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I am looking to start a new band that will provide the opportunity for like minded people to get together and start something that should be fun and enjoyable without egos so that we can hopefully form a successful gigging band.

At 33 & with a job, mortgage, wife, child and another one on the way I think that the chance of getting signed and living a full time rock and roll lifestyle have unfortunately passed me by, however on the other hand I don't just want to form a cover band that bangs out the usual set list of oasis, blur, Beatles, Bowie etc, (not to say I don't like that music & no offence to those bands, it's just I've been there and done that so want to do something different). I've got a few ideas that I'd like to explore but I'm also open to ideas and input from others who join the band.

Rather than me bleet on about my ideas I think the best thing would probably be for people to email me if it sounds like something you are interested in and I can send you some of my ideas and we can take it from there. I'm really looking to hear from anyone no matter what instrument you play although I would be looking to play bass guitar and I will obviously also be looking for a singer/singers, (male, female, both, backing singers?...), however I would ask that you bear the following in mind...

I have tried to start and join a band on here and other band websites a couple of times before - the first time it failed because after passing emails backwards and forwards it got to the point of meeting up so I suggested a pub for us to meet up in only for the guitarist to say that his mum wouldn't let him go to the pub as he was under age and he couldn't meet during the week as he had homework and school the next day. In hindsight I probably should have found out his age at an earlier stage but I am not sure what he was thinking - I am looking to create a band that will be gigging in pubs so not being allowed in one may be a bit of a stumbling block...

The second time I went to join a band and we bypassed the meeting at a pub stage and went straight to rehearsal room - unfortunately this time the guitarist turned up without any guitars as he didn't have any at the minute and the drummer didn't turn up at all because his mum had to use the car to go food shopping but he chose not to let anyone know. Although I am looking to make it fun and enjoyable there does need to be a bit of seriousness and i know how previous everyones free time is, (especially if you have kids), so deciding to go to rehearsals without any instruments isn't really going to work and it is common decency to let people know of you cant make it.

Out of interest my playing history is that I 've played bass with a few bands before I moved up to the north east, theses include a band that did all their own material, a covers band that played pubs and functions and then I also played in a band whilst I was working in a ski resort in Italy.

I think there is a real opportunity to do something interesting, fun and hopefully start gigging. If it sounds like something that you might be interested in get in touch: the_indiekid@ and I will send you an email with some further information and the kind of thing that I am hoping to do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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