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Grey Moon


Vocalist, Bass Guitar.


We are Grey Moon. Julie-Anne, Steve, Lyndon. We play for fun happy to play for money intend limited number of gigs a year to enable us time to craft things out. If things move ahead then maybe a few more. We hope to play a bit more in 2017; see how it goes.
We have 3 kinds of playlists 1. Sort of Art songs (actually Transmodern stuff written by band members, part of a larger project you need not be involved in that unless you wanna be) At some point we'll go in to a studio to record them.
2. Jazz (inc Latin, World) 3. Americana, some bluegrass, celtic, folk even Southern folk rock if not heavy.
We need Vocals (Harmony/b-ground but lead possible, Cajon ability or other instrument useful) and Bass, but other collaborations possible e.g. lyricists, Arrangers, especially flute.
Basic skills preferred over virtuosity.

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Apr 15 2016
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Just for Fun
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1 time per week
70 years


Like everybody we listen to loads of stuff and if you have an internet radio you listen to even more!

Members Of Band

We connect with other musos occasionally and we always try to do something really simple usually a basic key, basic rhythm, simple song etc. and the reason for this is just to ease into our respective musical identities in some simple way that does not put people under pressure and helps them and us to relax. However 3 problems always seem to be the same:
1. If we ask for anything simple we get
Response A: 'I'm not going to soil my incredible virtuosity with such simplicity / the note meter on my instrument(s) does not fall below the maximum' nor does the volume level. Response B: 'If it is not technically, incredibly difficult it can have no musical value'

And of course their question is 'how can adulation of my virtuosity be possible with such limited things?' You can't tell them anything, after all they have learnt things that take a long time to learn, all the theory, the standard catalogue, the Youtube lessons, strange techniques, things that will make them a star etc. If it doesn't involve the projection of their technical prowess it can't be done; where does that leave us? It is as though the whole point of them playing with others is simply 'them'. They like the idea of being in a band without the reality of it.

2. Moving beyond surface structures of the music
They are not interested in the music, they are only interested in the bit that is theirs, as though the 'other bits' have no bearing on what they do. You can strip out most of what there is in a song from their point of view and leave 'just their bit' and that is all they want to know. So you never manage to get to the inner resources and magic of a piece, because the 'bits' are separated out to do 'on their own'. They don't seem to have confidence in their own judgements and they consider that they are 'too lowly' to offer anything except that which conforms to their particular 'hero-God'. Anybody they play with has to accept that; that is a bit.. tough isn't it?
3. 'The only instruments capable of 'real music' are incredibly expensive and I got'em'. The 'hero-Gods' of their world play XYZ brand super-duper only available from an esoteric source that only they know. The instruments of others are 'shxxx.
In the end the best thing to do is for us to just make a hash of things, cos then they will go away thinking we are rubbish. That is our way out you see, cos then we don't have to tell them anything, or get into a discussion about the obvious. Yep! that's the way it is.


Percussion is 1) Roland Handsonic HPD15 (a lot of ethnic sounds), Alesis Samplepad 4 (imports anything to assign to Pads), octo-snare, miced with Pulse D606 mics (for brushwork), stompboxes and 2) We'll do another diagram sometime soon!

Roland KC-110 stereo keyboard amp. Casio PX-5S Privia stage piano (fits in to a Fusion GigBag) with M-Audio twin pedals. We have Short scale basses (25 inch), fretted and fretless, Classical guitars, electric guitar, Electric violin, Flute, Alesis mixer, Laney acoustic amp, Roland cube bass amp, Boss VE20, usual sort of kit.