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Chalista project


Band to Join, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Electronic Music.


I am currently busy with recording and production of new songs. I have many projects to date, though chalista project is the only one I have brought in session musicians and paid professionals to mix and master tracks to reach a level of standard expected to be taken seriously. Metal is my favourite genre but I like mixing many influences from different genres to keep it exciting and modern.
I don't want to do something that's already been done. The C project has this in mind. More clean vocals and judicious use of screams. Currently there is no screams on any of the tracks as they are not that heavy. I'm hoping to reach a wider audiance. I can add some heavier songs to the playlist if required. No problem.
You may want to look at my other projects if thats your thing.

New Single out

New material on the way. The next songs are going to be massive and ambitious sounding. Currently being re recorded.This above song was the result of my previous band mates - particularly the drummers influence with my spin on it. I believe It shows my abilty to adapt to other peoples tastes but if its not exciting to me or aounds like a fart theres not much point. I'm still in the process of recording/producing and mixing songs but If a band or potential members joined the project this could grow and develop over time.
I dont need a full band until the initial groundwork is done so dont worry about that. 'Build it and they will come.' It would be nice to have some help though as currently I'm doing all the creating and producing myself.
Its not as fun as a collab.

This could be something exciting but requires you to be able to contribute something financialy for production or your time and talent is also valuable. Any studio/ engineering experience is a bonus. This is kind of a given in the modern music industry where talent alone is not enough. The more you can do the more valuable you are and less hurdles to get over. if your just a taker and dont want to work for it no one will want to work with you. Why should you have any of the glory if everyone else did all the hard work. Thats my take on things.
Oh and if your a douche bag no one will want to work with you. Met many of them who try and control everything but are realy the weakest link a spanner in the works. I can smell them types a mile off. :)

If your interested in production, producing an album and creating a social media following to get your name out there and creating something you can be proud of. This could be your lucky day.

As a consequence this project requires professionals or semi pros as you can hear from the recording. If you dont have any half decent demos or previous projects you have worked on, or are just a casual musician your probably not ready for a project of this caliber. Weve all been there, its a journey.

If you chose to contact me:

Include a demo
List of previous works with links if you have them and please sound enthusiastic, sell yourself. Ill just pass you off as a time waster as they tend to be weak responders.


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Chalista project
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Mar 31 2022
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Chester bennington
The cure
Many more from multiple genres

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Peavey 6505 head
Kerry king bc rich freakin sweet V guitar
Shure mic studio
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