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Crazy Eddie


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I'm really hoping to be part of some kind of mental indie-folk-punk-rock band, musically influenced by whatever you like. I'm 19, and have been playing guitar for about 5 years. I'm no shred-master by any means, but I take my playing seriously. I love the Crimea (and the mighty Crocketts before them), the Levellers, Killing Joke, Queen, 'Tallica, Flipron, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Placebo... European and celtic folk, show tunes, classical, 70's punk and rock and anything you can hum. I will gaze no shoes. Wanna do shows with ENERGY. I fear we're losing the art of the rock-concert.
Living in the sticks, I've only ever got to jam properly a few times, but those times went well. I need more! I live for music, couldn't live without it. Not sure if this is all a bit too specific, but I'm not used to these things. I play a modded Epi LP into a Vox AC30 head through a Marshall 4X12.
Essentially, anyone in the Norfolk area who's up for playing good music and having some fun, talk to me! I really just want to jam.
- Ed

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Crazy Eddie
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Feb 28 2006
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The Crocketts/The Crimea, Queen, The Levellers, Ben Folds, Metallica... European folk in general, 70's rock, show tunes... all kinds of things.


Modded Epi Les Paul, Vox AC30CC head + Marshall 4X12. My Simon and Patrick Acoustic.