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230 Vocalist - Soprano players found in Scotland

  1. Shells (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB11)
  2. Princess_milly55 (Musician in West Lothian, SC, EH54)
  3. Sehala (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G1)
  4. Lana (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G11)
  5. beatgirl88 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G67)
  6. greenginger (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G13)
  7. Keri (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB21)
  8. Emmaforman (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB42)
  9. PRSrox (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, KY5)
  10. Eyes (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, AB10)
  11. Missjane (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G3)
  12. xDarkxAngelx (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G31)
  13. Ksusha (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G43)
  14. hanjabanja (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH16)
  15. Rach75 (Musician in Dumfries and Galloway, SC, DG10)
  16. suzmcg83 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, KA3)
  17. Sean Blake (Musician in Fife, SC, KY9)
  18. Sarah Cassidy (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G21)
  19. kazatello (Musician in Dundee City, SC, DD3)
  20. Carol-anne (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G67)
  21. Pauld234 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G42)
  22. titty123 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, ta10)
  23. Jeneva (Musician in Linlithgow, SC, EH49)
  24. Helen77 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH54)
  25. LiLiBloodSucker (Musician in North Ayrshire, SC, ka30)
  26. Traci Rae Winters (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G20)
  27. alli (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G41)
  28. Angela Ashby (Musician in Inverness, SC, iv3)
  29. Evelyn-anne (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G51)
  30. emmalouise (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB39)
  31. victoriaannhodgens (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB25)
  32. Saxfaith (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  33. KellyJ (Musician in Fife, SC, KY1)
  34. misha11uk (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, KY12)
  35. littlemissdebby (Musician in Glasgow, SC, PA26)
  36. mdawn (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  37. missghoul (Musician in Fife, SC, KY8)
  38. LisaProSinger (Musician in Glasgow, SC, g20)
  39. Sot Otter (Musician in Highland, SC, IV23)
  40. stine94304 (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB15)
  41. mchic (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH12)
  42. cherryredessence (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB10)
  43. mark96855 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G2)
  44. Lise Mitchell Noble (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G1)
  45. marina102700 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, ML6)
  46. lesley103849 (Musician in Invergordon, SC, KW9)
  47. michelle290579 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH17)
  48. rose290592 (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G51)
  49. ProfessionalSinger (Musician in Glasgow, SC, g20)
  50. AngelaMusk (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB23)
  51. BoyWithAUke (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G53)
  52. tony293709 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB14)
  53. PoxitanDeathCore (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  54. Karstasaurus (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, )
  55. filippo299969 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB11)
  56. Mariyana (Musician in Campbeltown, SC, PA28)
  57. CSchmid (Musician in Glasgow, SC, g11)
  58. scott302029 (Musician in Fife, SC, Ky2)
  59. hannahvox (Musician in Perth, SC, PH1)
  60. nadia302384 (Musician in Inverclyde, SC, PA10)
  61. Olivia Cipriani (Musician in Livingston, SC, EH54)
  62. shellym13 (Musician in Kilmarnock, SC, KA1)
  63. meganwho1 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G69)
  64. Shellym99 (Musician in Kilmarnock, SC, KA1)
  65. kylacook (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh4)
  66. Heatherlaughlandmusic (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G41)
  67. Marouzel (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH16)
  68. gillian310142 (Musician in Arbroath, SC, DD11)
  69. stacyramsay (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, KY6)
  70. Iwona310675 (Musician in Bathgate, SC, EH47)
  71. aneshka311754 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  72. yasmin313446 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH10)
  73. Home (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH46)
  74. tracey316577 (Musician in Dunfermline, SC, ky12)
  75. mark320782 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, ML8)
  76. tamasjak (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH4)
  77. mhairi322228 (Musician in Clydebank, SC, G81)
  78. Kayblues (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH15)
  79. KarinBaldanza (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G51)
  80. john322488 (Musician in Perth and Kinross, SC, ph11)
  81. jess4765 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  82. Eva-Rose (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh9)
  83. BakaBrook (Musician in Dundee, SC, DD4)
  84. charlie323704 (Musician in Penicuik, SC, EH26)
  85. daniellemck97 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G71)
  86. Nolanis (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G83)
  87. Blue-Ivy (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G1)
  88. kenny macaskill (Musician in Dundee City, SC, DD3)
  89. CalumB93 (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA6)
  90. jeremiah325317 (Musician in Cumnock, SC, KA18)
  91. Katie-95 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G74)
  92. emmajean (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh16)
  93. GazBurner (Musician in St Andrews, SC, KY16)
  94. anacambursano (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH9)
  95. IneseVoyager (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G51)
  96. kimberly329489 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh7)
  97. alexaapearson (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  98. JPC (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  99. edward334283 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB16)
  100. iain335119 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, Ml5)
  101. sian335211 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  102. campbell335352 (Musician in Largs, SC, KA30)
  103. suzannemurphy (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G46)
  104. teresa7463 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH21)
  105. flooconor (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  106. megan_18 (Musician in Muir of Ord, SC, IV6)
  107. Elyse_Ogilvie (Musician in Montrose, SC, DD10)
  108. CalumO (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G20)
  109. jennifer341790 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, )
  110. katie342006 (Musician in Bathgate, SC, EH48)
