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U2 2 Are the longest running U2 tribute band in the world Est 1992. Check out www.u2-2.

Screen name:
Member since:
Jul 08 2016
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Years together:
Gigs played:
Over 100
28 years



Members Of Band

Bono (Look and Sound a Like)
The Edge (Look and Sound a Like)
Adam (Look and Sound a Like)
Larry (Look and Sound a Like)


Identical to U2:

Guitars and Effects:
Guitars : Black 1974 USA Fender Stratocaster
Black 2000 USA Fender Stratocaste
Sunburst 1957 USA Fender Stratocaster
Cream 2004 USA Fender Telecaster
Olympic white Gibson Les Paul Custom (for theatres)
Cream Hand made Gibson Clone Les Paul
Gordon Smith Hand made Explorer
Rickenbacker 330 (for theatres)
Washburn Acoustic
Epiphone 335

Amps: 1967 VOX AC30 with Bulldog Speakers (for theatres)
1995 VOX AC30 with Greenback Celestions
2005 VOX AC30 with Custom Wharfdales
2008 VOX AC15
1998 Fender Tweed Deluxe (for theatres)

Effects: Eventide Harmoniser H3000se
Eventide Eclipse
Korg SDD3000
Line 6 Pod Pro
Korg A3 multi effects
Korg A3 beta unit multi effects
Roland GP100 preamp
TC Electronics D-Two
TC Electronics G-major
TC Electronics G-major
Lexicon MX300 Delay and reverb unit
Lexicon MXP200 reverb unit
Behringer DI800
Behringer DI400
Behringer MIDI 1010
Behringer MIDI 1010
Tascam MD350
VOX LE multi effects preamp
Boss OD1
Kay Fuzztone (in custom housing)
Durham Sex Drive
Peterson Strobe Tuner

Keyboards: Yamaha DX7
Yamaha W7 (2)

Drums and Percussion:
Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Custom
24" & 20" BD 14" 16" 18" Toms
14" Hand Hammered Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (360 and i&e Tour)
12" Brady Sheoak snare (for smaller venues getting the ZooTV sound)
10" Yamaha Peter Ernskin Snare (Beginning of Streets have no name)
Paiste Signature:
I have a whole range of these cymbals but in the recent years I have scaled down the sizes inline with Larry's setup.
14" Heavy Hi Hats
14" Sound Edge Hi Hats
22" Power Ride
18" Power Crash
16" Power Crash
18" Full Crash
17" Full Crash
Shure 415 in ears monitors into...
Behringer 4 channel mixing desk
LP tambarine Brass
LP tambourine Nickel x 2
LP Mambo Cowbell
Rock Shock Throne
Yamama Hard Ware
Roland SPDXs
Roland TD20X

Bass Guitars and Equipment:
Bass gear: I have a Fender Custom Shop Adam Clayton Limited Edition Signature P Bass, Gibson Firebird all the way from U.S.A. Fender precision bass and a Fender Jazz bass. I use an Ashdown Combo for smaller venues and I use my double bigger rig X 2 Ashdown (Mag system) which consists of four separate cabs and a 600 Ashdown head for the bigger shows, helps me be heard over the drums (which are the loudest thing my ears can handle. Feeding this though a line 6 effect rack as Adam does, I also play wireless in bigger venues so that i can see the audience and interact. If you’re going to play Adam Clayton successfully you need to be using similar gear to the man himself.