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Sean Mc


Band to Join, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums.


31.12.19 Looking to find some kindred souls who want to rehearse at least weekly, maybe play pub gigs and make some noise!
I’m 55 year’s old. I live in Hall Green so ideally rehearsing around South Birmingham/South Solihull area.
I play some 6 string, I bought it at ... no, hold on (that’s my classic rock joke for the day). I can bang some chords out reasonably well - intermediate level? Give me 3-5 minutes with YouTube and ultimate guitar tabs and I’ll bang it out.
I’ve been playing bass for about 6 months now, got about 30 songs down. Actually, I’ve barely picked up my 6 string in that time as I’m really getting into bass. I was asked to play bass 6 months ago by a band, which then didn’t happen (they had personnel issues?) ... but it was helpful as it made me learn their covers set list. Since then I’ve got down about 20 classic punk songs, and about 20 classic rock songs, and bits of other stuff. Starting to feel like I can call myself a bassist!
So again, give me 3-5 minutes with YouTube and ultimate guitar tabs and I can wallop some bass or rhythm out. Two minutes if you just want roots and occasional fifths!
Im a bedroom player. I just fancy meeting up with some like-minded people who want to practice and rehearse and maybe end up playing a few pub gigs. I do practice a lot, but having rehearsed with a couple of bands in the past I’m conscious it’s a different game playing alongside others.
I’m rehearsing with one band at the moment but I have space to take on another project (because I have no life! Not really, it’s just I love playing).

I have to say I don’t like working with divas. I just wanna play a few rocked up tunes that people might dance to, have some fun, and play with people who are prepared to learn the tunes albeit around our usually busy lives.
It sounds a bit crap, but I don’t want to play with people who want to argue endlessly over what to play, then not learn the tune anyway... what’s all that about? Been in two bands in past couple of years which both had people who met that description. I’m easy going, but if you’re in a band shouldn’t you, well, learn the songs you’ve agreed to play? Perhaps I’m missing something?!
So, I’ll play pretty much anything, I’d prefer it rocky - although even that is up for question - and I’ll learn the stuff for rehearsal. If you would do that too maybe we should talk!
Open to playing covers or originals.
My rhythm is okay. My lead playing is, erm, rudimentary at best. I can play a few solos (literally, like 2 or 3 x you shook me all night long, nothing else matters, whole lotta love) just haven’t had the opportunity or desire to do so in a band.
Never played a live gig but would like to.

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Sean Mc
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Jan 08 2017
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More than 3 times per week
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2-3 nights a week
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Classic rock Led Zep, Kiss, AC/DC, etc Punk e.g. stranglers, Pistols, Dead Ken’s etc
Like pop, metal, blues too.
Also like acoustic stuff.
I particularly like the idea of playing rocked up pop songs... I’m pretty much up for anything.

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Got all the gear, and a bit of an idea!