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Band to Join, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Upright bass.


Wow - only FOUR music genres! Had to severely edit the list...

OK, I'm a seasoned muso. I have played and taught guitar for over 45 years now. WAY too old and overweight for pretty-boy rock/pop stardom and too cynical for reality TV crud. Just looking for some decent musicians to play decent music and perhaps earn a few pennies!

Over the years I've played pretty much anything that'll pay (and quite a few things that didn't!) from classical through to modern rock via jazz ,blues, soul, funk with even a soupcon of country - I had bills to pay!. I've played in a swing big band, a large soul band, small jazz combos, I played bass for a country band, bass and guitar for a Hendrix tribute band (no, not at the same time) and hardcore funk rock for an original band as well as countless club/cabaret dates.In an ideal world I'd like some steady work, a Santana trib or a Zappa trib or a decent blues band, but I'll have a go at most things.

Looking for either a loose jazz combo for jamming with, or some regular guitar work either in a gigging band, preferably one that pays, or an instrumental profect. Any genre considered.

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Sep 20 2012
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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Influences. eh?

Well this usually tends to involve making a list of people that you like or pretend to like, rather than actual influences. And those that ask what your influences are really mean "who do you sound like"

Let's just say that I'm of the opinion that there are only two types of music; good or bad. The good stuff influences me by making me want to play better; the vast oceans of bad music influences me by making my want to avoid playing it! 'Nuff said. Talk to me!

Look for stumpymofo at hot mail dot com!

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Upright bass:


And now for the gear sluts...
Tempted to point out that it's all in the fingers, but...

Hofner Committee Slimline archtop - for jazz/blues
Subzero Pittsburgh for gp stuff
Squier strat (modded) for single-coil stuff
Tokai SG for humbucking stuff
Ibanez some-thing or other for slide stuff
Yamaha fretless bass (just 4 strings)
Warwick fretted bass
El Cheapo electric mandolin just in case...

Trace-Elliot Super Tramp
Fender Roc-Pro
Vox Valvetronix
Marshall 8015

Modelling units, various stomp-boxes, e-bow and a recording studio on my laptop!