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Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Piano, Mandolin, Steel guitar, Upright bass, Ukulele, Electronic Music.


Wanted: drummer, bassist, solo guitarist, and electronic musician/sampler.

I'm looking for people who have everything to record their instrument at home or in a studio for rehearses and experiment with compositions online for a little while. If you don't have such equipment, write anyway, we'll meet.

Genres: classic rock, rock n roll, hard rock. Electronic man: electro, techno, big beat, dance, electronic

Hi, my name is Anton Ioffe,25 y.? I'm a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and drummer
Looking for virtuosos, big originals to work with a label, performances, and recording albums
Now I am in Moscow and in the process of issuing a visa to Britain. I have a lot of experience playing in the band and personally and I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old, now I have more than 150 riffs and 30 unreleased songs and I want to make a contract with one of the major labels in London. I have many of my demo records, but I want to find local musicians and make demos with them, which we will go to all the major local labels and keep play together.
Previously before my arrival, we need: to get everyone together on this service https://jamkazam/ to rehearse the songs online. I'm paying for this subscription by myself.

My mission: to assemble a group, play online my songs, come to London, record three demos, send and give it personally to all the largest labels in the city, subscribe to one of them, move on and make money. Maybe someone will have a more interesting idea than the label and we'll take it, but so far my money is enough only for a visa, tickets to London and accommodation there (otherwise it is doubtful), so now it is important for me to have a 100% paid job like on the label (I have a wife and a 2-year-old child in Moscow).

I have three songs for us to record in the demo version. More details in PM.

I want to do something modern, ultra-fine, minimalistic, and uncoordinated in space with every note in its place. It would be good to come to that.
I get together my band since the end of school over the whole 7 years, many musicians have changed in it, but so far no one was right for me and I didn't complete it.
I refused large commercial offers in Russia to save my music and me from pop producers, but alas, I haven't waited for the necessary offers here. (for more detail check my bio on Spotify https://open.spotify/artist/6bZFivJp2vjrcfyfM7jpDX)
Now I'm looking for musicians in the UK and if you're waiting and looking for that one musician, text me.

I need:

Solo guitarist: you make originals, interesting and fresh riffs, you know a lot of chords and able to improvise.

Bassist: you know how to flexibly navigate in the space of music and know how to switch the composition into branches of new verses, bridges, choruses. Fast and technical running with your fingers.

Drummer: you have big experience, keep a clear rhythm for as long as a machine. Responsible and technical. Jazzman\rocker (your influences include: Ringo Star, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, etc).

Sampler\electronic: we'll record live all of our instruments and give them to you for your loops. You need to can weave interesting sounds into music, possibly actually synthesized. Influenced by something classic, based on loops like Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Justice.

Criteria for musicians:
23-30 y.?
experience not less than 10 years in these genres
real professionals
infinitely keep beat
resourcefulness and plasticity with notes
create original parts
be able to improvise
have time for a designated goal
go all the way

About the music: I want to divide co-authorship with exactly talented people. Not with the only guitarist but with drummer and even bassist! (haha, I'm sorry) Once I thought that I knew which songs will be my first and second albums. But now I think that we could solve this together. I have enough songs and riffs from 2014 to 2021 that we can choose different degrees of color, mood, and freshness to work with this.
However, as well as you can composing with me you can play under my control.
Soon I want to weaken the hard of the sound without affecting power.

During the selection of musicians, we will rehearse on the website Jamkazam. After the selection and rehearses, I will fly to London and we try to play and record demos. Then I want to bring it to the labels' addresses. Just for fun: I have a TikTok pr manager who can help us to promote ourselves.

Just for fun: I have a TikTok pr manager who can help us to promote ourselves.
If you’re interested, please send me a link/recording of your playing, a link to Instagram, and tell me about yourself, your influences, and your previous band experience.

Feel free to ask me any questions because I’ll come to the city soon and I don’t know anyone! Looking for friends too!


Music and Social Media:
Spotify: https://open.spotify/artist/6bZFivJp2vjrcfyfM7jpDX?si=uaPfuA_XS7GeKeAyNK3KNQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram/theheavenhovels/
YouTube: https://www.youtube/c/TheHeavenHovels
TikTok: https://www.tiktok/@theheavenhovels
Vkontakte: https://vk/tony_ioffe
WhatsApp: +79304070947 (Russian Federation)

Screen name:
Member since:
May 02 2021
Active within 2 weeks
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
Under 10
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
4-5 nights a week


The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Nirvana, AC\DC, Buddy Rich (accents), George Harrison, John Lennon, The Black Sabbath (riffs,vocal) etc. Of the moderns bands i like Ty Segall, Oh Sees, Tame Impala

Instrument experience:

Lead Guitar: