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Songwriter only. I'M NOT A SINGER. I sing on work tapes only. So save your devastating vocal critiques for someone who cares haha...

I'm seeking committed & talented vocalists who need original songs. I have a large catalog of finished work and I'm putting up certain songs (~30) for adoption. This is my SONG ADOPTION PROGRAM. You people -- the hard working up-and-coming singers -- can each adopt one (maybe more) of my high quality tunes and see if it helps create a buzz helps kickstart your career etc.

What it is: Licensed promotional use granted by me for an agreed upon period. There is no cost to you. I would be paid down the road by the record company when/if you get a deal.

Is there a catch? Yes: You must be motivated & ambitious in order to participate. YOU CANNOT BE SITTING AT HOME. That means you are at least gigging open mics and coffee houses etc. For you music is not a hobby: You are building a career as an artist. Please understand that anything else is a waste of my time.

Having said that I am willing to place material with younger singers who show great potential. You don't have to be a polished professional right this minute. But you must be working hard to push yourself along that track. I worked hard for years to develop my song craft. I demand the same hard work of you in return.

Note: I'm in the USA (bmix .com listing). I started this listing to make more contacts. (My listing address Channel Islands is an area where I have a small bank account ...I have no other connection to the UK.)

Questions about my role answered: No I don't want to travel. No I don't want to join your band. No I don't want to produce. And I'm not being rude when I say I don't want to meet you at least not in the short term. There is no need. Everything can be done over the internet.

Besides: One great aspect of this song adoption program is you maintain artistic independence: I don't produce and/or manage. I don't assert creative control. I just contribute songs. Then ultimately I have to live with the outcomes that emerge on your end.

So I need to be selective when it comes to singers. There aren't very many good candidates. I dread the misfires awaiting me out there. But such are the risks in any adoption program haha.


Work tapes are cellphone recordings guitar/vocal only. Sometimes "desafinado". (My breath control blows.) The demos can be rough. But I like the spontaneity. I am singing low in the girl keys and playing acoustic. Use your imagination as to the impact of higher energy full band versions.

If possible do me a small favor and listen twice on separate days (sleep on it) before writing me off. It takes time for hooks to be processed in the brain. It doesn't happen in a day. I'm sure you've had the experience of listening to an annoying new song that eventually becomes a favorite.

And kindly keep in mind: I'M UPLOADING ONLY A FEW OF MY COLLECTION. What actual tunes will be pitched to specific singers? It depends. I have many finished songs in various styles from simple lullabyes to full on rock. It's a matter of matching singer and song.

Also: Some might ask if I'm available to write new songs for them. Or with them. The answer is definitely not at the start. It could happen down the road but only if you turn out to be the real deal and not a poser a slacker a flake.


So I've written a book here and covered the basics of my song adoption program. Good luck to all the hard working musicians making the world a better place.

OK, crooners. Now you know how I feel!

(Btw I set age 99 as a privacy filter. I'm picky. Making contact outbound only to the best prospects for my material.)

***Note: If I contacted you check end of contact message for location of other sound files and mail address***

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Lyrics/comments are here because the box for song comments is a popup (when you hit play buttons at bottom of page) but doesn't work on my phone even with popups enabled.


Song 1: BETTER LUCK TOMORROW ..... Work tape: 1st chorus

The future belongs
To those who
Give it a shot
Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
For kings and paupers
It's the same
Fortune favors the bold
So, you roll
The dice
And make the world
Think twice

(The singer's role on this one will be like a Greek/Roman goddess offering encouragement and a warning. I have a few good songs written in this same sort of character/voice which I like for women.)

Song 2: NOW YOU SEE IT ..... Work tape, bridge only

Not too far away
Not too long ago
I heard the people say
We have a permanent
Status quo
Oh no
Now you see it
Now you don't
Now you see it
But soon you won't

(Not lovey dovey lyrics. I like the philosophical themes. This one is versatile and can be arranged as guitar rock or all synth.)

Song 3: SERENITY ..... Work tape, 1st verse

Fills my heart
And surrounds
My mind
I know
It won't last
It goes past
Then it's gone
So I
Resolve to live
In this moment

(I have a dozen tunes in this style with the high tempo guitars below and the female voice floating above. In fact I'm doing an entire project built around this idea in the US. Sorry the scratch vocal is such a brick ...I think the fire monkey rhythm guitar style cuts the circulation off to my diaphragm)

Song 4: CLOSER LOVE ..... Work tape, 1st verse + channel

Help me
'Cause I'm deep in love
With the one
I shouldn't dream of
It's just a crush
That's gonna go away
So I tell myself
Every passing day
But each time
She's next to me
My heart says
We are meant to be

(Sugary pop composition but can be made cool with the right production. This one has a great innovative chorus that I don't want to reveal w/o password protection. And this take is too slow. "1st verse + channel" .... yeah "channel" is a Nashvegas term for pre-chorus or section that comes after the verse and usually leads to the chorus.)