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Band to Join, Drums, Saxophone, Piano.


I’m a very experienced ex-pro bass player. Now looking to join a I band playing Jazz, or, start a Jazz trio or quartet to play functions, corporates, hotel lounge, dinner Jazz.

Also available for dep work - Country, Blues, Pop or Rock

A couple of years ago I set up and ran a successful function band - see Tangerine Scene video here. I hand picked the musicians from auditions, produced the studio recordings, edited the videos, ran sales and marketing and arranged the music - usual band leader stuff. (I played bass but also played the Hammond on Gimmie some Lovin on the video).

Now, having also retired from the day job (Head of Academy at Harlow College) I’m looking for something a little more relaxed; albeit I’m happy to do the sales and marketing - I’m used to making things happen! Before moving into education I was a filthy capitalist and it’s nice to have the time to marry my entrepreneurial skills to music.

That said I’d hate to give the wrong impression . . . I have a liberal world view. I love that answer Sean Connery gave in ‘The Russia House’ when being interrogated by MI6, “Yes over my career I think I’ve probably met one or two musicians who were NOT communists”.


- Tangerine Scene - semi pro Pop Function band - bass & band leader

- The Bullfrog Blues Band - bass and band leader 20 years

- The Lizards - pro Cajun band 6 years - played bass, helped them get a record deal, we released Promised Land on vinyl on the Festival Records label in 1990, . . . touring, TV, Radio (John Peel played it a lot bless him)

- Spellbound - 15 to 18 years old, well know semi pro rock band on the Birmingham circuit in the 70s. Supported some reasonably big names.

- Various blues, funk and country bands here and there. (The Shoop Shoop Zoochie Boogie Band while I was at University a hundred years ago was a belter !)

I can be found at

t: 0793118372


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Noel - Bass
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Dec 27 2017
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Over 100
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2-3 nights a week


Andy Fraser, Andy Fraser and Andy Fraser.
Ray Brown
John Entwhistle
Paul McCartney
Greg Gregson
Did I mention Andy Fraser?

Jazz - the American Song Book, Ray Brown, MJQ, Charlie, Theloneus, Ella, Frank, Cole, too many . . . recently discovered Beegie Adair

Country stuff . . . Dwight, Wllie, Merle, Waylon, Johnny, Ray, .. the usual old school

Pop - see the Tangerine Scene set list on the video . . . stuff I grew up with.

Rock - the usual . . . Purple, Zeppelin, Free

Classical - the Italian Operas, Beethoven, some Delius, Chopin, and of course . . . as Chuck Berry said, “whatever any of us come up with Motzart already did it”

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Bass Guitar:


57 USA Pecision
2019 USA Fender Jazz Elite
1957 USA Fender Precision
1963 USA Fender Precision
2017 Rickenbscker 4003
2018 Gibson 330
2015 Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Acoustic
Mark Bass and Fender amplification
Peavey 600w PA with foldback

and ... “Yes Mr Katz, I have a car”