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The Heathens


The Heathens are a rock n roll band.
End of story.
But we haven’t got there yet.
You and me, the other three, we're all in a constant state of becoming and this is just the start of our story.
We don’t want to save the world,
We’re not trying to change it for a girl,
We just want to play rock n roll and we hope you dig the way we do.
Can you dig it?
Well if you dig your bad self (and we hope you do) then you can dig on The Heathens' strip it down, kick it out, shake it about and play it fu*king loud modus rocknrollerandy.
Don’t come to The Heathens looking for virtuosos, no coming for ten minutes solos.
Straight up blues n one-twos, solid grooves, white hot tubes, get it into you and break out your moves if you please, come on, the singer’s on his knees.
We want you.
We want you to come on down and dig on The Heathens.
We want you to come on down and let us get you up on getting on down to having a good time.
The Heathens are not the best band in the world.
What the fu*k would we do if we were?!
What I can tell you is that The Heathens do have the heart, the soul and the dogged keep on chooglin get up n go to play rock n roll the way we feel it should be played, the way it needs to be, torn and frayed.
Nature takes its course and were just along for the ride, trying hard to bleed dry some instruments of what’s pumping through our veins.
We really just want to play rock n roll.
There’s nothing else in this life that will suffice you know.
It’s not a choice, were on a need to know.
And that’s where you come in.
So do come on in, make yourself at home, in the dark, with the 100 plus decibels, the blood, the sweat and the beers, but don’t sit down, stay up, keep moving, get down and break out all over in a hot sh*t fit of digging your bad self.
Because we dig your bad self.
And that’s where you come in.
Because we can’t do it on our own.
But we wouldn’t ever want to.
We just can’t you see, hear no evil, speak the truth and tell you we need your help to make it work.
Because rock n roll isn’t mine, ain’t yours, its ours.
It’s a people thing.
That’s what it needs to mean anything, but to us, to many more than few, and that means me, the other three and you, it can mean everything.
Rock n roll isn’t a style, its not a type, a stripe or the right of a blessed tribe, its a vibe.
So if it burns you, stings you and turns you on bring it with you and lets rip this joint.
Not to labour the point but we love you, really we do.
We love it too, but its really all for you.
Am I preaching to the converted?
I hope so.
No bullsh*t.
It’s good for the soul.
The Heathens.
Rock and fu*king roll.

Screen name:
The Heathens
Member since:
Dec 21 2005
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years together:


Any and all Delta and Chicago Blues, Van Morrison (Astral weeks etc.) Velvet Underground, Beatles, Them, Captain Beefheart, Stones,Dylan, Stooges,Strokes,Kinks.

Members Of Band

Bobby on dirty driving bass
Diarmaid on riffs and licks
Richie on kicks and hits
Con screamin,wailing and shouting and geetar.


Pearl Masters Mahogany Classic drum kit, Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals.
Musicman sterling bass, ashdown 300W amp.
American Fender Strat, Vintage(1968) Gibson es-345, Fender '59 Bassman Ltd Edition, Green Bullet mic and Hohner marine band harps.
Epiphone Casino, Epiphone Les Paul, Takamine G-series, tambourine.
Mobile recording rig, check out: www.resolutionrecordings.tk