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Acid For Blood


Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums.


Acid For Blood is a thrash metal project themed around a love for horror, be it movies, games or reality. We brand ourselves as Horror Thrash, stylistically leaning towards the more relentless side of thrash metal, regularly writing songs around the 200BPM mark.

Screen name:
Member since:
Jul 01 2020
Active within 1 week
Level of commitment:
Years together:
20 years


Musically we are strongly influenced by all the greats of thrash and death metal. Our frontman is heavily influenced by Exodus and Slayer, and our bassist's biggest influence is Metallica.

Lyrically we like to match the music, with gore and guts throughout. If you're not a fan of horror movies and the like, this probably isn't the project for you.

Members Of Band

Brody Thompson - Guitarist and frontman. Have been playing guitar for almost 5 years, mostly rhythm but also competent with lead. I have only recently picked up vocals, which you can hear on our only released song "Burn, Die."
Ryan Cotillas - Bass and backing vocals. Also been playing bass for almost 5 years

The members we are looking for need to fill these rolls:
- A second guitar player who is comfortable with taking on lead guitar duties. We are hoping to have a Megadeth type dynamic between our two guitarists.
- A drummer who can do all the usual thrashy type stuff, as well as help out with arrangement and song realisation.

More than anything we want to make sure we all get on and can be solid mates outside of the music. If you are a guitarist who hasn't yet delved into heavy lead playing, still consider hitting us up as we are happy to see how things work and let them grow as time goes on.


Brody currently has 3 Jackson Vs, and a Gary Holt LTD Eclipse, and uses a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier with a Marshall 1960A cab.
Ryan uses Harley Benton basses
We also have access to audio interfaces, for recording song ideas and getting demos prepared.