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Band to Join, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.


I am a 24 year old bedroom musician who's fed up with not playing and bouncing off other musicians. I practice my vocals at the college I work at with a piano, practising covering songs I love, but I am ready to branch out and start making beautiful connections with beautiful people that desire to make beautiful sounds. I don't have a lot of my own material, a few riffs and ideas here and there but to strike a musical connection with someone, feeding and filling in each other's musical holes in the pursuit of creating legendary musical moments is what I'd say I want to happen, and I want there to be a mutual understanding that if say we did meet and it didn't work then we could quite simply part ways. I believe that creativity is a fragile thing and I want to play with someone who understands that and that wants to experiment and explore solely the music. I have my influences and tendencies like everyone but I do like to keep an open mind and I want to feed off of other's ideas and talents. So please if you get tasty pleasure in your loins from similar influences then I'm interested.

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Mar 13 2020
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Jeff Buckley is my jam at the moment I am obsessed with his song Grace. The gospel breakdown midway through that song is just chilling and gives you that little bluesy seasoning. I have grown up on a diet of Zeppelin, ACDC, Bad Company, Queen, so a nice classic hard rock platter but also I tend to lean towards heavily conceptual and sometimes progressive songs and albums, even film music like Peter Gabriel's Passion. Other conceptual influences being from artists like Rush, Mike Oldfield, Anathema, Pink Floyd.. Sometimes however these conceptual pieces can get quite heavy on the old head and I need a little peace and serenity which I find in more folk/blues rock/pop like simon and garfunkel, Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, I'm partial to a pinch of Tom Jones and his mate Elvis every now and then too. When I'm done fannying around I like a bit of bite and my appetite for grunge music has been steadily expanding over the last few years, the vocals of Chris Cornell and Layne Staley producing feelings I never thought I could have for another man and those dirty little riffs they lullaby over. Basically I like my music intense, passionate, heart crushing and spookily transient and I go to quite a serious place when playing. But I am not like that 100% of the time and I do actually love a fanciful flurry of cheesy fun when I am coming up from the pits of despair. I hope this gains you a thorough and truthful insight into my musical taste, my thoughts being that this is a marmite sort of post, and if you do hate it, whether it be the way I said it or the actual important bit the musical influences, you will not feel any doubt in your mind that you can move on with your life and never contact me ever. I am sure you are very nice.

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I do not own the equipment needed for a live performance such as PA related stuff and larger amplifiers. I do own a mic and a stand and a stool, a keyboard which I need to get fixed. I do own and play a few electric guitars, including a 12 stringed electric. I do own a battery powered busking style PA/speaker with bluetooth connection and inputs for a mic and another instrument good enough to go busking with (which is why I bought it). Other than that I have not needed to purchase or possess any actual gigging kit before. I have some effects pedals and a couple of practice amps (less than 30w). So I have kit for practising in small spaces but not for gigs.