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Bass Guitar.


Bluehorses are probably the only Celtic-rock-folk-heavy-metal-goth band around. www.bbc.co.uk

MOJO Album of the Month (Dragons Milk) - Classic Rock Society 'Best of 2004' Award

Fusing the passionate intensity of Celtic themes, a heavy rock and roll mindset and stunning improvisations, Bluehorses' music is a genuinely unique hybrid.

Formed in the mid 1990's, Bluehorses are fronted by founder and lead singer Irish/Welsh Gothess Lizzy Prendergast’s electric violin, electric Celtic harp, space-mandolin and synthesizer and led by her co-founder and co-songwriter Nic Waulker.

Nics' ferociously precise drums are joined by the thundering bass of Nathan Waulker and guitar histrionics from Jay MacDonald, producing a serious noise in a contemporary but classic rock mould.

Bluehorses have shared stages with bands as diverse as Hawkwind, Levellers and Oysterband and have wowed festival crowds in every country of W. Europe and Scandinavia, including

Madrid, Skagen, Irun, Glastonbury, Dranouter, Luxembourg, Trowbridge, St Ives, Gosport, Fareham, Lokeren, Bilbao, Otley, Deerlijk, Ghent, Middlewich, Crawley, Guildford, Dadizele, Basle, Brampton, Oostende, Off the Tracks, Peterborough, Oostkamp Castle, Folk at Fram, Gerrardsbergen, Lyon, Cheltenham' Fylde, Burnham, Blackdown Hills, Sesiwn Fawr, Pigstock, Romerike , Mayfest, Titchfield Abbey, Saul Folk on the Water, Solfest, Newt Beer and Music fest

Bluehorses have received many accolades including a MOJO 'Album of the Month' and a 'Best Of 2005' award from The Classic Rock Society.

Bluehorses' 5 critically acclaimed CDs and stunning live shows are full of Celtic passion, instrumental virtuosity and good old fashioned rock and roll fun!

Screen name:
aimless drifter
Member since:
Sep 07 2006
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
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rock, folk, goth

Members Of Band

Liz Prendergast
Nic Waulker
Jay MacDonald
Rob Khoo


Bluehorses Gear Solidbody electric guitars

1993 Tom Anderson Cobra, Black with Binding

1998 Tom Anderson Droptop, Tortoise with Binding
2004 Line 6 Variax 500 digital modelling guitar, Red
Bluehorses Gear Amplification, FX etc

Line 6 Pod Pro digital modelling preamp
Line 6 Spider II 2x12 digital modelling amp

Alesis Quadraverb GT multi-effects unit
Marshall 9002 200 per side stereo power amp
Marshall 1960A 4x12 speaker cab
Line 6 Floorboard
D'addario strings
Jim Dunlop .71mm plectrums
Electric Violin: Bridge - 5-string Carbon Fibre (Endorsee)
Carbon Fibre Bow
Electric Violin: Starfish - Skeletal wood - early prototype
Camac Baby Blue electric Celtic harp
Fender 'Mandocaster' style 4-string Electric Mandolin
Various Synths
Hughes and Ketner Combo (with Blue Lights!!)
Marshal Combo
Boss GT8 effects floorboard
Digitech Whammy effects pedal
Drums - Mapex 8/10/12/14/18/14/22 - various combinations
Snares - 70s Gretsch wood, Pearl Sensitone steel, Mapex Wood
Staccato toms - 6/8/10/12 - sometimes!
Cymbals -
1#-22" Wuhan Wind-Gong (feng) 2#-10" Sabian China Splash/14" Trashformer 3#-13" Zildjian K Hihat 4#-18" Zildjian 'A Custom' Projection Crash 5#-Sabian 'AA' 10" Splash 6#-14" Meinl 'Byzance hand hammered' X-Hat 7#-18" Zildjian 'A Custom' Crash 8#-15" Zildjian 'K' Dark Crash 9#17" Zildjian 'K' Chinaboy high 10#20" Zildjian 'A Custom' Ride 11#-15" Paiste 'Mega-Cup-Chime'
Iron Cobra hi-hat and double kick pedal
Tama/Gibralter 3-sided rack. Tama 'First Seat' Motorcycle-saddle stool
Deluxe SRX700 soundgear Xtreme Bass
Aria pro II with dark wood finish
Amp - Peavey firebass 700Effects - Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor