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Band to Join, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist.


I'm a guitarist. Even though I haven't been part of a band for many many years I always had a guitar. I kept it as a hobby. After I started to settle down in Bristol I met a drummer who was in the same situation like me. haven't been part of a band for years, but still wanted to do it again. After several times of sharing good old band memories, we felt, after many years of hiatus, we were really missing playing music.
So one day we went for it. We started to play a few old Death, At The Gates, Arch Enemy songs. During the first few rehearsals we immediately were smiling, and had goosebumps just because we were playing some parts of old songs. Later on we started to write original material as well.
Now we are a point where we would like to make it to the next level. We are not aiming too high, though; we would like to do one step at a time. Do rehearsals, play old songs, start writing original material. Mainly for old times’ sake and for fun. Of course if we find the chemistry and can do even more, it is more than welcome by us. We just don’t want to rush anything.

We are looking for someone who would like to play death/thrash music passionately. We don’t mind if you are not professional (we aren’t either after all) but we would like to see you making efforts to enjoy playing.
Any age and band experience are welcome.
Amps and cabs are available to rent at the rehearsal studio; mics and PA are provided in every room.

Let us know if you think you could join us.
csoti [dot] zam at [dot] com

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Apr 14 2017
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way too many, but here are a few:
Chuck Shuldiner, Ola Englund, Django Reinhard, Viktor Wooten

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I had many guitars and guitar equipment in the past. some were high quality, some were cheap just to do the job. I like swapping and try new gear, you see. Also since me and my mate started to do rehearsals I started do get a decent rig on a budget:
Ibanez S320,
Randall RD45H,
H&K 1x12" cabinet.
I'm always on the hunt for pedals to my pedalboard but here are a few which i kept so far: Customized/modded Wah, Boss HM-2 (MiJ), modded Boss MT-2, EHX Silencer.