 (Musician in Elgin, SC, Iv30)
  136. svetlana357800 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  137. MrLnu (Musician in Elgin, SC, Iv30)
  138. bracken359186 (Musician in Elgin, SC, iv30)
  139. caitlyn359311 (Musician in Moray, SC, IV36)
  140. Eric Sawyer (Venue in Hopeman, SC, IV30)