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Band to Join, Bass Guitar, Drums, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist.


Guitarist playing on and off for 20+ years. I love big riffs, melodic leads, duel guitar harmonies and BIG choruses and breakdowns!

Plenty of gig and studio experience (although I hate click tracks and generally prefer live and performance). I am committed to the right project.

I haven't played seriously for around 3 years but pick my guitar up regularly so that I dont forget which way up it goes!

I'm a nerd. Like scifi, fantasy, horror, dystopia, comics and general escapism. I'm a bit outspoken and sometimes need to be told to shut the fu*k up. It's fine.

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Jul 15 2019
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Over 100
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I like metal, hardcore, deathmetal, djent, prog and classic rock but have an incredibly open mind and eclectic range of tastes so I can find common ground with most people.

Currently listening to Our Hollow, Our Home, While She Sleeps, Novelists, Architects, Northlane, Everytime I Die, Intervals, Scale the Summit, Tesseract, Monuments, Terror, Stick to Your Guns, Heart of a Coward, Bury Tomorrow, Black Dhalia Murder, Job for a Cowboy, Messhugga, Karnivool, Tool, etc etc...

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:


Blackstar Series One 100w head (6L6 tubes)
Marshall 4x12 cab
LTD406 Tele w/ EMG pickups
Schecter C1 Hellraiser w/ EMG pickups
Ibanez RG321 w/ SD pickups
Ibanez RG7321 (7-string)
Ibanez RG8 (8-string)
Ibanez JS100 (Joe Satriani)
Takamine G-Series acoustic
Vintage mandolin
Various pedals but primarily just use boss NS-1 noise suppressor, GE-7 EQ, Digital Delay and chorus. No wah but will get one if needed.

Also have own transport.