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Band to Join, Background Singer, Bass Guitar, Drums, Electronic Music, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar.


Looking for ambitious musicians to form a band with.

I'm inspired by art pop, alternative rock and indie pop, and looking to blend those into something interesting and unique. So think commercial appeal and pop sensibilities, but also great riffs and drums, maybe synths, and little eccentricities and things that make us stand out from the crowd. Obviously our style is something that will evolve as we write, so this is just a rough idea. I'm big on defining our own sound, not just copying others, especially as it's a new decade soon and the 2020s will not sound like the 2010s!

I've been involved with music for a while (not as a musician, other things, mostly press), which has given me some useful contacts to help give us a leg up later on. I'm a music obsessive, a fan of alternative genres like post-punk, indie rock, dream pop and shoegaze, as well as synthpop and new wave. My favourite decade is the '80s. I'm not a model, but I do at least have distinctive features, notably very pale skin and red hair, and some other unique selling points I won't talk about here but that make me marketable. A friend once called me "unintentionally cool" and I think that's the best way to describe me.

Vocally, I have a good range (around three octaves), although I'm still working to better my higher end. My lower end is very strong, my vocal coach compares it to Nina Simone and I can pretty much verge on androgyny. I can also do operatic and theatrical and soft and breathy, so I'm pretty versatile. I also envision that, on stage and in music, I'll be a hyperactive, out there, weird frontwoman, or at least when the music calls for it! I'm also a fairly good dancer.

So far I've written some music, in terms of lyrics and some melodies and so on, a couple of the songs being quite well developed. I'm a good pop songwriter, but as I focus solely on vocals, I need to work with others to develop material further, bounce ideas around, and come up with more esoteric ideas. The words are my strong suit. (I do own a couple of nice left-handed guitars and a drum synth but I don't play them.)

I'm looking to form a band with people that share my passionate commitment to making it "big" and doing what it takes to get there. I'm pretty intense about this (as all successful bands are), and I see this as a career, and I know there's hard work and sacrifices involved to get there. Just settling for local shows and releasing music to little fanfare on Bandcamp is great for some, but that isn't really for me.

So, I'm really looking for fellow band members who are aware there'll be trips to play support slots in front of a few people, the need to save up money for things we might need, the possibility of quitting jobs, and living and breathing what we're doing. That'll either put you off, or get you excited you've maybe found someone as devoted to this as you!

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Apr 11 2019
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Very Committed
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Under 10
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6-7 nights a week


My vocal influences are usually quite out there women, who are eccentric but also very talented. Think people like Kate Bush, Björk, Siouxsie Sioux, Nina Hagen and Florence Welch. (Not saying I sound like these, they just inspire me.)

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