HR Arts Factory (HRAF) is an independent, arts-sector based - experimental AV studio. Based in Australia - it was set up to produce concept AV content for the international arts project, 'Hail Regina' by Kevin Karmalade. HRAF is looking to work with like-minded audio & video- streaming production artists, in the UK/Europe - as Seasons 1-3 are rolled out this year.

'Hail Regina' (A satire of political & religious romp)
SEASON ONE of the Hail Regina novella's - is in serial release - starting 17 April 19 with new episodes released weekly. The story is set in a dystopia of 2025-30. The setting is opaquely located in and around the building of a new fictional 2025+ London 'Royal Docklands" waterfront. The "Hail Regina" novella's are theatrical due to the flamboyant characters that in habit the scenes. The work satirize state & church producing a (light & dark) comic tone throughout the work.

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Link: www.hailregina.com

1: Smog Sirens in the Capital - 17 April 19
2: Order Out Of Chaos - 24 April 19
3: The Parable of One-Arm George -1 May 19
4: The Gala Ball Proposal - 8 May 19
5: The Garden Games - 15 May 19
6: Dolly & the Oxide Capers - 22 May 19
7: Le Alternatif Nativity de Carnivale' - 29 May 19
8: Peep-holes of the Crucifix Warriors - 5 June 19
9: Season One (Episodes 1-8) - 5 June 19

Hail Regina Concept EP - 1
Download - available via - Google Play, iTunes, Spotify etc.
The EP contains 5 instrumentals that convey the atmospherics (i.e the soundscape) of audio being conceived for this project.


Prelude & Episode 1
The e-drama net tracks were initially recorded at ArtSound 97.2FM studio, with Tony Hunter (engineering) and the fabulous voice-over artists - James Scott, PJ Williams & Clare Moss. Backing audio and final FX was completed by HR Arts Factory.


Originals & Covers
Produced by HR Arts Factory AV Studio. The English version of Dark Eyed Cajun Woman (1972) was released 27/3/19 - via Google Play, iTunes, Spotifly etc. The original, 'John Glenn' will be released in May 2019.

Downloads available::

Preview excerpt from Hail Regina – Episode One

"After the crash…"
"It is 2027. The tribulation leading to the almighty rapture of the great economic crash is over. Its devastation pervades throughout the congregation of states. No inferior or superior citizen has been spared from its aftermath. There was life before the crash - and an altered life thereafter.

The institutional towers of the securities exchanges have been dismantled in every jurisdiction, never to be opened again. Most, but not all of the financial institutions were saved from collapse. They have survived to transform as a more contrite, shrunken system. A remnant of what they once were. Those that perverted the financial trading system; those that deceived the citizens and the states; those who caused the crash were hunted down.

The State-leader, Royston Bustwick, Commodore Peterson and the twelve oligarchs of the Secular Party, oversaw their punishment. It included flagellation in the underground chastisement chambers of St. Dandy’s Cathedral. Then like bobby calves being removed from their mothers, the many hundreds of them mysteriously disappeared after being interned by a tribunal court— set up in secret, within the mighty Thallium Meatport plant. Stability and justice restored.

Those who were rounded up remain listed as ‘missing’ on the official records. Some believe they may have survived, in spite of the rumours— they were quietly youthenased inside the Thallium Meatport. Then exported as marinated ‘fillets’—for consumption in distant places, by elite palettes with a passion for exotic rare-meat product.

Out in the Ganglands, beyond the walls of the Capital, debt-interment camps, house the hordes of citizens who lost their homes and occupations in the crash. The fenced-off tent-cities now indulge them with the protection of food rations, medicine, light-entertainment and shelter—to ease their distress. A blessing to soothe the psychological trauma the millions of families have endured together.

With a radical decline in pregnancy and births, the children of poor inferior-citizens of the Ganglands and debt-camps, are harvested by agents and officials. The children are brought to the Capital in the night. Then ferried up river, under the sweeping arch of the Golden Dawn girder bridge—to start a new life, behind the impenetrable fortress walls of the State Distribution Bureau. Members of the Secular Party apply to adopt one or two of them. The waiting list is long. The memories of the former birth parents of the harvested are erased by medication. Measured doses of unconditional love are doled out by trained Labradors, who befriend them—whilst they wait to be received by their new parents. Or not. By these means, the future generation of members of the Secular Party has been secured. For the party knows how to look after its own.

In the wake of recovery, the Secular Party has devised an inspirational civic venture for the state. The party will reclaim and rebuild on the dilapidated docklands, spread along the waterfront of the Capital. Billions are being borrowed to rebuild, whilst the atomic test program remains on track. The party will bring hope to the citizens, as they are called upon to make their state—great again.

High up atop of Constitution Hill, the weeping statute of the most holy, imperial Regina—gushes out the sacred waters of its fountain. Angelic beings are sighted gravitating around Her impassive presence. Down on the streets, some gesticulate upon seeing them appear through the haze. Inexplicable horn-like sounds are also being regularly heard, up in the skies and beyond the mountains. Some are fearful; some are not.

The cantilevered attraction—known to the citizens as the ‘Wheel of Life’ on Hierophant Square, has made a new—forward motion. It signals to the citizens that life in the Capital and the Ganglands moves onto its next cycle, as it always has done…—but for the tribulation, the rapture and the great crash. There are more lessons for the citizens, inferior and superior—to be learnt."

Season One
Published by: Gatekeeper Press, Ohio USA.

The media for the HR project is broad in scope - and requires experimentation and an (on-line) talent pool for vocals (M&F), voice-over, foley FX. Current production - an EP, e-radio dramatization play (9.55mins) and (29.56mins). HRAF also has excellent & affordable external mix engineering and mastering expertise available, for projects that need mentoring or development for commercial release.

M & F vocals required - looking for specific voice types - currently am looking for a voice that is similar to 'Celeste Prince' for example. If you are an experienced vocalist, please drop us an email via this site - a bit of audio of your sound - would be useful (fidelity not important) and we'll get back to you. Interest is welcome.

Hail Regina - release dates for episodes of this serial novella:

1: The State Distribution Bureau - 17 June 19
2: Atomic Banter in the Dominus Regis - 24 June 19
3: The Portrait of St.Dandy -1 July 19
4: A Dose of Unconditional Love - 8 July 19
5: Radio Good Sheperd 91.8FM - 15 July 19
6: Atonement in the Chastisement Chamber - 22 July 19
7: The Poverty Reduction Meatstatons - 29 July 19
8: Season Two (Episodes 1-7) - 29 July 19

Hail Regina - release dates for episodes of this serial novella:

1: Whitehall's Grooming Salon - 17 Sep 19
2: Royal Sovereign Fund - 24 Sep 19
3: The Heels of Power - 1 Oct 19
4: Bobby's Jazz Club - 8 Oct 19
5: Deficits & Disclosures - 15 Oct 19
6: Natural Justice in the Ganglands - 22 Oct 19
7: Inauguration of the Tower Cranes - 29 Oct 19
8: Season Three (Episodes 1-7) - 29 Oct 19

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HR Arts Factory makes content- on a normal per session rate. Alternatively, some prefer to have long-term engagement (to 2030) with the studio, and can formally register as participating artists, for inclusion and sharing - in Aggregator disbursements. Payments are quarterly.

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