  111. emilypunton (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA2)
  112. danimck97 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, g71)
  113. steven342855 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G42)
  114. danbot (Musician in Dalbeattie, SC, DG5)
  115. allan343258 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G23)
  116. Bandmixj (Musician in Dunoon, SC, PA23)
  117. CaileanDC (Musician in Irvine, SC, KA11)
  118. erikxtreme (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH35)
  119. georgia344918 (Musician in Falkirk, SC, FK6)
  120. emily346286 (Musician in Oban, SC, PA35)
  121. michelle347084 (Musician in Renfrew, SC, PA4)
  122. miagillz (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH9)
  123. Reptilemama7 (Musician in Stirling, SC, )
  124. Avocado11 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH16)
  125. Mhairi Wilson (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G33)
  126. Nicola Taylor (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G81)
  127. johnscottmcleod (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA3)
  128. svetlana357800 (Musician in Buckie, SC, AB56)
  129. Liam200 (Musician in Falkirk, SC, )
  130. mollyliley (Musician in Falkirk, SC, FK2)
  131. fizzymadizzy (Musician in Grangemouth, SC, FK3)
  132. rikamusicxo (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA31)
  133. 108flutes (Musician in Selkirk, SC, TD7)
  134. miriammells (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, TD13)
  135. ramsay70kyl (Musician in Arbroath, SC, DD11)
  136. NiamhT (Musician in West Kilbride, SC, KA23)
  137. darcymarie (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G32)
  138. fionawilson123 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  139. aliciadeannamusic (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH16)
  140. simona367770 (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB25)
  141. victoria368606 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH8)
  142. Ryanwelsh (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G33)
  143. haillie_ (Musician in Greenock, SC, PA16)
  144. bethany369667 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB11)
  145. chloe26 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH3)
  146. Thatgalflo (Musician in Fort William, SC, PH34)
  147. jamie_evans07 (Musician in Arbroath, SC, DD11)
  148. alannah371007 (Musician in Coatbridge, SC, ML5)
  149. jennifer371064 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G75)
  150. michal371167 (Musician in Stonehaven, SC, AB39)
  151. f4ndan (Musician in Glasgow, SC, ML11)
  152. Bertamusician (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  153. marta_ante (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB24)
  154. chiara372602 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH14)
  155. christina372664 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH14)
  156. botelho373972 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB24)
  157. meleri374483 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB23)
  158. RosieSings88 (Musician in Alloa, SC, FK10)
  159. Joannah (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH3)
  160. thecasillis (Musician in Darvel, SC, KA17)
  161. Allymisfit (Musician in Stonehaven, SC, AB39)
  162. Maja67 (Musician in Dundee, SC, DD2)
  163. LucytheGemini (Musician in West Dunbartonshire, SC, G83)
  164. Dekota Lee stryder (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  165. elainemusic369 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G77)
  166. Amy A (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G3)
  167. Barbs (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G42)
  168. francisca378038 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G22)
  169. peter378403 (Musician in Hamilton, SC, ML3)
  170. blu378782 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, FK2)
  171. Sofiabe (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH8)
  172. meghan379636 (Musician in Haddington, SC, eh41)
  173. ben380467 (Musician in Galashiels, SC, TD1)
  174. ufuoma381698 (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB10)
  175. Jerrycm (Musician in Kilmarnock, SC, KA3)
  176. emily382173 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH10)
  177. amy382767 (Musician in Blackford, SC, PH4)
  178. laurenkellymusic (Musician in Coatbridge, SC, ML5)
  179. cameron3044 (Musician in Ayr, SC, KA7)
  180. KaraConway (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G64)
  181. sabrina020202 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH3)
  182. kerrieg18 (Musician in Fife, SC, KY5)
  183. niamh_mccreadie (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA2)
  184. rau5e (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB24)
  185. jenny390889 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G11)
  186. caroline391947 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G71)
  187. Shanna88x (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G82)
  188. charwright (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  189. isidora (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  190. roshnilovsfrogs (Musician in Dundee, SC, DD1)
  191. Holly Kirkwoodd (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  192. lewis394257 (Musician in Tranent, SC, )
  193. paigemcw (Musician in Kilmarnock, SC, KA3)
  194. alipaterson94 (Musician in Carluke, SC, ML8)
  195. casey395550 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G72)
  196. papacraigu (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  197. Meyana (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH9)
  198. lois398869 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G31)
  199. alain398972 (Musician in Dundee City, SC, dd3)
  200. lauren401718 (Musician in Shotts, SC, ML7)
  201. EmilyJGallagher (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G4)
  202. hayley2005 (Musician in Ayr, SC, KA8)
  203. WendyLR (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G41)
  204. charnicole (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  205. LornaVOXSSW (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  206. AmandaRose1234 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G44)
  207. niamh9845 (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA2)
  208. charncole (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH11)
  209. MohamedAkrama (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G3)
  210. melody406663 (Musician in East Lothian, SC, EH32)
  211. jennifer2812 (Musician in Clydebank, SC, G81)
  212. rocio407690 (Musician in Strathaven, SC, ML10)
  213. brianGTR (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G13)
  214. ellie408595 (Musician in Dumfries, SC, DG12)
  215. Salt (Musician in Elgin, SC, IV30)
  216. katriona409081 (Musician in Paisley, SC, PA3)
  217. iona236 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV2)
  218. Waveeaimee (Musician in Alloa, SC, FK12)
  219. Zoemarie5973 (Musician in Blairgowrie, SC, PH10)
  220. brenda414078 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  221. olly414326 (Musician in Ayr Central, SC, )
  222. lucijo (Musician in Glasgow, SC, PH13)
  223. fiona1111 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  224. mirran415947 (Musician in Perth and Kinross, SC, )
  225. joseph416993 (Musician in Pitlochry, SC, PH16)
  226. heather418247 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV2)