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Jonathan Morgan


Bass Guitar, Drums.


Jonathan is a psychedelic rock guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer and sonic innovator from Birmingham, England. He started playing guitar age 12, and received his first electric guitar at age 13. Vastly self-taught, including learning to sing, by age 14 he was already writing songs prolifically.
Forming his first band, White Funeral Facade at 18 with friends landed Jonathan a handful of local gigs, and a track on Kidderminster College's compilation CD MAS Records 2 in 2003. The patron of the label is Robert Plant.
After the band stopped playing, a couple years later, using a cassette boombox for recording ideas became a thing of the past when Jonathan finally began using software to record. The following years produced much experimentation, with him eventually coming to use other instruments including synthesizers, hand percussion, and electronic tanpura. Some of these were featured in his solo acoustic shows under the name Humming in the Night Skull, which was active a few years from 2009.
Recording in his home spaces, and with cassettes of ideas left over from his teenage years Jonathan used some of the ideas for recording projects before finally starting to write and record music more seriously, releasing it independently on Bandcamp under his own name in 2013 starting with his album Midnight Luminous.
Briefly working with American label Custom Made Music in 2015 for a cassette release of his EP The Clearing Mist, and then in 2016, shortly after the Bandcamp release of his Protégé EP, Jonathan signed with Duo Box Records in August 2016. He stopped working with Duo Box Records in Spring 2018 and went independent.

As of Summer 2020, Jonathan has removed his commercial, independently released discography and is almost exclusively on Bandcamp, which features a very large discography produced within a fairly short period of time. He does have profiles on SoundCloud and Hearthis.at, which is a superior version of SoundCloud, which shares mostly B-sides, outtakes, previously unreleased material of different kinds, and even a few songs from his main Bandcamp discography. Most of his SoundCloud uploads are available to listen to here but there is a few more on the profile itself.

Check the website which was launched at the beginning of this year...


May 2021 Update:
I'm up for a jam within the next few months. I'm not put off by meeting in person. Looking to start a new Bandcamp page later this year using a brand new project name, so this profile may have an overhaul, or I might create a new account. We'll see...

Screen name:
Jonathan Morgan
Member since:
Jun 15 2015
Active within 1 month
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
10 to 50


Smashing Pumpkins, Alexandro Jodorowsky (film director), Pink Floyd, Filter, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Tangerine Dream, John Coltrane.... Philosophy, psychedelia, knowledge...

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Electronic Music:
Other Percussion:


Rally Custom 6 string electric guitar, with vase and vine abalone fretboard inlay.
ESP LTD EC-401 6 string electric guitar.
Vintage, 1988 Japanese Fender Stratocaster, with double custom paintjob.
Squier Standard Stratocaster, with large, 1970s style headstock.
Vintage Eko Rio Bravo 12 string acoustic guitar.
Cheap Johnny Brook four string bass guitar, (intonation no problem at all).

2x Boss GX-700 (better than a lot of preamps before or since), Alesis Microverb III (in 3U portable rack case).
Mission Engineering fully manual volume/expression pedal.
Tech 21 MIDI Moose.
ISP Technologies Stealth amplifier (Mk 1).
Modern, angled Laney 4x12 speaker cabinet.
Vintage, 1980s, oversized, straight, roadworn Laney 4x12 speaker cabinet.

Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Small Stone & Big Muff.
MXR Phase 90 (reissue).
Vintage, 1970s Dunlop Crybaby wah.
New Dunlop "Clyde McCoy" Crybaby wah.
Danelectro Dan-Echo delay.

Dr. J Sparrow (for bass)

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.