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The Plan B Band


Vocalist, Bass Guitar, Keyboard.


So we are committed and experienced rock musicians currently playing other genres, in other bands, and we want to get a plan B together, to stretch our rock legs once more. We intend to put a 4 or 5 piece band together to play Rock and Classic Rock covers at a standard that is higher than most of the bands doing this at pubs and clubs.

The core of this lil project is myself (singer guitarist) and a close friend who is an awesome drummer. We both have day jobs, have played in previous bands together, and are playing in separate bands right now also. We are from the classic & melodic 70's & 80's school of rock and we have the chops!

This is not meant to be our mainstream band, just something on the side to have some fun, but please let me be really clear. Our previous times playing together were performing at a high standard, and while this project isn't meant to replace our main projects, we intend this to be a similarly high standard even though rehearsals and gigs will be less frequent.

So if you want this to be an every week rehearsal and gigging twice a month or more thing then because of our other work and band commitments that isn't what we have in mind. We expect to have to work around availability issues, and really we too expect you to be good, and therefore already doing the same as us in your main projects too.

To put this into some perspective, you need to be a pretty damned good standard of musician with the right attitude to come prepared and rehearsed, having pulled the fluff out of your ears and listened closely, and done your homework.

We need a really good bass guitarist. and while my drummer friend P would cringe to hear me say this, most of you bassists would be flattered to be playing against a drummer as good as P is. He is expressive, and tight, and reliable, and makes the difference from playing in a good band to playing in a great band.

He's the kind of tub thumper that raises the game of any band he plays with. So that means we need a suitable bass player with great technique and feel who can feed off and mindmeld with him to produce the kind of rhythm section groove most bands can only yearn for. Those of you who have experienced the this rare thing before will know what I'm talking about and i guess it's you i'm trying to talk to. Some Vocal ability for backing vox is pretty essential also, although for the right bass skills not a complete show stopper.

We also need a singist. This is where i maybe start to tear my hair out. Please please please, you karaoke/backing tape guys'n gals please take note. We need someone with a great set of lungs to sing some demanding classic rock tracks. You need to have the registry, and the power to pull this off. You'll be singing against a full band with sound pressure levels that you will have to compete with even though we strive to play and sound great at reasonably low volume levels. And singing in tune is kinda equally important! ;-) I think ideally we search for a male singer, but any ladies out there with some real gravel and power would be considered of course.

Then we need some magic fingers to tinkle the old ivories in the keyboard department. Think and sound like Jon Lord and Don Airey on Piano , Synth and Hammond, then that would be great. Ideally again someone with some backing vocal ability, and also someone who is digitally tech savy, (since the rest of us are analogue dolts), so if there are clever ways to make what we do better using technology & MIDI etc then we aren't going to say no.

We aim to be really tight, and really accurate. That's where we've been before, and where we are now with our current projects.

The finished article should be a polished wall of vocal harmonies, set against solid rhythm section that provides the groove for the keys and guitars to do their magic and grind out something cool As a guitarist i strive to be as close as i can to the original, and play with feeling. There are flashier and faster guitarists out there for sure, but all too often tone and feel are sacrificed, and guitar breaks are busked, and that just ain't my thang.

I'm very aware this must read like one of the most egotistical band adverts you may have read.I apologise, as Its really not meant to be, but we've been around the block once or twice, and had some sub-optimal experiences when trying to audition and recruit band members along the way. P and I will not call ourselves expert. To do so would imply Steve Vai /Joe Bonamassa and Taylor Hawkins/Neil Peart will be in the room with you. What we are is competent musicians in the classic rock genre, and both very capable of covering most rock songs we put our mind to, delivering an end product that is better than most. But the variability of the standard of musicians i have encountered who consider themselves expert is really scary.

Actually if you knew us you would see friendly,fun,well balanced, patient and cooperative, nice professional people,whose main aim is to produce the wow factor when we play, and have fun doing it. We need this to be fun, ego's parked at the door, homework and prep done in advance, and get our kicks from the joy and the privilege of playing in something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the reaction from the audience helps us to soar.

So we have a first class attitude, the desire to produce something unarguably good, the commitment to do the work to make that happen, the robustness to accept constructive criticism, and to do it again but better where required, without ego's and teddies thrown out of prams.

we are in the mid 50-s age range by the way also. ;-)

We have great personal gear and access to good PA gear and also rehearsal space north of Weston Super Mare.

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Dec 20 2019
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Deep Purple
Def Leppard
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Van Halen
Gary Moore

Members Of Band

P on Drums
Me on Guitars and Vox


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