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Band to Join, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Background Singer, Other, Electronic Music.


Universe shall bring us together if we're meant to come together - simple, it is :)

Watch me perform LIVE:
Covering ''Wherever you will go - The Calling''
Original Song with a one off band:

So you get an idea of my sound! I Like all kinds of music... I guess my style mixes from Pop, Indie, Rock, Punk, Acoustic and a Little bit of Everything and Anything Mixed in really! I Never Say No to Trying Something New! I'm Very open!

More Links to Hear My Stuff:

YOUTUBE: magicthemystic OR DIRECT LINK:


Mostly a writer and Singer/Vocalist.
- I enjoy recording mostly, and I'm looking for MAINLY a guitarist who is up for accompanying me at open mics doing covers, originals in acoustic... for bars, lounges and cafes etc

- I would however, LOVE to find work towards forming a band with good chemistry, any amount of instruments and for live performances, gigs and perhaps even record an album if we are tight enough in our gelling... like jello... hahaha!
I know this will take longer though, to find the right people, for us all to mix together well enough, and be able to have fun, joke around and even hang out together as friends... it definitely needs to be people who are open minded, hearted, somewhat spiritually conscious and into all kinds of music!!! up for experimentation, and DEFINITELY up for performing so FULL of confidence and excited, enthusiastic and exalted by the idea of EXPANSION!!! I dream BIG!!!

In general, I like people who live to have fun with music, and still be dedicated and serious about moving forward and evolving! It's the most amount of FUN for me to GROW and ACTUALLY develop!!! I'm mostly EXCITED about getting my name everywhere, connecting with people all over the WORLD through music... and to be honest, I am very laid back and flexible, open and also Honest, reliable to be committed with the right people who are as flexible as I am. I don't like pressure so i don't give it and won't respond to it - I just want to have fun AND know that you guys are as interested and into it as I am... no flakes, or half hearted music :) - Business aspect of music is also important to me, so I'll definitely take initiative to book gigs and show up, but i really want people who have a range of skills to offer so you can also show some action taking in booking, promoting, getting gigs and people who are up for photoshoots together... the whole sha-bang! :) - thankssss...

I will say although i can be introverted, which is where my art comes from, and i'm more of an artist than a performer, I also have an extreme extrovert side, so I'm an ambivert. In this case, this means... at times i'm observing and quiet, and times I love to be center stage... all in all, I get along with those who either genuinely like to be passive, or those or are as eccentric as I am!!! Anyone who is reserved but wants to splash out... and anyone who doesn't like extreme shyness or extreme loudness won't get along with me, cause I'm both at various times!!! hahaha...

I obviously have the ability to communicate well, am upfront and like to use my time efficiently. If you read all this you're probably a fairly intelligent person or beyond it... I wrote all this cause if you're the right person for me to create a longer term band formation with...group...team etc... then you'd only do it after knowing/having read all this... got to be yourself from the get-go to attract the right people - no time wasting pretending i don't talk alot... :) and of course as all artists and performers do, I got a very conceited side... ;) yet truth be told, I am a very caring professional person... I seriously will consider your opinions, have time to listen to you etc... and if you're the right person to be make music with me, which is a deeply emotional, intimate, connecting, heart opening experience... then you'd probably have to be someone i could be friends with to some extent, so yes... if all goes well and you have contacted me after knowing all this, I definitely will have time for you as a friend also :)

Peace & Candy Treats

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Jun 18 2014
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10 to 50
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More than 3 times per week
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6-7 nights a week