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joe m


Band to Join.


Can kind of sing. There's a problem though... Picture Jim Morrison when he couldn't face the audience as he was too nervous. Except without the looks or talent!

I'm not shy but have a real issue with singing in front of people. Anyone messaging me is likely to need the patience of a Saint. I did once try to coax out a squeak in front of someone by engaging a vocal coach. She told me my voice suited soul (I was young and naive and just wanted to sing The Doors and rock in my twenties) and that I have a natural 3.5 octave vocal range?!? Oh and did I mention I have no musical understanding. And I was still very nervous in front of her. Sorry Melanie. You tried...

Put off yet? No? Well as long as your ambition is to hold gigs at my home, for me to be in the shower and on the condition I believe no one is about we're all good... Let's be honest if it ever would happen it'll be covers. 07453306939

I've been singing since I was a kid. That's over 40 years experience going to waste! I was also once the lead singer in a rock band for a week about 20 years ago. I was kicked out after one rehearsal because I couldn't sing well to the songs they asked me to sing that I didn't know. Picture a rabbit in the headlights mumbling about never having heard of the band and the vocalist they wanted me to sound exactly like.????

So... Having effectively removed ANY chance of anyone ever contacting me I can go back to hiding under my rock. Thanks for reading...

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joe m
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Feb 27 2008
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Just for Fun
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I just love it all. As long as its 'good'. Am off to a MUCH better chance if I have a feeling for the music. Anything from Nina Simone and Al Green to Wolfmother... As it happens I do actually love The Doors, but I guess that's showing my age and no one would want to explore that...

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I may have a mic somewhere..