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Iam a female singer looking for to the right match! Could this be you? If you have the golden touch, read on!

I am a talent that has been around but is not known to the world yet and has yet to peak at my potential! Great news for you!

What I am looking for, is a special manager/promoter that can take a unique voice and sell it to the world. I need alot of work on the presence/performance end because I don't know the business but I learn rather fast.

My Style:

I have been singing anything where it won't sound like I am singing at the Met. I have been without a teacher for a while and I need to find one to fine tune my vocals in the classical arena.

I am more of a smooth pop singer but as I said I can do soft rock, soft pop-but more importantly I want to be a visionary and creat a new style all together or fuse a couple together to produce a soul pleasing sound. I am ready to take vocal music to the next level.

I sing in:russian,english,uzbek and kirgyz.

This is important to me because I plan to be international as much as I can.

I have performed in mainly weddings, funerals, special events, etc.

I am someone who knows my voice and knows what I can do, my limits and what I am capable of. I need someone to push me to where I don't know I can go.

If you are intrigued then please contact me. I am looking for serious legit people only!

I'll be looking to hear from you. If interested please send me an email with the following answers to see if we are a good match!

Name (First, Last)
Title: Manager, Producer, Etc.
Brief summary of experience
What are you looking to gain working with me?
Years of experience
How much are you willing to work to make our team successful?
What kind of gigs do you book?
What kind of venues do you work with?
Do you have any connections with record lables?

Thanks for your time!

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Aug 18 2006
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All information above:-)