Rising Oceans


Vocalist, Bass Guitar, Keyboard.


Ive been writing a few metal tracks the last while with different prog, death, black, thrash etc influences pretty much anything intense but open to trying things a bit differently! Looking for anyone who would like to contribute to perform material live and in time most likely write material together as a collective/ So far we consist of my brother (who has recently joined Conjuring Fate as lead guitarist) and we have a potential drummer in in the works. If we could get a bass & keyboardist (and with potentially a good cleaning singing voice as im not the strongest vocalist!) that would be great

Ive uploaded two tracks here but if your interested in others to get an idea what we would be playing check out the metal tracks on https://soundcloud/risingoceans they are among all different sorts of music Ive written (all demos recorded at home of course!)

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Rising Oceans
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May 06 2014
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Members Of Band

Ryan - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Karl - Lead & Rhythm Guitar


7 String Jeff Loomis Schecter, engel Fireball Combo/ ESP F-50
6 String PRS SE Custom 24 Line 6 Head & Cab 4 x 12