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Jawbone Jackson is just a working title for my new project, and it's something that's just getting started and finding it's direction. I'm looking to get together with other musicians for a mainly-for-fun collobaration. I'm not starting out wanting to sound like something else, but I'm thinking of a groove based blend of blues, funk, rock and whatever else works. I've got plenty of ideas but it's as much about collaborating on new stuff. The aim is just to get some tracks together and then see where it goes.

I've put together a few rough ideas just to give some kind of feel for what I'm into, you can listen to them on here or on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-392410347/sets/sketches plus there's a heavier track at https://soundcloud.com/user-392410347/illegal-alien. I'll keep adding more stuff, it's a bit of a random selection right now.

Right now it's just about writing the songs. Maybe one day Jawbone Jackson will become a band to do those songs some justice and play them live, but they have to be there first.

It doesn't even have to be the same people working on each song, if you want to work on a few songs and see how it goes that's good too.

I'm looking for singers to work with, if you write lyrics that's great, if not that works too, I'm getting into writing the words as well.

I'm definitely looking for guitarists as well, a bit of feeling is more important than shredding if you know what I mean.

I'd love to find a drummer to work with, a good bass & drums pairing can really make the whole thing, but I know that wont' be easy. If it means getting some songs together to prove to a drummer that it's a good project, it can happen that way round, but if there's a drummer who wants to really put something in, then maybe this is for you.

My main instrument is bass, that's the only thing I'd record with or play live, but I play enough guitar and keys to get song ideas together. I kind of sing enough to work on lyrics and vocal melodies, but I'd never say I'm singer, not even backing vox.

I know some people care about age, so for the record I'm the other side of 50.

To be really clear, this is not a lockdown project, I was planning this before all that happened and it's what I'll be into when it's over.

Some of this will be done remotely, so being able to record some simple stuff at home will be a requirement. I like getting together to Jam, I really like it, but for working some songs up it will all need to go digital at some point.

I plan to put a bit of effort into some graphics when I get chance and more idea what this thing will be, maybe some video as well, so that when the songs come together we can get them out there and get people listening.

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