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Bass playing failed guitarist, but enthusiastic at a genetic level

My current format is a band of four gentlemen of a certain age (40-57) who should know better, all of whom are capable and experienced musicians with no ego-fuelled show offs. Need a fifth to take up tonsilist duties. Be aware this is a “shits and giggles” deal, but the odd gig and recording session will inevitably work their way in. More if wanted/needed/not prohibited by a change in local bylaws...

Our musical direction is unquestionably rock but this is early days and the particular flavour is as yet not set in stone (could be AC/DC, could be Pink Floyd, could be a Wombles tribute, medieval hip hop funk, or Bavarian throat sung metal), so the ability of a warbler to fit in socially is as, if not more, important than being able to sing in a certain range, or sound like a particular singer, but in-tune singers are probably better.

We also write quite a lot of our own material so the willingness to sing the songs , and collaborate on new ones would be great. Someone else on Bandmix summed it up well, “Let’s write some songs that no-one wants to hear”! LOL!

And for clarity’s sake, it’s worth pointing out that we all have other musical side projects (some worthwhile, some less so), so if you are already in a band then that is fine as we will probably convene every of fortnight or so. This may be a little more often as we build up to a gig/studio/ autopsy.

So send me a message and ask more. Even if you just want to talk about string gauges, tone woods, or why all clouds look like Tony Bennet performing an oral act on an Austin Ambassodor (although that may just be me).

Mindless inanity could be just a few keystrokes away, but we may just make some beautiful music as a byproduct.

“The real music is what happens inbetween the songs” - the rt hon Scandy McF-pigg

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Jun 05 2019
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Moderately Committed
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10 to 50
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More than 3 times per week
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1 night a week
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Musical - Van Halen, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Queen, Wildhearts, Billy Joel, Toby Keith,
The rest is not musical, but it really, really matters.
Personal - love, sarcasm, enduring friendship, curry, kebab, laughter
Epemeral - Great Green Arklesiezure,
Hates - Peas, offal, and people who hate stuff!

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GB Rumour 5 string bass
Nightingale 4 String bass
Tokai Hard Puncher (precision) bass
Indie 4 string bass
Yamaha fretless
Gibson Les Paul 1973 Deluxe
Gibson Byrdland 1964
Squier JV Strat
Fender Wilko Telecaster
GB Telecaster
GB custom 6 string guitar
Washburn Chicago Guitar
Yamaha Silent Acoustic
Yamaha noisy acoustic