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Drums, Bass Guitar.


Seeking a Drummer and Bass player.

Recently recorded some demo's. Unfortunately two of them cannot be heard in their entirety due to lack of time available.

Interstellar is not in the right tempo, it is supposed to be a lot faster and more rockier than this. There is no distortion on the guitars where needed nor are any of the spacey effects I use during the verse.

Confessions, I played the guitar track straight through and added vocals over the top. This one does have the necessary distortion although again the clean guitar parts do not sound as I would have liked.

Sirius was thrown together very quickly just due to the fact I wanted to show something piano based. This however was played on a keyboard and it does lack the feel of how it is intended to sound. There are some weird vocal effects on this song that Im not sure if I am fond of.

My voice is slightly off and certainly lacking in power due to situations beyond my control on the day of recording these songs.

These songs are by no means set in stone, although I do understand you can only listen to one of them in its entirety. Since recording these songs I have changed the vocals on Confessions as it just does not flow I feel and Im ready to admit when something doesn't work.

I am initially searching for a Drummer so we can start to lay down some foundations and then bring in a Bass player after a few sessions. I feel it maybe easier to do this than to get the three of us in one room and not really have much direction. I may be wrong about this, but previous experience has shown me that this may be an easier way to work to begin with.

I am looking for musicians that are competent at their respective instruments but I am moreover looking for two people I can spend many years to come, enjoying writing music with.

I may come up with the song ideas but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are any good or that I am right so it would be great for my fellow band mates to give input and suggestions. I have somewhere in the region of forty songs complete as best as can be but they can be improved on and changed where necessary.

My thought is simply to write the absolute best songs we possible can at this point in our lives and take this as far as is possible.

I am based in the Epsom area at present so anyone from around this way, Surbiton, Kingston, Wimbledon etc

Thanks for reading.

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