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Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Piano.


Looking to form a band for fun & stress relief!

This is a long description because I just want to make it clear for those who want to join in:

I'm attempting to bring together a group of people between the ages of 18-35 & any gender welcome - looking for like-minded people who don't judge, are open minded & to have a good time playing music together.

As a LOT of other people, I have used music for mental health release for a long time (depression/anxiety) & really wanted to get a group together who want to just let loose, play some great music & be supportive. We can learn together & grow together!

This is where a lot of people will click away so sorry! - It would be great to keep the drugs, swearing, sex & blood out of it (unless artistically necessary) as my current jobs involves kids & I respect them too much, I don't want them to come across anything bad if I can help it - this is purely for fun and there are SO MANY SONGS out there that don't ride off these topics.
We can still make incredible, impactful & punchy songs if you are still interested in that.

I have quite a lot of songs written which would be fun to work on & experiment with. Rock is very expressive which is why I love it so much, we can do whatever the hell we want. The songs I do right are mainly about mental health, growing as a person, overcoming lives obstacles & allowing yourself to have fun. Sounds serious but it's really mainly fun stuff to play!

We don't need to gig until everyone in the band is 100% comfortable, this is mainly for the fun.
I'm not saying gigs won't happen at all! I think they will be great in the future once we get to know each other & our vibe!

Obviously there is not band right now. Just little ol' me looking for a group of nice people who are just lovely & like rock music haha.

Let me know if you are interested in joining something fun.

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Jul 23 2020
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Just for Fun
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Personally I love bands like the Foo Fighters, Green Day & Queen but I also like some pop artists & jazz musicians.
I don't judge on peoples influences, just play me something cool & i'm sure I will like it!

People who are like "aww man, you listen to *insertbandhere*, they are rubbish!!" are no tolerated because... let people enjoy things! :)

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I have a couple amps, Guitars & a Keyboard.