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Hey My names Lee aka Skeptik. I have been writing lyrics for approx a year or so, & like pushing the boundaries with what I can do lyrically. I am Looking for people to help me improve musically, Lyric-wise, personally. Help me write, maybe collaborate, I'm open to any ideas... I have a few people who are helping me anyway. I just want to improve. I Rap/Mc, & am currently starting to make my own beats too, (though this is in its infancy). I am getting advice from some people in the industry with regards to where to go with what i have. For the last year I have been thinkin more about lyrics & music, & have a lot of material in diff styles, about diff things, That i wrote myself... & in this year I will be producing tracks too hopefully, & I can dj. I would love to collab with some bands, guitarists maybe, & vocal singers for chorus's etc once i have better equipment...or even rap/mc over music. So making my own music with people & doing that from scratch is something i would love to do in the near future. I could not put up the best Lyrics I have on here (Not Enough space) ... plus I don't want to show much yet. I'm just,looking for people idea's, feedback, contributions & inspiration?. I wouldn't put me in a specific catagory just yet, I'm still finding myself musically. Everyone has to start somewhere...This is the beggining of my journey... I appreciate you reading this. When i get my new equipment It will all start sounding better quality. I just want to know opinons. again, thanks. (plus I feel more at home with drum & bass, but i love to prove people wrong, & be different) There should be no limitations in music.

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I am interested & listen to many diff genres. Tho I'm more into like, DnB, dubstep, Rap, Rnb, Rock, I even listen to classical sometimes lol. Plan-B is a legend, & someone I look upto right now. But i have influences musically since i can remember hearing music from the 80's. Music in general has always been an influence in my life.
Right now...Chase & status, because they like to push boundaries, & Dylemma (watch this space)...ANYONE who can make me feel there music...any genre, any age. if its good music, & u can feel it...im happy. Thats what music is about. I will listen to anything from Sinatra to Noisia...Stevie Wonder to Killswitch Engage...Jay-z to BB King.


I'm not instrumentaly blessed, though I can play a few things on keyboard/piano, & used to play the drums. I also wish to learn to play the the electric guitar. I just Rap/Mc & am currently starting to make my own music too (Reason/Cubase etc) I have turntables & waiting on a new audio interface & microphone. Everything so far is recorded on a mobile phone...so I appologise for the sound quality & bare with me