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Vocalist, Vocalist - Baritone, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Background Singer, Electronic Music.


i am eagerly looking to start a band with equally committed and talented individuals around the same age as myself.

i have 2 ideas about what i want the hypothectical band to be.

one is that that we play our own original songs, with a few covers thrown in. i have written about 10 or so songs in an alternative rock/ metal style, and i am looking to try them out in a band setting to see if they are actually viable or not.

if they're not, we'll try my second idea, which is to focus primarily on being a cover band, but a really good one, one that can put on a good show and get the songs sounding as good as we can and as close to the record/ live version/ whatever our envisionment of a song may be.


obviously we'll have to all like the same sort of music and agree on a setlist for this idea, and with the absolute state of modern rock and metal being the way it is, with practically almost no catchy or original songs being written, this might be the most viable option. my songs are ok to good, but they still have issues, so playing them might be a 'no-go'.

and, i should probably mention that I am looking for a drummer (who isn't looking for a drummer), a bassist who can sing lead or backup vocals, and another lead singer/guitarist.

below is a hypothetical setlist that I think would be good, something to give you an idea. i have realised that to put on a performance like this, one will need about 3 or 4 guitars, as we will have to switch between guitars that are in different tunings. i've left the tunings the songs are in next to the song names.

red hot chilli peppers - give it away - e standard
the beatles - helter skelter - e standard
pixies - planet of sound - drop d
[change guitars]
linkin park - one step closer - drop c#
system of a down - byob - drop c#
cky - 96 quite bitter beings - eb standard
disturbed - down with the sickness (abuse section removed) - drop c#
[change guitars]
system of a down - boom - drop c
three days grace - animal i have become - drop c
nirvana - do re mi (the sharks cover version) - d standard


as you can probably tell, i like heavy music, so bear that in mind. thanks for your time.

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