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The recording and mixing process can make or break your songs...

You want your music to be heard and respected by as many people as possible, once you release those tracks into the world they stay there FOREVER!!.

The last situation you wanna end up is ,hating the sound of your own songs for the next few years.

Theres nothing worse than going back to an album a couple months down the line that you spent a year in the making only to hate the sound of the mix.

Let’s create something you will be proud of:

You’ve written and perfected songs that you are proud of and have a vision for the final product, now its time to put your baby into the hands of someone else.

Ill be working closely with you to turn your vision into a finished and polished recording that you and your fans can enjoy.

HI, Im Dal

I’ve been mixing, recording and editing music for the last 7 years, I have experience in tracking, re amping different source tones, post production, vocal production, Drum, Bass and Guitar editing, songwriting and arrangement.

I say all of this only because I want you to know that the music you worked so hard at composing , arranging and perfecting is in the hands of someone who knows how to take that vision and enhance it!!

Click on the Dropbox link below to listen to some of my most recent mixing work.



Editing (i.e Vocal tuning, Vocal alignment, Drum, bass and guitar editing)



Post Production FX.

Drum programming.

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For prices, send me a message with your specific needs and Ill get back to you with a quote