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Band to Join, Lead Guitar.


Hi i'm Marty, I am a guitarist just setting out on the gig/band scene, looking to gain experience. I am looking to join a band at first that does not take things too seriously, but still has a professional manner if things do get serious. I have been playing the guitar on and off for about 7 years, but during my run I have hit a lot of brick walls on a personal level and gone through a few months without playing here and there. In saying that just over 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to push my playing a bit further, so for about 2 years, I practiced solidly almost every day. I managed to gain a distinction in my grade 5 and 6 RGT guitar exams, then just before I went in for my grade 7 exam I broke my hand/damaged the ligaments. I still went in for the grade 7 exam and hit a merit 6 marks away from distinction. I also have a grade 3 in music theory moving onto my grade 4 next year..

ATM I am fresh off of a years hiatus from playing as I was under orders from my hand specialist not to play, because it may aggravate the damage done, so I am getting back into playing, working on trying to get back up to the level I was playing before my injury, then come the realization that due to suffering with stage fright i have never attempted to join a band, in which thinking about it, joining a band maybe the one thing that will really help me with that and give me the inspiration to keep doing what i love doing...

To sum myself up, I am a fun loving dude, who enjoys having a good time, gets on with most people and likes to work hard at getting the best out of my self... I have an awesome girlfriend who supports me in anything that i want to do... At the end of the day, I want to join a band that likes to have a laugh, but has an essence of seriousness to them when needed, I would probably like to join a covers band at first but if the opportunity arises then i would have a go at an originals band..

Well there is a lot of information about me on here, i just wanted to lay it all on the line so that folks know exactly what i have done and have come from and technically what i want to become, so if there is anything else that folks want to know, just ask...


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Oct 09 2015
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Matt Mallery (New Device/ Top Guns) John Petrucci (Dream Theater) Ritchie Sambora (Jovi) Orianthi Panagaris, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) Eddie Van Halen.. (Van Halen) I have a lot of influences, none of which that i try to replicate, i just want to sound like myself because i just have a passion for the guitar and when i get my head around everything, i just enjoy playing.


Guitars:- PRS custom 24, Ibanez RG, Freshman electro Acoustic...
Amps:- 60w Peavey 6505I combi and a 30w Blackstar HT5 with added effects loop and extra cab output.
Effects:- At the moment I have a POD XT Live, ( I only really use this for the delays through the effects loop) an MKR Dimebag distortion, Boss digital delay, Cry Baby Wah, Boss tuner, Boss distortion, Boss digital delay, Boss suppressor and a Mooer Octave pedal.