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KERRANG - "Ex-Audioweb frontman Martin 'Sugar' Merchant certainly sounds mad about something on this suitably aggro, low-fi, raga metal anthem. Think Skindred really pissed off. Think really fu*king cool!"

Michelle Hussey BBC Radio Manchester "so raw and so pure at the same time they are almost unbelievable however I can assure you they are very very real, as real as it gets; they will blow you away everytime - so let them, trust me you'll love it . ."

Manchester Music.co.uk Someone has already made a comparison between SupaJamma and Skindred and amazingly, it would appear that Martin Merchant (Audioweb / Sugar Merchants) has embraced this fully and enthusiastically. You can find dub, rock, MC’ing and the pulsing attack of the rock beat all in here. Like anything before it, there’s a solid groove, capable of pushing mountains along as this cross genre assault gathers momentum – SupaJamma could find themselves on a variety of stages with equal appeal...

Contact Music - Scott Causer 8/10 - "Supajamma have produced 'That Was Then, This is Now' (an obvious reference to the past) a lo-fi mini-album of 6 songs filled to the brim with punk attitude and delivered with such conviction it's hard to believe he ever went away. You can't get enough of something this good and That Was Then This Is Now is a short sharp shock. Not so much a mini-album as a statement of intent. Highlight of the album is forthcoming single Mad About It and before you know it, it's all over before its begun. Supajamma clearly believe in leaving their audience wanting more. On the evidence of what they've delivered here, and with a full length debut album currently in the works, Supajamma have shown themselves to be a force to be reckoned with and maybe, just maybe, now its their time."

KERRANG - "Fusing mettalic riffs with dancehall grooves & a snarling punk attictude Manchester's SupaJamma will inevitably be likened to Welsh ragga-metallers Skindred. Yet whilst both bands share similar componenets on paper, it only takees one spinnof this SupaJamma's debut EP to discover this Northern 5 piece are actually a very different beast alltogether. While Skindred opt for slick production values to give their tunes a radio friendly sheen SupaJamma are practically lo-fi by comparrision, juxtaposing frontman Martin Merchant's diverse vocal range with a scuzzy, Rammstein-esque metal assault". Daniel J Lane.

Terry Christian June 2010 - "Forget the strivers careerists and a so - called indie market place littered with drama students, Supajamma are a twenty ton truck load of rock colliding with reggae , pure mayhem suss and thrust" -

Manchester Music - "Of notable membership of this new Manchester outfit are Martin Merchant (formerly of The Sugar Merchants and Audioweb), co-writer Simon Collier and Ex-Wilson frontman Steve Wilson. These were bands that held bigger stages in an era when I was in a band myself. They were definitely acts to look up to, gathering their own respect for experimenting with music that defied the trends in force at the time. So here in 2010 (which must seem like some kind of science fiction compared to the late 80’s - which is when most of the band members here served their apprenticeships), SupaJamma are causing something of a stir. Martin Merchant is soulful and playfully gathers an edgy push at his choosing, against the bands occasionally dubby outlook. “It’s Alright” could be dressed up as a Mark Ronson / Gnarls Barkley vehicle and smuggled into the top ten, despite the modest, slightly garagey recording. This is very much a back to basics effort, but the whole collection shines on the strength of the songs and the lively, organic bustle of straight up guitar and keys indie soul. Lessons can be given by SupaJamma on how to distil the essence of Manchester past into an original, catchy musical swagger and this is a somewhat refreshing result.

Clint Boon XFM “Martin Merchant is one of the biggest Mancs ever. Big heart, big man, big voice. His work as front man with the Sugar Merchants and Audioweb was nothing short of immense and breathtaking, if a little ahead of the times. Then wasn’t a great time for crossing great soul music with great rock music. Neither the music industry or the man in the street were ready for it.What Merchant (with his ace new band SupaJamma) is doing now is bang on. This nation has embraced soul in the last couple of years. These guys are knockin out a stunning mix of beautiful, heartfelt soul and the dirtiest, funkiest, sleaziest, fu*k off rock.

This is the time for SupaJamma.


Natalie-Eve Williams BBC Radio Manchester - "Fusing pure passion and rythym - I defy you not to be blown away by them, even more incredible than you can imagine live too"

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Jan 09 2008
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56 years


60's, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Indie, Madchester, Hip Hop. Clash, Hollies, Buzzcocks, Prodigy, Social Distortion, The Chameleons, Audioweb & a whole lot more, all bands that took chances in their day & made a difference.

Members Of Band

Martin (Sugar) Merchant vocals, Simon Collier Bass, Dan Adams drums, Divine Lord Bevs Guitar, Steve Wilson - Keys.


Yes ...... contact us for stage spec



Past Events

Big Freee festival in an as yet to be disclosed location, 4 marquees of BANDS dj'S & good vibes. SupaJamma & loads more http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117042795035761

Benefit for The Christie Hospital featuring Russell Howard & a whole bunch of other artists http://futureperfectmanchester.co.uk for more details

Great North West based festival celebrating the life & influence of Joe Strummer & The Clash www.strummercamp.co.uk

Newest big festival on the scene, Capesthorne Hall Cheshire. SupaJamma, Charlatans, Buzzcocks, Badly Drawn Boy, Cribs, The Fall, Bad Lieutenant, Cherry Ghost, Kid British

SupaJamma Live show with Senser

SupaJamma + The Ruby's

SupaJamma live show

Benfit for The Christie

SupaJamma live show

SupaJamma live show

Support to Dreadzone

Live show with Denise Johnsons new band H.E.Y

live show with Dreadzone

Live show at Key Street - Clitheroe Lancs