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Hey guys, I'm an 18 year old drummer from Wakefield near Leeds! My bands about collapsed now, so I need to join a new one. I'm quite a powerful hard rock drummer, but with good sense of dynamics and groove. I'd say I am a cross between Roger Taylor and John Bonham. I have my own equpiment and transport.
I can do a bit of backing vocals, I can get low in chest voice, or very high in falsetto. On a good day my range is beyond 3 octaves. I have good power too, but I'm no lead singer, and would be more useful in the studio than live. I'm taking Music tech at college also, so this is a bonus! I'm a very committed person, I've been with my band for getting on 3 years now, but it seems to be dissolving after a lack of recent action! It is true the 1st time I played with the band is the 1st time I played drums, but without tooting my own horn as they say, I can play rather well! I can practice a couple of times a week at most at the moment due to financial reasons, but I am devoted to finding the right band/musicians, and if I enjoy it, I will give my all to make it the best it can be! I only expect a similar level from my musician brothers!
Most importantly, I'm easy to get on with! Or so I hope :-D I can have a good drink too! Looking to play with fairly talented musicians and a good songwriter, between 16 and 25, who have similar influences to the ones below and live locally! Email: cricketnutter2003@
I look forward to any reply..

Cheers :-D

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Oct 30 2006
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Led Zep, Manic Street preachers, Robbie Williams, Green Day (circa American Idiot album), The Beatles, Radiohead, Rush, The Who, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, lots of classic rock, pop, modern rock (Muse, Darkness style, not All American Rejects/Kooks stuff), have an influence on me.
Drummer wise...
Roger Taylor (Queen)
John Bonham (Zeppelin)
Jeff Porcaro (Toto and MJ)
Neil Peart (Rush)
Cozy Powell (Rainbow)
Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
Tre Cool (Green Day - American Idiot album only!)
Topper Headon (Clash)
Keith Moon (Who)
Mike Shrieve (Santana)
and many more....


Well, the vast majority of my kit is second hand, but improved through hard work and replacing parts! I got my kit a few years back (a nice blue Performance Percussion one), I've replaced every drum skin (all top class second hand ones except one which was new), lined the insides of each drum, replaced every cymbal with near-new Zildjians, and tuned it to create a fairly unique sound which I am quite proud of! I took it into a local band's studio to record with, and they said after 10 years of searching, they'd found the best bass drum sound to record with. I pissed them off telling them it cost around £15!
I also own in addition to the kit, crash, hi-hat and ride... a cowbell, zildjian splash cymbal, hi-hat tambourine, egg shaker, African bongo and triangle! I want some roto-toms sometime.