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51 Dobro players found in Scotland

  1. Spuggy (Musician in West Lothian, SC, EH55)
  2. JimG (Musician in City of Edinburgh, SC, EH5)
  3. Simon Kennedy (Musician in Perth and Kinross, SC, PH14)
  4. Bluesman21uk (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH22)
  5. Richard Hammersley (Musician in Scottish Borders, SC, TD11)
  6. jimi123 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH4)
  7. AmDorian (Musician in Highland, SC, IV6)
  8. Donald Laird (Musician in Dundee City, SC, DD4)
  9. Nick Lewis (Musician in Glasgow, SC, PA22)
  10. harrison mac (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh11)
  11. R G POINDEXTER (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G3)
  12. Kollyn (Musician in Glasgow, SC, KA11)
  13. eddie85466 (Musician in Elgin, SC, iv32)
  14. mrjonthehat (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G52)
  15. phil94838 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, pa1)
  16. bill97210 (Musician in Elgin, SC, AB38)
  17. john98678 (Musician in Troon, SC, Ka10)
  18. rube98960 (Musician in Aberdeenshire, SC, AB51)
  19. Mark Ryan (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G71)
  20. kenny 67 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G76)
  21. Davie Garden (Musician in Glasgow City, SC, G32)
  22. bill298266 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G64)
  23. RossLyon (Musician in Bathgate, SC, EH48)
  24. jim306954 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh44)
  25. stewart307716 (Musician in West Lothian, SC, EH54)
  26. The Electric Gnome (Musician in Dundee, SC, DD1)
  27. LewJew97 (Musician in Aberdeen City, SC, AB30)
  28. Blackhat (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  29. ct262 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB41)
  30. celticgypsy (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G12)
  31. dave318075 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB24)
  32. matt318354 (Musician in Dundee, SC, DD5)
  33. Kyroo (Musician in Addiewell, SC, EH55)
  34. tony321082 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV25)
  35. alan324204 (Musician in East Lothian, SC, EH32)
  36. laura-may170986 (Musician in Fife, SC, KY8)
  37. Stratmaster75 (Musician in Greenock, SC, PA15)
  38. tony351560 (Musician in Inverness, SC, IV25)
  39. mark352478 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH3)
  40. rj354448 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )
  41. camdenstreetmusic (Musician in Evanton, SC, IV16)
  42. Bobster (Musician in Glasgow, SC, G65)
  43. botelho373972 (Musician in Aberdeen, SC, AB24)
  44. terry376278 (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, EH7)
  45. cameron3044 (Musician in Ayr, SC, KA7)
  46. V3nG0SH (Musician in Motherwell, SC, ML1)
  47. TheMoff (Musician in Edinburgh, SC, Eh21)
  48. alex391208 (Musician in Falkirk, SC, FK2)
  49. holly407115 (Musician in Fort William, SC, PH33)
  50. grieg407292 (Musician in Westhill, SC, AB32)
  51. James27 (Musician in Glasgow, SC, )