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Paul Trueman


Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Background Singer, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, DJ, Dobro, Drums, Electronic Music, Fiddle, Flute, Harmonica, Harp, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Other, Other Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Steel guitar, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Upright bass, Violin, Vocalist - Alto, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Bass, Vocalist - Soprano, Vocalist - Tenor.


I'm looking for a fellow composer or lyricist or both to collaborate with on songwriting projects locally in Plymouth or at least in the Westcountry ideally - I prefer to actually work with someone I can meet rather than via online systems. I would welcome the friendship of a pianist, singer or band of musicians. I could do with some help as it's hard work on your own without feedback from someone else. However, I would seek a written collaboration agreement in order to work with a partner or partners formally in order to comply with advice from the Songwriters Guild, of which I am a member - they help to protect copyrights via what amounts to a kind of insurance. Although it's a hobby, I am very committed to this work and enjoy it very much when it goes well anyway. I have written 77 lyrics in the last 3 to 5 years but most of them need music - 16 or so, have music so far - and although I use some sort of 'working melody' to write them, in order to get the meter of the lines right, it takes more work to create the final version of the music, which is often very different. I would be overjoyed to be able to work with someone else who enjoys songwriting and to meet other musicians in Plymouth. I'm sorry but with one exception, I am not currently writing material suitable for the heavy metal genre and I don't listen to contemporary songwriting gurus because they're aren't themselves writing songs that I like in any case and there's widespread boredom with a lot of it among the young too.

She Was Beautiful (lyrics) has original music composed by me.

She was beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun,
And the first time,
I saw her,
The world had yet to come,

She was so beautiful there to behold,
That the moonlight passing by,
Defined her,
And designed her,
In the shadows of the sky,

For she was beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun,
And the first time,
I saw her,
Our lives had just begun,

And she was so colourful carefree and wild,
That my calling was her flame,
But the time passed,
To love's last,
Only memories remain,

Here among the scattered helpers,
Lost among the fallout shelters,
Where the fearful tread the wilds,
And where she was beautiful,
When she was freedom's child,

Now a heart beats in the candlelight air,
By the words born of a song,
Did she hear me,
Or fear me,
Will you tell me I was wrong?

For she was beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun,
And the first time,
I saw her,
I knew what love had done,

Did the time pass in the still of the night?
Did I realise far too late,
How she wired me,
And inspired me,
Was it destiny or fate?

For she was beautiful,
Far too beautiful to be mine,

Copyright © 1974, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2019, Paul Trueman.

I Cling To A Lifeline (lyrics)

Love is a dream that arises,
In stories, we know,
The childrens’ school plays,
Bright sunny days,
The playgrounds, we filled with surprises,

But what will remain of my memories,
Those beautiful times,
The music I breathe,
And still, believe,
Isn’t the life that you sent me,

And it’s been a lifetime,
I’ll never be free,
I cling to a lifeline,
Knowing the truth is it must be me,

Love is a rose and a junkie,
A paradise lost,
It’s that kind of need,
All that we seed,
Growing as wild as the country,

And songs that remain in the quarry,
A Norwegian Wood,
The lovelorn parades,
Fairytale maids,
I'm sure when they’re gone, we will all be sorry,

And it’s been a lifetime,
I’ll never be free,
I cling to a lifeline,
Knowing the truth is it must be me,

Yes, if it’s you,
Yes, it is true,
Yes, it is you that I’d love to see,

Copyright © 2016, 2019, Paul Trueman.

I have rewritten and retitled the preceding song, but I have no given up on this version either. What it is, on my own I can't really assess it. Maybe someone else would have a good tune for the chorus, which I don't have for the original version - I have only the verse melody so far. The new version has a chorus as well but is very different.

My Room (lyrics) – chorus not shown but has been written. Does not yet have music, although I have some sketchy melodic idea's for it.

My room will survive,
It’s my one desire,
And it’s music is alive,
In these hidden wires,

For I am the owner,
Of a mystery,
I’m living in a song,
Where her forest used to be,

My room in a stroke,
Had an open door,
And the symphony awoke,
On a paper floor,

For I am the guardian,
Of my history,
I’m hoping I belong,
In the World, my eyes can see,

My room is a page,
In the fallout zone,
Although sometimes from a cage,
Comes a prison’s stone,

For I am the inmate,
Of these icy halls,
I'm living here alone,
But we share a treasured cause,

Copyright © 2011, 2012, 2013, Paul Trueman.

The Autumn Treasure (lyrics) has melody and basic harmony, but I'm not completely happy with some of it.

Home at last,
And time has flown,
For all the silent singles she has known,
And she left thorns in every wishing well,
Beyond the shell,
A broken spell,
Late in her last endeavour,

And while her feelings follow life along,
She’ll never tell,
Of those who fell,
There, in a moment’s pleasure,

In her eyes,
A feeling’s flight,
The weight of every starry, starry night,
And she’s so right that love alone composed,
And ever knows,
It’s faithful glow,
There in its springtime tether,

Alive and truly longing for the songs,
Of long ago,
Their ebb and flow,
Only a mortal’s measure,

Flying high,
Beyond the clouds,
Discarding veils and disregarding shrouds,
There’s so much more, that modern lives deny,
Of Earth and sky,
She’ll wonder why,
Lost in these lives of leisure,

Born late and hiding there so far beyond,
The madding crowd,
That love allowed,
Only the autumn treasure,

No surprise,
A fading light,
Fears nothing darker than the fall of night,
And having hope in all, she’s ever done,
Or might have won,
It has become,
These dreams she entwined together,

Their shadow’s sentimentalising flight,
And when it’s gone,
It leaves a song,
Held in her voice forever,

Copyright © 2014, 2019, Paul Trueman.

She Was Sleeping (lyrics) - I have not shown the bridge verse or the new chorus here - the chorus wasn't good enough as it stood, and it needs a bridge verse - but the song has an evocative melody and other musicians like it: -

She was sleeping,
I'm still dreaming
Lost in the memory,
Of all that I found there,
In a time when I knew her,
In moments awoken,
Long ago,

Knowing only the words,
On a song sheet arrayed,
And they’re only the songs,
That the radio played,
As they all begin to fade,

For the love lines,
Are fragile and treasured,
Being the right lines,
Measure their part,
Knowing a lifetime's,
Dreams are forever,
In spite of the right time's,
Failing chart,

Knowing only the words,
On a song sheet arrayed,
And they’re only the songs,
That the radio played,
As they all begin to fade,

And should our lifelines,
Be those sometimes,
May their memories,
Eternally play here,
Stay here,
Wide awake on the ocean,
Where breaking emotions,
Turn to art,

Knowing only the words,
On a song sheet arrayed,
And they’re only the songs,
That the radio played,
As they all begin to fade,

She was sleeping,
I'm still dreaming,
If she’s out there...

Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019, Paul Trueman

There are two versions of this song: the other one has different verses.

I like to write love songs but I enjoy all kinds of music personally from classical to the more melodic kind of metal. I like evocative melodies though and find a lot of new music a bit of a dirge.

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The Good Old Days - mostly music before 2000 with a very few exceptions. The Beatles, Carpenters, Seekers, Beach Boys, Chicago, Eagles, Abba, Elvis, Don McClean, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, Slade, Queen and Elton John have influenced and inspired me somewhat, among many others as has classical music. However, I have my own style of songwriting. I do find it very difficult to do, but it's worth it.

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Yamaha CLP685 with external active speaker augmentation.