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Band to Join, Vocalist, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Tenor, Vocalist - Soprano, Vocalist - Alto.



i'm looking to meet a female singer to collaborate with

i live in the north of England, but i am prepared to travel if there is a musical connection

my interest is in recording mainly, but i would be prepared to gig if i met someone who wanted to

recently ive been playing live (last 18months), for fun and experience, where i play acoustic 12-string and sing (just about) .. its really a treading water exercise..

i have an eclectic musical past, and guitar techniques that confuse some
i currently have an album worth of lyrics ready

this is my email: helloconradgaunt@

music notes
im acoustic focused right now, but here are examples of various recordings ive made through the years, in no particular order, those that i can find

- "caught like a rabbit in the headlights" is my second ever live performance. improvised, and scary

- "the wine glass" is a lineout recording of a single 12-string guitar to demonstrate harmonics

- "not yellow in the middle anymore" ..my first go with my portable zoom r24 recorder. 2x guitar+internal drum machine

- "a short trip across a room" ..my second go with my zoom r24. 2x guitar

- "test 2" .. experimental music, made by analysing and re-synthesizing audio cassette recording i made in the early 90's, then remixed using the principles of affine geometry..from 1999

- "waterfall love" ..live again at the musician pub, Leicester city acoustic club.. i can't sing, but have improved!

-"the woodpecker" ..live at bivouac, ilton 9th nov.2012. two toddlers strapped into a double buggy were forced to listen to this, still counts though

-"b shaboogie" ..my knee jerk reaction to working in night clubs too much. a tongue in cheek mimic of ministry of sound style bollocks.. but with better mixing of course..vacuous. please don't enjoy it

-"r types" .. experimental electronic. an angry sea in slow motion

- "shanty towns (part2)" ..sampled guitars and beat mixing. i had to write my own software to make this.. actually i didn't have to make it..but it was an experiment into something i call micro-sampling (samples of 40ms or less). there are no samples of human voices. its called shanty towns because of the voice you think you can hear saying "our house", "jump" and other human sounding noises.. i assure you its all guitar, chopped up finely and pseudo randomly sprinkled

-"r.i.y.e/ waterfall love (slower)" ..live at the musician pub, Leicester city acoustic club, 16th dec 2013

-"acoustic samples" ..an acoustic recording sample, recorded live in my lab (shed), without the horrible p.a system nonsense that live performance requires

-"rain in your eyes (phone recording)" .. a different version. i have no music set in stone for any of my lyrics

-"fool joy" .. just for fun

-"octojam 2" ..improvised playing in my shed

-"octo-jam 3" .. more playing in my shed, the octo-effect gives it a bit of enya

-"acousto-jam" ..live shed practice with guitar downtuned a lot

-"clock heart" ..another r24 test recording. 2x guitar

-"clock heart ii" .. as above

-"get ready" .. experimental

-"untitled (phantone)" ..experimental

-"rain drops" .. dry line- out recording of picking from my danelectro

-"danelectro, slapping and picking" ..another dry line out recording, no mastering

Screen name:
andy scone
Member since:
Jan 07 2014
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
10 to 50


the sun and the moon


1 x brain + 30w electricity + washburn 12-string acoustic guitar

{some stuff i don't really use much, but have just in case..)
several tape echo/ analog chorus / spring reverb machines
zoom hn4 (stereo recorder)
zoom r24 (24 track, 8 inputs)
danelectro 12- string (modified to have stereo line-outs)
some old analog rhythm machines