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Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile.

I am flexible in what I am looking for.

Firstly, I write a lot of potential lyrics and only turn about 20 - 25% of these into songs simply because it takes me longer to develop the music. So, if you are someone that likes to like write melodies and harmonies, please get in touch as I have a surfeit of lyrics and would have happily collaborate on turning more of them into songs.

Secondly, I would love to find a vocalist. I do sing my own songs but I am aware that I don't have a good voice and that the songs would sound much better with quality vocals. I have worked with several vocalists in the past who have demonstrated how true this is, but now I need to find another. So, if you have a voice and want some original songs to sing, please get in touch.

Thirdly, I do occasionally perform at open mics and am aware that even a simple drum beat or a bass line would add a lot to the overall performance of the song. I could record and use backing tracks but don't really want to go in that direction so if you would like to add to the sound and come and do an open mic or two, then again please get in touch.

Finally, I would be interested in finding a collaborator to work up some songs/tracks from scratch. If interested in this, then I would be interested in talking to you.

In all of these cases, it is not experience I am looking for as much as a desire to contribute and enthusiasm for the music that we are making.

If any of the above is of interest, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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