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The Band Shack


Band Shack offers a twelve week workshop designed to give players of all abilities the opportunity to learn and rehearse a set of self selected rock/pop tunes to performance standard. Band Shack members will be amongst like-minded people in a supportive environment.

Everything about the experience of playing in a band is made enjoyable, productive and easy. No trawling through websites looking for suitable bandmates. No negative auditions. No wasted rehearsals. No hustling for that first gig. No head scratching what shall we play and how do we play it. This is also an excellent opportunity to continue your band beyond the Band Shack sessions.

Each course can accommodate 2 guitarists, 1 bass player, 1 vocalist, 1 keyboard player, 1 drummer. Instruments, back line and PA will be provided where needed.

The first session is when band members get together and choose their tunes from a prepared pool of material graded into levels of complexity and challenge. Just as important will be choosing a name for the new band. In 10 weeks you will be playing your first gig in front of a supportive audience of family and friends.

The 10 rehearsal sessions will be led by an experienced mentor. Each structured rehearsal session will be 3 hours in length with a 15 minute break, refreshments will be provided. The session mentor will lead the musicians through their chosen tunes with supportive exercises, giving guidance on efficient use of rehearsal time.

At the end of the 10 rehearsal sessions the band will go into a recording studio to record a demo of their tunes. Each member of the band will receive a CD of their performance.

On week 12 the group will play a gig for family and friends at a local venue presenting the set of numbers learned during the previous 10 week structured rehearsal sessions.

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